It’s Time to PREVENT a Dem from POTUS

Donald Trump-Ted Cruz Happier Days

Happier Days

John R. Houk

© May 4, 2016


I am a Cruzer. BUT Senator Cruz has suspended his candidacy for the GOP nomination for POTUS. YET, if Cruz has any kind national future as a leader in the United States – I will again be a Cruzer. The Financial Times provides a decent summary that correlates to the reason I chose to be a Cruzer:

A self-described fighter for “limited government, economic growth and the Constitution”, Mr Cruz joined the Senate in 2012, boosted by support from the anti-establishment Tea party. He quickly earned a reputation as a wrecker, championing controversial attempts to scupper the implementation of President Barack Obama’s healthcare law in 2013, in an effort that included a 21-hour filibuster in the Senate floor that helped pave the way to a government shutdown, and during which he read “Green Eggs and Ham” to his daughters on television. (Bold Text Mine – How Ted Cruz dropped the ball in his bid for the White House; By Sam Fleming & Demetri Sevastopulo; Financial Times; Last updated: 5/4/16 6:53 am)


I can add (Ted’s Website and OnTheIssues) that Senator Ted Cruz is an Evangelical Christian a son of a Pastor AND a huge supporter of Israel as America’s partner in the Middle East. I can also add Ted supported obliterating ISIS with the Rules of Engagement that would including a WWII-style crushing goal of victory at all costs. Gosh let me add the elimination of the Internal Revenue Service bureaucracy with an entirely different and simpler tax code AND a strong border to keep illegal alien out.


You can read the conventional wisdom of anti-Trump Conservative publication the National Review of the reasons Ted failed in 2016 in the article entitled “The Weaknesses that Doomed Ted Cruz”. But here’s the humble opinion of a small potatoes Christian Right blogger (i.e. me):


Ted Cruz failed to vigorously campaign based on the reasons he came from behind to win the Senate seat in Texas and take on the Republican Establishment at the National Level in both Houses of Congress. Rather Ted spent much of his campaign highlighting Trump’s negatives including The Donald’s propensity to communicate like a New York tycoon. As an ex-telemarketer I can tell you will not sell or have a pleasant conversation with a New York/New Jersey person by being a polite nice guy. The New Yorker will lose patience and rip you to shreds quite probably with insulting words you may not have used since becoming a responsible adult. I had to mirror the New Yorker language mannerism to come close to making a sale. I can’t recall how many times I nearly got into trouble with my managers for talking like a rude New Yorker until … I MADE A SALE.


When a Christian who has made his political stock on integrity and faithfulness to Conservative ideology, tries to match a New Yorker in tit-for-tat character devaluation, that Christian will fail and tarnish himself in the meantime. I pray Ted has learned that lesson for future campaigns or dialogues, because it was Ted’s demise in attempting to win the GOP nomination for President of the United States of America.


Let me be honest. I am no longer a registered Republican. In 2012 I was not a Romney guy. I considered him a RINO at best and a closet Liberal at worst. And yet he won the GOP nomination. In 2012 I was (and it holds true today!) that Obama was a Socialist in not also a closet Communist, who had huge sympathies toward the Islamic religion because of his Dad and stepfather. I am fairly convinced that Obama is neither a Muslim nor a Christian. Obama’s deceptive politics of the Left means at best he is a Progressive Christian denying the Divinity and the miraculous of the Bible as only adages rather than Truth. Shucks partner, for that matter Obama could be a Progressive Muslim (if such a thing can exist) denying all the absolutes of Islamic theo-politics while also looking to the Mecca portions of the Quran as an adage rather truth.


If Muslims in the West understood that Obama is using Islam to promote a Leftist New World Order in order to completely destroy the Christian influenced Old World Order, those violent absolutists would mark Obama for assassination. Obama should thank whatever Black Liberation Theology (BLT) deity he might believe in that he lives in a nation that is tolerant to all religious faiths to a fault and tolerant to both Left and Right ideologies. Americans have no clue that Obama’s “fundamental transformation” agenda for America correlates to the intolerance of Biblical Christian principles and the Founding Father principles that made America a great nation.


That lack of understanding of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” agenda led to American voters electing Obama in 2008 and reelecting Obama in 2012. Romney’s HUGE FAILURE was not attacking the Obama lies and the Benghazi lies of 2012 that should have elected Romney as President. Instead Romney stuck to political correctness of a RINO/Liberal and allowed Obama to back him into shadowland every time Romney dipped his little toe in the shallow pond of exposing Obama’s and essentially Hillary’s lies.


Romney’s failure to NOT expose the Obama/Hillary lies resulted in reelection in 2012 and me leaving the Republican Party and registering as an Independent.


