What Me Worry?

antisemitism defined

Do you hate Jews? If you are studious Muslim you might answer of course – it is encoded in the Quran, Hadith and Sira. If you are a Nazi or Neo-Nazi you would probably answer yes, your delusional hero uncle Adolf taught you to hate Jews in his writings.


Are you an American, a Westerner and/or a Christian? Do you hate Jews (Profanity Warning – Pat Condell condemns Jew-hatred)? SHAME ON Y0U if you answer yes.


Are you a Progressive and hate Jews (FrontPageMag & DTN) because Israel exists and those poor non-entity Palestinians have told you they are victims? Then you are a deluded idiot.


Any hatred of a people or religious faith is an evil. From a Christian perspective, hating Jews is just plain ungodly. If you think the Jews are collectively responsible for the Crucifixion of Christ, you should their hand. Without Christ’s death and Resurrection, you to realize we would still be lost to the Fallen nature of Adam that the Resurrected Jesus redeemed us from.


It is wrong to blame Jews for the Crucifixion, that was actually a collaboration Roman leadership (Gentiles) and the Jewish Sanhedrin leadership. Does anyone persecute Italians for being Christ-killers?


Norma Zager wonders out loud if there is an inoculation for hate. Why? Antisemitism is again raising its ugly head among those that should be enlightened to see the idiocy of Jew-hatred in this day and age of the 21st century.


JRH 6/27/16

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What Me Worry?


By Norma Zager

Sent: 6/26/2016 7:59 PM


“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.” John F. Kennedy


So many years ago, and I purposely choose not to remember, Alfred E. Newman graced the cover of Mad Magazine begging the question, “What Me Worry?”


An icon of sorts, Alfred’s question became a watchword or guide for my generation.  Peace love and rock n’ roll seemed to fit perfectly into the parameters of “What Me Worry?”  And we didn’t, at least not much until we entered adulthood and found ourselves face to face with actual life.


Now it seems to me I feel compelled to raise the question once again, but the worry somehow seems implicit in the question itself, “what me hate?” There is so much hate around us these days; it is almost impossible to escape its ravages or virus-like movement through our lives.


Would one invent a vaccine to eradicate hatred? I actually wonder how many earthlings would choose to sign up for a dose.


And that is my conundrum.


For as I have come face to face with the ugliness of hatred, I now must admit to myself it is a conscious choice and one that is dictated by a willingness to believe lies about those very people we seek to dislike and blame.


As a Jewish person I have faced anti-Semitism numerous times. Whether from gentiles or self-hating Jews, the effects are always nauseating and unsettling, and after a bout with a hater I am left spent and weary as a sickly feeling courses through my veins until I can finally dispel its effects.


The most difficult task coming face to face with anti-Semitism is what to do. Shall I speak up? Shall I defend Israel? Shall I remain mute, retain relationships and betray my true self? What is my responsibility and how far shall I go? Perhaps to even refuse a job as I once did.


Is there a way to make a hater stop hating or a denier accept truth? What is gained by my leaping into the fray and becoming emotionally involved? These are questions only one can answer for oneself.


Do I wish I could remain mute, slough it off and change the subject? Yes, I do. Am I able to do so and not hate myself? No, unfortunately not. So either way I wind up feeling like a ton of ugliness was dumped on my head. I suppose that is a problem that has no answer. Hate does not possess a path for winning on any level.


Yesterday I came face to face with a hater. Oh of course hatred robes itself in intelligence. Academia prides itself on being above the fray. By their sheer acumen they can better discern fact from fiction, the cause from effect and of course who is to blame for the ills of the world. They believe they are right, defenders of the truth, and feel no remorse when pulling out the trite and careworn blame-the-Jews theories from their intellectual toolbox.


And yet laughingly for them it all still comes back to one answer: The Jews are to blame of course.


I should not have been shocked when speaking yesterday with an educator who firmly believes Israel is an occupier and killer of innocent Palestinians and that the problems of the Jewish people could be blamed directly on Israel’s behavior in the Middle East.


And yet I still find it hard to believe that in the wake of all the information available about Israel’s desire to live in peace with her neighbors and terrorist groups like Hamas that attack innocent Israelis on a daily basis, one would have accumulated the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision.


But no, it is still the Jews that are at fault. Or as the anti-Semite asked me yesterday, “Don’t Palestinians have rights? It was their land,” and on and on and on with all the crazy rhetoric that fuels the fires of hatred. Sadly, she believes her assumptions are truth, and being so accomplished intellectually she thus has the right to make this choice.


