Establishment GOP Aids Cochran to Steal Primary Runoff

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John R. Houk

© August 29, 2014


On June 24th 194,932 votes to McDaniel’s 187,265, 2014 Mississippi had its runoff election in the GOP Primary between incumbent Establishment Thad Cochran and Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniel. McDaniel won the first Primary but with less than 50% of the vote causing the runoff. In that runoff McDaniel led in the count a substantial amount then astoundingly Cochran pulled ahead and won 194,932 votes to McDaniel’s 187,265. In other words Cochran won by 7667 votes. The thing is those winning votes came under an incredibly suspicious manner. Out of McDaniel’s own pocket he investigated the ballots he legally forced to make available.  After McDaniel’s investigation was complete he discovered this:


“…a Chris McDaniel news conference in Mississippi, 25,000 votes were cast illegally for GOP incumbent Senator Thad Cochran.”  (Bold Text Added – McDaniel: Declare me the winner; By Cameron Joseph; SlantRight 2.0 intro by John R. Houk; Originally The Hill; Hill post – 8/4/14, SlantRight 2.0 post – 8/5/14)


McDaniel presented his case to the Mississippi Republican Party and they WOULD NOT VIEW OR LISTEN TO THE EVIDENCE! The State GOP wanted McDaniel to pack it in and give up to the Establishment Republican incumbent Thad Cochran. Now that is Establishment corruption at its height. There is obvious illegal action involved on behalf of Cochran. My God! Some Federal Justice indictments must come to someone involved in this voter fraud. Unfortunately a criminal investigation to sniff how far the fraud went up the Cochran Campaign chain probably would take some time which would entail a continued certification of Cochran’s November 4th election day participation.


Ergo McDaniel cannot depend on the wheels of criminal justice especially with a corrupt Dem Party Attorney General in Eric Holder. McDaniel is stuck with the power of civil courts to nullify the fraudulent votes. The Judge that is not under the influence of the GOP Establishment should be able to do one of two things: either force another runoff election or nullify the 25000 fraudulent votes thereby giving McDaniel June 24 victory over Cochran.


A Matthew Burke report I found at TPPN shows McDaniel’s intended future actions which includes a few more factual tidbits you may not be aware of as yet.


JRH 8/29/14

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EXCLUSIVE: Chris McDaniel: ‘People Need to See the Ugly Under Belly of Some Elements of the Republican Party’


By Matthew Burke

August 27, 2014

Tea Party News Network


Constitutional conservative Mississippi Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel told Tim Constantine on TPNN’s Capitol Hill Show on Wednesday, that Republican establishment-backed, 76-year-old Senator Thad Cochran’s campaign stole the recent runoff election in Mississippi, that he had proof, and hoped his current court challenge will not only overturn the election, but will allow people to see the “ugly, ugly under belly of some element of the Republican Party.”

McDaniel, who defeated Cochran, nicknamed the “King of Pork” in the prior Mississippi Senate primary, but failed to avoid a forced runoff vote because neither he nor Cochran passed the fifty percent threshold.

“They did steal the election, there’s no question about that,” McDaniel told Constantine. “They basically brought in 40,000-plus Democrats into a Republican primary. And that’s called Party Raiding,” he claimed.

McDaniel said that the Cochran campaign utilized “illegal votes” in the run-off election, and when his campaign presented the evidence to the Mississippi Republican Party’s executive committee, which is the process required, they refused to look at the evidence.

“Once we found the evidence, we attempted to take that evidence before the state Republican executive committee, which is what statue demands what we do,” McDaniel explained. “We took the information before the State Republican Executive Committee, and they refused to hear it, because it was too politically difficult, I’m assuming,” he charged.


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McDaniel said there is a hearing coming up on Thursday on a motion to dismiss, which McDaniel thought his campaign would win, allowing the case to move forward. A full hearing on the merits of McDaniel’s case is scheduled for September 16.

Constantine made the point that even if one assumes that every Democrat who voted for Cochran in the Republican primary would eventually vote for him in the general election, law would have allowed those same Democrats to vote three weeks earlier in the Democrat Party’s primary. “Legally, you cannot do that,” Constantine said.

“We found about 15,000 total irregularities, many of which are also ineligible voters,” McDaniel contended. “On top of that, there are approximately 2,000 absentee votes which will probably be disqualified as well,” he predicted.

The Mississippi Republican Party has a long history of being a classic example of a corrupt “good ole boys” network, led by RINOs like former Governor and current lobbyist Haley Barbour, who many credit as being the mastermind (along with his son) behind Cochran’s dirty tricks and despicable smear campaign against Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party.


RELATED:  VIDEO: GOP Establishment’s Haley Barbour Behind Thad Cochran’s Dirty Tricks



“We have already spent $200,000 on legal fees,” McDaniel revealed during the interview.

McDaniel issued a blistering condemnation to the Republican Party establishment and leadership, saying that if the problem of the election is not fixed, they have no business calling themselves the party of Ronald Reagan.


“I pray we’ll get justice. We need our chance to present our evidence. And the people of this country and this state need to finally see the ugly, ugly under belly of some elements of the Republican Party. And those elements, as bad as they’ve behaved, they have no business being the party of freedom or being Reagan’s conservative party.”




VIDEO: Senator: ‘Election Stolen Unethically!’


Published by TPNNVideos

Uploaded on Aug 27, 2014


We all know politics is a dirty game, but the recent primaries in Mississippi have proven some will go above and beyond to stay in power. State Senator Chris McDaniel says he has proof of wrongdoing, and is taking his fight to the courts!



Establishment GOP Aids Cochran to Steal Primary Runoff

John R. Houk

© August 29, 2014


EXCLUSIVE: Chris McDaniel: ‘People Need to See the Ugly Under Belly of Some Elements of the Republican Party’


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