Another Christian to Face Blasphemy Charges

Shamim writes of a former Christian gal (Naseem Bibi) who converted to Islam who accused some Christians of blasphemy by belittling or insulting Islam. I am uncertain of the meaning of the word “attack” used by Shamim. Is Shamim writing about a physical assault, a verbal assault or both?

If it was only a verbal assault, then I can’t blame the Christians. The Christians of Pakistan have suffered so horrendously under Islamic Supremacist persecution that has ended rapes, forced marriage, maiming and death. I might tread a little softer since the rule of law does little to protect Christians and yet hunts them down with only a mere accusation blaspheming Islam. Muslims are clueless that their religion’s tenets are a huge insult to Christians since it denies the centrality of Christ’s death, burial and Resurrection AND that Jesus is the Son of God. The Quran stipulates these concepts which be blasphemous or heretical in Christianity.

Another thing to think about as you read Shamim’s report is that he sent it to me on what we Americans most often call 9-11 (meaning September 11, 2001), the day Muslim terrorists representing Usama bin Laden’s al Qaeda organization murdered around 3,000 Americans for not be Muslim and for being American. That is the kind of culture Shamim Masih lives in dwelling in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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Another Christian to Face Blasphemy Charges

By Shamim Masih

September 11, 2015 11:33 AM

ISLAMABAD: Another Christian was booked in a blasphemy case in the capital. According to the details, on December 07, 2014, a FIR was registered against 11 people accusing [them of] blasphemy including three females and a pastor. Naseem Bibi, reportedly married to a Muslim guy and converted to Islam in 1995, and had three children. She complained that Pastor Karamat Masih 45, Shafique Masih nick named Noora 32, Yousaf Masih 60, Parveen Bibi (widow), Bavi Bibi, Nasreen Bibi wife of Yousaf Masih, Shahid Masih 35, Parveez Masih, Tariq Matto, Nabeela Bibi, and Judge Masih went to her home and attacked her. A report said that more than 50 people attacked her house and gave insulting remarks about Islam. She reported that they also insulted the Quran. Thus a First Investigation Report (FIR) 888/14 was registered against the 11 nominated and a few unknown people under PP 295-B, 354, 452, 148, 149 in PS Margalla, Islamabad. Four of them, Yousaf, Shafique, Shahid and Tariq were sent to prison and later released on bail.

A Few days back she reportedly submitted another application at the police station that one of the unknown people is identified as Imran Manwar should be included in FIR and be investigated under the blasphemy act. She also claimed that said guy repeatedly used bad language against Islam and provoked other people insulting Islam.

The said FIR was registered in response of the FIR No. 887/14 under PP 506, 341, 148 and 149 against the same lady, when she reportedly attacked a few of the these people. Earlier the same lady had accused 7 Christians of the slums to murdering her husband. But the court had ordered to release the accused after a few years and discharged the case declaring them innocent. The outskirts of the capital is under threat to be demolished.

During the recent months, Christian slum settlers are warned to clear the area under the umbrella of taking strict security measures.

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