What I find so amusing is that even after the world has seen what the Arab world is capable of – stonings, killings, murdering homosexuals, cutting off heads, burning people alive and barbaric behavior in the most primitive forms – it still chooses to side with them against the Jewish people.


It is not information haters seek, it is merely a reason to hate, to fuel the fires of their racist rants.


I cannot speak for Muslims, although I know only too well they are suffering terribly for those among them who pay homage to a culture of hatred and evil.  My heart goes out to them, and I hope they as a religion find a way to escape from this dark cloud that has risen above them.


I can however speak as a Jew.  I have seen that in a world filled with evil, a Jewish life brings far less on the open market. Although it seems our Christian brethren have now succumbed to the ravages of evil as well, with few to cry out against their tormentors.


There is no excuse for hatred and racism if one can forego one’s prejudices and accept the facts. I am not saying Israel or the Jewish people are perfect and without flaws; perfection does not exist on this earth and never will, and we are all a little right and a little wrong at times. I am only saying that when faced with a scenario that includes hating evildoers or a Jew, haters, sadly, opt to blame the Jew.


It does not matter how many missiles rain down on Israeli children before they are forced to fight back; it does not matter how many leaflets are dropped by the IDF warning Palestinians to leave their homes and find safety because Israeli jets are coming; it does not matter how many Palestinian leaders hide their weapons in kindergartens or hospitals to rack up scores of victims to serve their PR purposes; it will always be the fault of the Jews.  Because that is the choice the haters make and they will never change.


Winston Churchill said, “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”


Perhaps it is only in the end the world will finally acknowledge the truth, but I highly doubt the haters will choose to see it even then.


It is clear to me that Friedrich Nietzsche was correct when he wrote, “There are no facts, only interpretations.” I suppose as long as this is the case the haters will hate, the idealistic will defend and the pragmatists will stand aside and let them fight it out.


I often wonder who will win, and that is what truly gives me pause. For it seems more and more each day it is haters 6,000,000+ and defenders of the truth 0.


So I must ask myself once again as I have so many times before, “What Me Worry?”


You bet I do.


This is the latest in the series “Postcards from America – Postcards from Israel,” a collaboration between Zager and Bussel, a foreign correspondent reporting from Israel.


Ari Bussel and Norma Zager collaborate both in writing and on the air in a point-counter-point discussion of all things Israel-related.  Together, they have dedicated the past decade to promoting Israel.


© Israel Monitor, June, 2016


First Published June 25, 2016

Contact:  bussel@me.com


Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

4 thoughts on “What Me Worry?”

  1. Statement: “Any hatred of a people or religious faith is an evil. From a Christian perspective, hating Jews is just plain ungodly.”

    Answer: Conveniently, this point retrospectively attempts to argue that, historically, the Christian majority that despised Jews was not in touch with its own scripture. This is like arguing that even sincere Jews who genuinely don’t see references to Jesus in the Tanakh (the Christian Old Testament) do not exist, that they are intentionally overlooking inconvenient references to the true identity of the Messiah/Christ. Quite a few evangelicals make this claim about Jews, and all religious fundamentalists, including Islamists, present similar lines of reasoning about their foes.

    The truth is that the most sincere Christians, both historically and presently, are those that have literally interpreted the Bible: the Bible that mandates obedience to existing structures, as in Paul’s instructions to the Christians at Rome; the Bible that condemns homosexuality and other religious worldviews in the strongest terms, even mandating the death penalty at times for these sins; the Bible that contains references widely interpreted as supporting patriarchy, slavery, and social castes, including the subservience of Christianized African slaves to their racial and social superiors, as well as the support for segregation and apartheid.

    As an aside, Islam, especially Islamism (the political equivalent to Christian dominion over all society), contains the same authoritarian strata as well, and both Islamic and Judeo-Christian tradition, at least in modern times, shares some characteristics with secular ideologies like Nazism, fascism, and Soviet-inspired communism—namely, highly reductionist dogma, authoritarianism, social control, hierarchy, homogeneity, and worship of power.

    Statement: “What I find so amusing is that even after the world has seen what the Arab world is capable of – stonings, killings, murdering homosexuals, cutting off heads, burning people alive and barbaric behavior in the most primitive forms – it still chooses to side with them against the Jewish people.”

