World Interfaith Harmony Week – Feb 06, 2016

Shamim Masih 2-6-16

Shamim Masih


Roughly the first week of February annually is an interfaith harmony conference which roughly is entitled World Interfaith Harmony Week. A submission by Shamim Masih highlights the Pakistan version of which Shamim was a significant participant. Shamim is a major force to speak for the oppressed Christians languishing in Pakistan.


One of the disagreements I have with such events is that it is not possible for any religious faith to actually harmonize with Islam since that theopolitical religion’s primary directive is to turn the entire world into Islamic adherents. First by invitation. Then by oppression. And then if the non-Muslim refuses to to submit to Islamic suzerainty, by elimination.


Muslim apologists and the so-called Moderate Muslims will tell you that is not the real Islam; however Islamic revered writings contradict the “Islam is peace” paradigm when the real paradigm of Islam is submission – or else.


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World Interfaith Harmony Week – Feb 06, 2016

Parliament of the World’s Religion


By Shamim Masih

Sent: February 10, 2016 7:38 AM


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will become a better place to live if the exchange of ideas keeps on taking place. There is not much difference in the original messages of love in all faiths. Synthesis of the philosophies of the genius, true lovers of humanity and Saint may bring heaven on the plant, said Jao Paulo Sabido Costa, the Chargé D’affaires Portugal in Pakistan. He was talking at the World Interfaith Harmony Week -2016 organized by REAP & Rah-e-Nijat Ministry. He said that whenever I hear the news of violence being committed in the name of God; I am absolutely repulsed at the carnage caused by the terrorists. The fact that the perpetrators espouse rhetoric linking their senseless murders to Islam disgusts me even further.

Jononov Sherali, Ambassador of Republic of Tajikistan to Pakistan said that faith minorities living in Pakistan must enjoy safety and security unconditionally. He said Islam has issued severe warnings to those who infringe on the rights of minorities. The saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) urging Muslims to protect the rights of faith minorities should be enough for people and authorities should protect them and others to defend the rights of minorities against the terrorists, who do not represent any faith.


Earlier last year twin blasts rocked the Roman Catholic Church and Christ Church in Lahore and other killings of the Christian couple. Such violence meted out by individuals or a group of people is absolutely against Islam, and must not be tolerated, he added.

Shamim Masih, President REAP and Ambassador of “Parliament of the World’s Religion” and Safdar Chaudhry mutually declared that religious motivated violence must be fought together and with passion. The fanatics – weather at home or abroad – must be brought to justice, but that can only be done if people of multi-beliefs are united against them. Ideologies cannot be simply bombed but they need to be replaced with alternatives. The terrorists are killing people indiscriminately – their only aim is to cause chaos, devastation and bloodshed. Such violent actions are far removed from the teachings of any religious leader, he added.

People of faith must continue to defend the faith and liberties of each other. The cycle of hate and counter-hate, violence and counter-violence needs breaking, said Sadia Hayat Khan, the Actor, Producer and Anchor. She produced a documentary “Mein be Pakistan Hon” asking equal rights and opportunities for all.  

We must act as our brother’s keeper and put the principle of “love thy neighbor” preached by all religions, into a living reality. This is the only way that we can restrain the terrorists destroying the peace and harmony amongst the creation of God. And this real message to promote harmony.  People from all faiths (Hindu and Sikh) believed to stand and go along together for the prosperity of the country. Representatives from all walks of life attended the event and appreciated the effort to promote harmony & better understanding.


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


The best way to SUPPORT Shamim’s Christian advocacy in Pakistan is via Western Union sending money with this LINK to a Western Union agent in Islamabad. Include Shamim’s phone – +92-300-642-4560


Correspondent, Pakistan Today – (About Pakistan Today), Blogger and Human Rights Activist


Edited by John R. Houk
© Shamim Masih

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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  1. “The Rise Of The One World Religion – Major Amir Tsarfati”


    – Anthony Joseph “Tony” Palmer (February 4, 1966 – July 20, 2014) was a British-born South African bishop with the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, a communion of dioceses and ministries that are inspired by the “middle way” of classical Anglicanism and count themselves as part of the Convergence Movement. They were originally inspired by Bishop Lesslie Newbigin, a British theologian, missiologist, missionary and author. –



    “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Revelation 18:4 (KJV)

    Just months after Anglican priest and personal friend to Pope Francis Tony Palmer gave a rousing performance urging Christians to place themselves under the authority of the Roman Catholic system, he appears to have died suddenly in a motorcycle accident.

