If Not Trump, then WHO?

Do We Want to Hand the Election to Crooked Hillary?


John R. Houk

© October 8, 2016


WARNING!!! You are about to hear Trump’s vulgar hot mike video! Inexcusable womanizing profanity – then read my thoughts.


VIDEO: Trump Caught on Hot Mic Bragging About Sexual Exploits: ‘Grab ’em by the P*ssy’


Posted by Only Hilarious

Published on Oct 7, 2016


The Leftist media has finally dug some dirt on Donald’s past 20-years ago that most voters were aware of by suspicion anyway. Mr. Trump is caught on tape exposing himself as a womanizing sexist in the most vulgar of terms.


That makes people like me who supported Senator Ted Cruz for the POTUS nomination go to the expression: What the devil were you thinking voting for The Donald in the Primaries over Cruz?!


If Trump refuses to drop out because of his never quit ethic, the reality is we #NeverHillary voters are still stuck with him. In all honesty if Trump doesn’t drop out I’m still voting for him because of the disaster a President Hillary Clinton would be for the future of America’s legacy of Original Intent Constitutionalism!


Crooked Hillary will continue her history of lying about crimes and covering up her own husband’s womanizing predator actions AND continue Obama’s Left Wing transformation of America away the Christian oriented culture that has made the USA that shining beacon on a hill of true American Exceptionalism.


The American Left’s concept of exceptionalism is based on dangerous Multiculturalism and depreciating the effects of Christian moralist to increase the moral relativism of Secular Humanism. Multiculturalism and Secular Humanism erodes the 1st Amendment guarantees of Religious Liberty for Christians. Ironically Multiculturalism-Secular Humanism will actually support the intolerance of Islam to further de-Christianize America. Not that these idiotic Leftists agree with Islam but rather they wittingly or unwittingly view the anti-Christian religious aspects as a tool to remove the Christian toe-hold on American culture.


A weakened Christian ethic liberates the Homosexual agenda and other moral relativistic trends that force Biblical Christians to do business with moral reprobates such as ungodly homosexualism, pornographers, anti-Christian/Antisemitic Muslims and a probable numerous amount of other issues that will affect the Religious Liberty of Christians.


Because of this reality of a Crooked Hillary counter-culture transformation, the Republican/Conservative quickness to repudiate Trump from something he said or even believed TWENTY-FREAKING-YEARS-AGO is incredibly rash.


Frankly I would be pleased if Donald Trump dropped out because of the vocal backlash and Left Stream Media influence in hating Trump and sanctifying Crooked Hillary. BUT if Trump refuses to drop out, dear God in Heaven America, we still have to stop a Crooked Hillary victory for the sake of America’s future to remain great and exceptional.

Consequences of President Crooked Hillary


VIDEO: What would happen if Trump decided to quit the presidential race 


Posted by  John Houk

Published on Oct 8, 2016

Business Insider speculation of scenarios if Donald Trump dropped out of GOP nomination. http://www.businessinsider.com/presidential-candidate-quit-donald-trump-republican-nominee-rnc-mike-pence-2016-8


JRH 10/8/16

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Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

10 thoughts on “If Not Trump, then WHO?”

  1. the FBI Director Comey would have been implicated in the Pay for Play looting of the US Treasury by Hillary Clinton Donors like Lockheed Martin of which FBI Director Comey is a Shill of !!!!! You the American People will Not be able to control Hillary Clinton she has PROVEN this today, so she can do anything she wants to your way of Life , but you will be able to control Donald J. Trump , and make your way of life how you want it to be , so thats what Your Choice boils down too , choose wisely People choose wisely !!!!!!!!!