    Answer: The inconvenient truth is that the Anglo-American elite has traditionally favored Arabs; this favoritism is common to the WASP (White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant) elite in the West, long predating the Obama administration’s supposedly novel fondness for Arabs. This pro-Arab tendency has been bipartisan, spanning both the political left and right, and has lasted since prior to World War I. This tendency is deeply rooted in Western, Christian antisemitism as well as the insularity of the Arab world.

    The creation of a pan-Islamic, pan-Turkic empire across the whole of the Muslim world (ummah), with its center in the Middle East and North Africa, has long been an object of elements within the Anglo-American imperial milieu. Historically, the German Reich as well as the Anglo-American world has vied to control and manipulate the Muslim world to suit its own ends, working through international financial networks and criminal syndicates.

    The networks that Germany used to aid the Ottomans (1915–1918) and the Soviets (1917–1939) involved Western multinational corporations, banks, and criminal syndicates, often based in friendly, officially “neutral” states like Switzerland and Sweden, but also situated in Allied capitals. Money laundering was extensive. German capital was instrumental in aiding Turkish denial of the Armenian genocide, which continues into the present.

    German attempts to influence the Muslim world also involved support for pan-Turkic nationalists such as Enver Pasha, who sought to unite Turkic-speaking Muslims across Central Asia as an anti-Soviet bulwark. The Axis powers also co-opted and infiltrated the pan-Islamic, Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, which derived much of its ideology from fascism and Nazism. (Later Nazi propaganda targeted Arab Muslims for revolt against the colonial British and French presence in the Middle East.)

    The Americans and British aimed to monopolize this milieu during World War II and the Cold War. The CIA and MI6 heavily funded and armed the Muslim Brotherhood—historically linked to interwar fascism—as a proxy against pan-Arab, nationalist, and leftist movements in the Middle East, which the West perceived as Soviet assets that threatened multinational oil interests. The Brotherhood mainly operated at first in the Arab states, but later expanded, aided by Western corporate and criminal syndicates.

    A key promoter of the Brotherhood was the al-Saud family, which ruled the British-installed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The purist, fundamentalist Wahhabi movement, sponsored by the Saudis, heavily influenced the Brotherhood, as did interwar fascism. Western oil interests, particularly right-wing Texas investors, were closely linked to the oil-rich kingdom and its elites, and saw Sunni Islamism as a tool to protect their bottom line.


    1. Daniel attaching the Christian Right to Nazis, Leftists, Islamists, the Far Right (I am guessing this would be all forms of white supremacists), Zionist Jews and probably more extremists as simply divergent aspects but the same methodology is not something I concur with. Although there might be a small fraction of the Christian Right that condone violence of any means as a methodology to achieve an end, that small fraction is in NO WAY representative of the entire Christian Right that simply desire a government that doesn’t endorse immorality as a norm, does not force the issue of accepting the practices of an immoral lifestyle and supports the existence of a Jewish State. Admittedly the Christian Right supports the existence of a Jewish State for different reasons than Leftist Jews, Right Wing Jews and Observant Jews. The Christian Right sees the return of Israel as a sign of the times of the soon return of the Messiah King Jesus who will heal whatever divides Jews and Christians on the view point on who the Biblical Messiah is. Jewish Zionists of both sides of the political spectrum view the Jewish State as the restoration of a lost heritage as a place to live without government sponsored persecution of Jews whether secular or religious. Israeli Jews even disagree among themselves of how Israel should be constituted depending on the political spectrum of Left, Right, Secular or religiously observant. However all Israeli Jews believe Israel must exist for Jews.

      So anyway, grouping the Christian Right ans Jewish Zionists en toto with Islamists, White Supremacists, Leftist violent extremists and so on is a bit of a bad judgement in my opinion. Otherwise after pondering your other points, including your “deep state” thoughts in your following comment is quite deserving of introspective pondering..

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  2. The relationship between the Pakistani ISI and the CIA during the Soviet–Afghan War (1979–92) and the ensuing civil war (1992–2001) illustrates the delicate balance between cooperative competitors that nevertheless view each other, or at least one side, as a credulous enemy to be deceived and exploited, ostensibly for the stated purposes of anti-Soviet coordination, but actually for divergent goals. The CIA funneled aid to ISI and its Saudi allies, which in turn employed favored groups, namely Sunni (and especially Arab rather than Afghan) Islamists, as anti-Soviet proxies. However, the real goal of these Islamists, especially the Arab “volunteers,” was to usurp the credibility of their anti-Soviet rivals, who were often more capable fighters, came from ethnic minorities rather than the Pashtun tribes, and, like all Afghans, were non-Arabs. Despite this, the CIA and ISI tapped the Islamists, in particular for drug-running operations and opium production.