    Tony Palmer had said that he was a “prophet in the spirit of Elijah”, and that his mission was to unite the Christian evangelical church with the Roman Catholic system. He declared “Martin Luther’s protest to be over”, and said that it was time for “Christians to come home to Rome”. Tony’s deluded vision of seeing Christians “coming home to Rome” will also die with him. –

    – “Pope” Francis advised Tony Palmer NOT to Convert, ordered him buried as a Catholic Bishop!

    The absurd circus that is the Jorge Bergoglio “Papacy” continues unabated. A very interesting article published by Austen Ivereigh in the Boston Globe on August 7, 2014, gives a lot of background information on the friendship between “Pope” Francis and the Anglican-Evangelical “Bishop” Tony Palmer, and casts the latter’s deadly motorcycle accident in an even more significant light: –

    – On February 28 2014 (one year to the day of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation) Bishop Tony Palmer released on the Ark Community website a video called ‘The Miracle of Unity Has Begun – Bishop Tony Palmer & Pope Francis’. We have decided to post the last seven minutes of the original thirty-two minute long monologue. Underneath the video we typed the actual transcript, followed by our reflections and Jesus Christ’s prophetic Words given to Maria Divine Mercy. –

    – THE TRUTH ABOUT TONY PALMER! (Tony Palmer, seated beside Pope Francis, Joined together in efforts to bring Protestant together with Catholics,)

    LONDON – The English surgeons who fought to save the life of a badly mangled motorcyclist on the morning of July 20 might have guessed he was someone unusual, since the hospital was receiving calls from Rome, from the pope himself, asking for updates.

    [BE SURE AND NOTE THIS SECTION BELOW FROM THE ARTICLE! – On June 24, Palmer took a group of evangelical leaders who jointly reach more than 700 million people to meet and lunch with Francis, which he reported to me a few days later, as he left for two weeks in South Africa. The delegates included Copeland, the televangelist James Robison, as well as Geoff Tunnicliffe, head of the Worldwide Evangelical Alliance. They told Francis they wanted to accept his invitation to seek visible unity with the Bishop of Rome.

    Palmer handed the pope a proposed Declaration of Faith in Unity for Mission the evangelicals had drawn up, which they proposed would be signed by both the Vatican and leaders of the major Protestant churches in Rome in 2017, on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.] –


    In the statement recently posted at his ministry’s website Kenneth Copland honors Tony Palmer saying he became a bridge between Catholics and Protestants in the Body of Christ. Copeland says Palmer had “a major impact on the worldwide Catholic Renewal” and was responsible for facilitating a face-to-face meeting between the number of Protestant leaders and the Pope last month at the Vatican. A bridge based upon “The unity of the faith—not doctrines.” Copeland went on to say the devil was responsible for his death but they know he is in the presence of Jesus right now and the work of bridge building between Catholics and Protestants begun by Tony Palmer will go on. –


    – ECUMENISM: KENNETH COPELAND making a short video message with the late Tony Palmer to pope Francis in response to the pope’s message of (FALSE) unity. He’s handing over his unsuspecting and undiscerning congregation over to the high priest, and sending them back to BABYLON. –


    – Instead of writing a long commentary on the interfaith relationships of Francis we thought we would post a bunch photos and a few videos. Peruse through them and draw your own conclusions. Remember on Monday Francis is to visit his fallen away catholic friend who is now a Baptist minister, Giovanni Traettino. He is reportedly going there to apologize to Evangelicals for the mistreatment they have received from the Church. This idea originated at the recent lunch Francis had with evangelicals. As the pictures show this ‘friendship’ started a long time ago. An important name to remember is Matteo Calisi. –



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