    Here is More on why we will have No Control over Hillary Clinton as POTUS , as she and her Elitist 2 big 2 fail Institutions are LOOTING the US Treasury RIGHT NOW , Remember FBI Comey is a Lockheed Martin Shill , listen to this the DoD has Lost over 9 Trillion , not 6 , and most all of this can be traced back to the Hillary Clinton Corporate donors like Lockheed Martin . The USA continuing as a Sovereign nation is Quickly eroding away to a Failed Nation and we will have NO Control over a Clinton POTUS

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      1. the Key to this scandal of Insider Pay for Play is that the FBI Director Comey has stood in the way of the Process that would have Proven all these allegations either true or false , so that makes this the scandal that it is , because without the process of the Citizens Grand Jury as a Unbiased body of , by and for We the people , to oversee the United States Peoples Business affairs The Treasury and Assets are being Looted by a Globalist Network that is headed up by the Clintons Cartel Syndicate inside the Peoples Government !!!!!

        These are Donors to Clinton while she was at state !!!!!!! The Sandal of why FBI Comey had to Cover for these guys because he would have been exposed as a Insider capitalizing off the Cronyism of these pay for players !!!!


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  2. Here is How Mr. Trump can Win !!!!!!!!!

    When we see Hillary Clinton able to corrupt the Justice system to save her butt and all of you that have enabled her and her cohorts that have over the decades FLEECED We the Peoples Treasury while more than 70 % of the American People have Less than 1000 dollars in their bank accounts says you people have Failed We the People , Enough is Enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Gap between those who make a Living off direct or Indirect Government Spending like the 9 plus trillion that’s Missing from the DoD and other Government Institutions and the Private Sector Job markets where most Middle Class people live is reflective in the these 2 links and Mr. Trump you need to Make this Point clear and say how you will change this , for the next 30 days !!!!!!! http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2016/10/09/savings-study/91083712/

    The Hillary Clinton crime syndicate and those GOP elitists Boobs have been Looting the American Peoples treasury and the Internationalist 2 big 2 fail institutions are right in there with these A-HOLES , LOOK at the DEBT on We the People Backs and HOW Rich all these Career Politicians are !!!!!!!! Jail time for all who are allowing this raping and pillaging and those on the take !!!!! Renowned investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says there is $9.3 trillion missing from the Department of Defense in 2015 alone. http://usawatchdog.com/controlled-demolition-coming-not-a-crash-catherine-austin-fitts/


  3. Oh LETS GO HERE ……….. EXCLUSIVE: The cozy relationship between billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton, who flew in the pedophile’s private jet and once praised his ‘insights and generosity,’ detailed in new book by James Patterson

    Bill Clinton will face renewed questions over his ties to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein when a book about their relationship hits stores on Monday
    The book will address how billionaire Epstein flew Clinton around the world on his private jet to speak about his charitable work
    Epstein is a registered sex offender who was jailed for 13 months in 2008 for soliciting girls for underage prostitution
    The book will rake up how Clinton once praised Epstein for his ‘insights and generosity’
    It also reveals that Clinton enjoyed a cozy relationship with him at the same time Epstein abused a string of young girls

    Read more:

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    1. *********************ATTENTION**************************** lets Blow the Lid off this Cover-up of Bill Clintons Adultery and Condoning a Pedophile Jeffery Epsteins Plane with Hollywood Stars , and debate is this Information that became Public in the Election Year 2008 why Hillary gave up to Obama , and why did Hillary stay with Bill after this ??????
      Hillary can ONLY save any credibility with the Women Voters who are Judging Trump need to DEMAND Hillary Kick Bill Pedophile Condoning Clinton out on his Butt , Or all these so called Independent women voters will have No Grounds to be Judging ANYONE !!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. whats Interesting is in 2008 when Epstein was exposed Bill Clinton was too , and I bet you Obama told Hillary give up or I will tell the Press to dump on Bill !!!!!!!!!!!! Hillary had the Super Delegates so this is what happened !!!!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3825882/The-cozy-relationship-billionaire-Jeffrey-Epstein-Bill-Clinton-flew-pedophile-s-private-jet-praised-insights-generosity-detailed-new-book-James-Patterson.html

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