    The CIA-, ISI-, and Saudi-favored groups accrued more aid and weaponry, including surface-to-air missiles, than their competitors did, yet did less fighting over a shorter period. The Arab “volunteers,” in particular, saw the U.S., Israel, and the al-Saud family, rather than the Soviets, as their main enemies. These “volunteers” later formed the initial core of al-Qaeda, which, through its links to wealthy patrons, had extensive financial and ideological links to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood, while Sunni, was tied to the unorthodox Shiite ideology of the Ayatollah Khomeini, who sought an alliance with Sunni Arabs to ensure Iranian hegemony in the Middle East. (It should be noted that, early in the Iranian Revolution, Khomeini and his domestic allies, both Islamist and radical leftist, saw the Soviets as a potential ally against U.S.-backed Sunni regimes—and a weapon to overthrow the U.S.-led order in the Middle East.)

    Khomeini was a visionary revolutionist who envisaged an Islamist coalition to co-opt secular leftists and unite under the banner of anti-Americanism, anti-Zionism, and anti-imperialism. This goal would find ready recipients in Yasser Arafat’s secular PLO, non-aligned but revolutionary Marxist states like Castro’s Cuba (and its late ally, Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela), the unstable Stalinist regime of East Germany, and Soviet clients like Gaddafi’s Libya, which sponsored pan-African, anti-colonialist, and anti-apartheid movements. These were often anti-Zionist and were generally tied to ostensibly progressive elements in the Western New Left, including radical, Maoist-inspired communists. (All these elements, including the radical leftist MEK [which later became a CIA/Iraqi proxy in the Iran–Iraq War], may have aided Khomeini’s faction in the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran.)

    Thus the Muslim Brotherhood/al-Qaeda milieu, which derived its ideology from far-right fascist movements rather than traditional Islam, aimed to amass the forces of the left, the apostate Shiites (now reformed under the unorthodox, pro-Sunni Khomeini), and the KGB and its global allies. Their aim was nothing less than the total destruction of the U.S., Israel, and the existing regional order. The Muslim world, formerly diverse, would be Arabized and homogenized under the guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, which would include both the Soviet and Western blocs. Once the Brotherhood’s global order was established, it would dispense with the ostensibly leftist elements, their usefulness in destroying the West (and the old Muslim world) exhausted. However, in the meantime, its role in polarizing the world by intervening in and fostering local conflicts would be indispensable, and could be readily exploited by an opportunistic but nominally opposing side.

    Note that the U.S. deep state and its allies would play an indispensable role in fostering and exploiting its ostensible enemies. The heterogeneity of the forces at work would indicate numerous centers of power, colluding with each other where interests overlap but ultimately aiming to destroy or control the other. The continual appearance of links between ostensibly “conservative,” and avowed far-right, U.S. deep-state constituents and far-left anti-Western forces, as well as the considerable overlap in their views and aims, is too pervasive to attribute to mere coincidence, especially given each side’s ties to global finance, including the public sphere (i.e., banks, leading financial and political institutions, universities, NGOs) and the underworld drug/arms networks, which utilize fronts and false paper or electronic trails to avoid scrutiny, much less a full uncovering of their activities.

    An example is the milieu of James J. Angleton, CIA counterintelligence director, who knowingly recruited KGB double agents to spread disinformation that would serve both Soviet and U.S. deep-state hardliners, whose shared interest was to further the Cold War, which Angleton likely calculated would benefit his (ultimately anti-American and nominally anticommunist) right-wing Mafia, Teamster, and drug-running connections, all of which were organically linked to fascist, Nazi, and neo-Nazi elements in post-war Europe, East Asia, and Latin America. (Note that many of these right-wing elements were associated with stay-behind networks established by NATO and Western intelligence, as part of Operation GLADIO, an early Cold-War effort to foster local anti-Soviet forces in the event of a Soviet military incursion into Western Europe and the Mediterranean. These forces soon strayed beyond their masters’ intentions, became enmeshed in local and regional political structures, and pursued their own interests through the drugs-and-arms milieu, often while under the patronage of both Western and Soviet-allied intelligence agencies.)