I still believe Ted Cruz would have defeated any Dem Party candidate for President in this 2016 election cycle. Cruz was anti-establishment and a principled Conservative.


I am just not sure that Donald Trump can follow through in being a principled Conservative. Nonetheless, if Trump sticks to his guns on those anti-establishment and non-politically correct promises he has put forth, then Trump should be able to not only dip his little toe into the exposé-pond, but also should be able to immerse himself in the ability to expose Hillary Clinton as the lying crook that she inherently is.


AND so as a registered Independent I am voting for Donald Trump for President in November 2016.


JRH 5/4/16

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Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

3 thoughts on “It’s Time to PREVENT a Dem from POTUS”

  1. Here is why we the Individual Citizens have been pillaged of our affordable living standards and are seeking a politician that wants to correct this demise of the people .
    Globalist peril vs. The Individual
    Donald Trump is rallying together a Coalition that wants this correction to our standard of living thats been attacked by the Globalist Ideologues like the Bill and Hillary Clinton fascism that has been allowed to exist now for as long as we the people have been ON DECLINE !!!!! Clinton Cash – Official Trailer

    ITS OVER Bill and HILLARY CLINTON and all your little CRONYS on both SIDES of the Political Isle !!!!!!!!!!

    Trump is NOT a Globalist like the RINO / Liberal Commies that want to Globally Enslave us all together in a one Class society . He will Retool our Nation so we can self supply ourselves once again and be free from the Globalist Controlling Oligarchy of Overpopulation Control Ideologues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See all this Globalization is designed to bring a society of like Minded supporters and Crisis to open the door to destabilization and then Government Control to solve the problem THEY ARE CREATING !!!!!!!!, You remember what Rahm Emanuel said don’t you ?????
    Trump: Muslim Migration “Destroying Europe, I’m Not Gonna Let that Happen to the U.S.”
    All these Conservative guys run around thinking all you gotta do is return to the Values and Principles of the Conservative Platform and all will be fine , but on a Global scale you are wrong . From a Sovereign nation bases you are right , but both cannot exist anymore on the same platform !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that reason is Supply and Demand and whose producing more than they demand and today we have a world thats in the near future Predicting demand out pacing more than it can produce !!!!! From a Sovereign bases we the people in the USA have first a sustainable population growth and a abundances of resources , so the question becomes what do you want , to continue with the current globalization of your abundance or a Return to self reliance and domestically supplied abundant USA that can support your Values and Principles of the Conservative Platform ?????

    Trump has Reason to push back on the 2 big 2 fail Fascist Establishment ….as they have always been at the root of Economic Repression and Depression causing everyone’s standard of Living demise !!!!! And they do these things for a reason …. control !!!!!!!!!!

    Here is why we see the 2 Big 2 Fail Establishment Fascists CAUSE Economic REPRESSION during times like Election Cycles to generate Fear within the electorate that gives way to the Voters voting for more Government instead of Less , , and when you talk about returning the USA to a more Valued and Principled Conservative Platform you cannot accomplish this when you have this kind of Globalism controlling the international message to effect the masses with fear at the moment because we have NO Industrial ability left to be a stand alone nation . You need to REBUILD our Industrial ability First to Give the Value and Principle concept of Conservatism MEANING , this is why you lose the message when the Market Crashers of the Oligarchy take your message away from you every time they want to at the critical Voting stage because everyones self reliance from a Domestic Market based Industrial economic structure is GONE and been replaced with a Government handout , and you speak about Values and Principles inside a EMPTY Machine SHOP that was gutted and sent to a Foreign producer so your Values and Principles mean nothing right then to the Voter .
    I believe we will see another created market Crash again like we saw in 2008 when it looked like McCain was pulling ahead of Obama, and heres what they will use to say is the problem , , and this will Play out again soon so Hillary can reboot the message of hope with More Government to stabilize the Markets , and it will be at that Point that if we stand a chance to keep the USA a Sovereign Nation our only rebuttal will be a choice to Retool our Industrial and Mining Interests with a New Domestic Resource Economic plan , or we will see the full force of a One World Order Emerge from this Oligarchy thats taken over our Nations Government and Corporate faculties !!!!!!!!!
    Its going to take SHEAR WILL of a LEADER to stand up against these Ideologues who want a Globalized Control over everyone LIVES and thats going to take a Retooling of our Industrial abilities or we will soon Officially become SERFs ( means Controlled rate of Consumption ) to a Global Oligarchy that will be the End Times we Fear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hilary and Bill Clinton and the RINO Establishment are why they exist …..
    Panama Papers – Hillary connection to Deutsche Bank
    Trump being a Victim of the 2 big 2 fail Fascist Establishment is the only one that can Push Back on the Crony Corrupt Oligarchy !!!!!!

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