    Note that elements of the CIA and its right-wing GOP allies have patronized “former” KGB-linked Marxist-Leninists turned Revisionist Zionists [i.e., in the right-wing, fascist-leaning Jabotinsky mold] within the Russian Jewish émigré community in Israel. These “defectors” were tapped as CIA assets with access to CIA-favored elites within the Soviet bureaucracy, who in turn would serve as dependable U.S. assets in a post-Soviet Russia, thereby benefiting the U.S. deep state’s economic interests. They would also form the nucleus of the CIA-assisted takeover of the State of Israel by the CIA-favored Netanyahu faction within Likud. They became favorites of the neoconservative WASP elite, its allies in the military-industrial-intelligence complex, and its far-right affiliates in the U.S. and abroad. One example of the neoconservative–communist nexus can be seen in the actions of Oliver North and Shackley, who were deeply involved, as were anti-Obama GOP rightists who coordinated their activities with Iranian hardliners, in treasonous activities with ostensible U.S. enemies.

    North and Shackley, among others, likely worked with drug-laundering Saudi and Pakistani intelligence, and operated partly through the Safari Club, in what were likely joint Western/Soviet intelligence operations promoting Khomeini to power in Iran, supporting Iranian proxies like Hezbollah, and orchestrating the hostage crisis to beset President Carter (the so-called “October Surprise”). North, Shackley, and their allies hoped to benefit Western, especially British, multinational oil corporations by ousting the friendly Shah when his opposition to a deal, like Mossadegh’s in 1953, became inconvenient. (The BBC aired the British government’s unstated official policy by broadcasting Khomeini’s virulently anti-Shah and anti-Western speeches while he was still in exile.) Indeed, North and Shackley, who were both implicated in the Iran–Contra affair, were in the milieu of Israeli and other Western firms, like Halliburton, that secretly circumnavigated the official “freeze” on U.S.–Iranian ties by conducting oil (and, as we know, arms) deals with the revolutionary Khomeini regime. In return, the oil and arm transfers were covertly used to fund U.S. deep-state and Western intelligence, especially CIA, operations in sub-Saharan Africa and Central America, and probably in Afghanistan and Eastern Europe as well. These operations benefited the global arms-and-drugs milieu that the U.S. deep state and its ostensible opponents both exploited for divergent aims, though immediate goals, especially systematic (and systemic) destabilization, overlapped.

    The milieu of cooperation can be seen in the formation of front companies like Far West, Ltd., which was composed of motley and seemingly irreconcilable characters: CIA operatives; KGB and GRU (Soviet military intelligence) figures who were then serving in Afghanistan; Stasi, (Cuban) DGI/G2, and (future pro-Chávez, Venezuelan) DICIP operatives; top officials from the Sunni Gulf states and Saudi Arabia as well as Pakistan; Chinese executives who ran shell companies to arm the Afghan mujahideen; and corporate figures from various Western companies. Other states on each side of the Iron Curtain, such as South Africa and Libya, may well have been involved as well. All the players had divergent aims but shared goals

    This alliance between former Soviet Marxist-Leninists-turned-neo-Nazi (or fascist) Russian nationalists and the U.S. deep state, as we shall see, is part of a broader long-term “convergence” strategy by global elites that transcends the ideological fiction that they present to various levels of the societies that they rule internally (and influence or control externally, often for the purpose of building alliances on the basis of shared goals). The Muslim Brotherhood and Sunni takfiris are closely allied not only to Western intelligence, but also to anti-Western proxies, domestic “leftist” groups, and anti-U.S. intelligence agencies. The pro-Islamist “leftists” may in fact be provocateurs for the U.S. deep state as well as anti-U.S. forces. The groups that they inhabit or control may be infiltrated by Western intelligence agencies and their contractors, whose allies in the media, the corporate world, and societal institutions—both on the “left” and on the “right”—have either openly supported Sunni (and Iranian-linked, or Khomeini/Khamenei-type, Shiite) Islamists or marginalized secular Muslims and true progressives.

    Thus the narrative is shaped by phased indoctrination through a dialectical paradigm: secularists are branded by the “right” as supporting Islamists and/or Islamic extremism (either takfiri or Shiite violence, often in the form of terrorism), while the “left” expresses overtly what the “right” does more covertly, namely, support for Islamist forces. The “left,” unlike the “right,” does so ostensibly in the name of leftist tropes like “anti-imperialism,” anti-capitalism, or anti-globalization. Its actions are explained away as an outreach to build a coalition, a strange and not coincidental echo of the U.S. GOP right’s own “ethnic outreach” (far-right identity politics) during and after World War II, which was modulated through Nazi and fascist channels that were eventually tapped for use in the Cold War, both domestically and abroad.

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