Americans Support Israel then Foment Modern Crusade

Churchill -  Islam dangerous like rabid dog



John R. Houk

© August 1, 2014


Yesterday a 72 hour “humanitarian” ceasefire was agreed upon between Hamas and Israel. Within hours of the ceasefire Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier. This is yet another portrait of the deceit used by Muslim to honor Allah yet lie about treaties and truces. Israel cannot trust ANY words of peace – whether temporary or permanent – spoken by a Muslim entity.


The negotiated truce began at 8:00 AM. Israel says the soldier was kidnapped at 9:30 AM. Astoundingly Hamas justified the kidnapping by claiming the soldier was kidnapped before 8:00 AM.


Even if Hamas is telling the truth, which I absolutely doubt due to the Muslim penchant to lie and deceive, the Islamic terrorist organization allegedly entered into a good faith negotiations while at the same time perpetrating a kidnapping. Freaking kidnapping by Hamas was the fuse that ignited this altercation in the first place!


It is my prayer that Israel continues to dismantle Hamas even if casualties occur among the Islamic terrorist’s supporter who make zero effort to expose how Hamas hides weapons cache and missiles in Mosques, schools, Day Care Centers and whatever place civilians congregate to make Israel look bad as Hamas is dismantled.


Hamas built an intricate tunnel system in Gaza stretch from Egypt into Israeli sovereign territory. Why do you think the religion of peace built these tunnels? Perhaps Hamas wanted to protect Gaza Arabs who call themselves Palestinians by placing them in the tunnel system from the lying accusation unwarranted Israel butchery and slaughter of civilian. NOT!


Hamas launched missiles into Israel because the Jewish State took umbrage that three teenage Jews were kidnapped, executed and unceremoniously buried in shallow graves. Evidently the cough justice-minded Hamas terrorists did not appreciate the IDF going from house to house looking for murderous terrorists and the bull dozing of homes of family members that supported the heinous murders of Jews. Who would-a-thunk the Israeli government would leave no crazy Muslim stone unturned until actual justice could be accomplished?


It appears Hamas thunk-it. They began their firestorm of missiles into Israeli cities.


America and European nations had the gall to tell Israel not to overreact to hundreds of missiles fired at Israeli civilian centers. After all in America’s case President Barack Hussein Obama refuses to close the U.S.-Mexican as illegal aliens flow – some looking for a better life, but a remarkably large amount representing Latino gang members and Drug Cartel members. The Drug Cartels protect their conduits into the USA as fiefdoms even crossing the border to murder recalcitrant Americans and law enforcement. Shoot the Mexican army under Drug Cartel payroll have fired upon American Border Patrol Agents. Obama doesn’t care! So why in the world would Obama be concerned that our ally Israel is fending off Hamas on the Gaza-Israeli border? A Hamas I might add that is being armed by America’s enemies Iran, Qatar, Turkey and North Korea.


Rather than joining Israel in taking an effective effort to hunt down the arms dealers supplying weapons and missiles to Islamic terrorists like Hamas, the Obama Administration does nothing and joins the unenlightened European governments, as well as the United Nations, in denouncing Israel for a disproportional response because Israel’s Iron Dome Defense is more effective than Hamas’ Human Shield defensive system.


There is no such thing as a disproportionate response to constant attacks followed by truces and ceasefires that allow Hamas to regroup and rearm to simply attack all over again. Hamas needs to be destroyed in the same way Nazi Germany was eradicated in WWII to make sure the superior race of German ideology did not enslave other Europeans.


I know modern historians, Muslim apologists, Jews (with very good reason) and one-sighted Leftists have demonized the Crusades that began to liberate the Holy Land from Muslim control. NOW IS THE TIME for the Western World to eschew political correctness and unite all sides of the political spectrum. This is to say the Left, Right, Christian, Jew and other non-Muslim religions to understand that Radical Islam is gaining a toe-hold of political control in the Middle East. This toe-hold has emboldened transnational terrorist organizations to actually acquire a Caliphate Islamic State as a base to do to the world that which Hamas currently does to Israel. What is that “to do”? It is to maim, kill or convert non-Muslims to Islam or if a non-Muslim group is lucky under a Radical Islamic victory – to live as intentionally humiliated people forced to pay a poll-tax that Islam calls jizya. The humiliated people are called the dhimmi class and must live under the legal code of Sharia Law even their own faith or ideology disagrees with that kind of oppression.


Currently the global concept of political correctness and multicultural diversity brings horror to Western governments and Western Leftists. Frankly when the day comes that jihad ideology provokes holes in the National Security and National Interests in Russia and the People’s Republic of China (i.e. Communist China), those two nations will have no problem in eviscerating Islam at least within their borders. Between Russia and China in the still recent 20th century their genocidal predilections were quite evident to maintain despotic political control. The current irony is both Russia and China are exploiting Muslim hatred of the West (particularly America and Israel) to destabilize the geopolitical status to swing the pendulum to favor Russian and Chinese National Interests.


There will be a day that purist or radical Muslims will stab their Russian and Chinese benefactors in the back. Some Imam or Cleric will decide that Russia and China are unholy infidel that need to convert or die. The USA received such a stab in the back from the Taliban when American arms and covert U.S. insurgents aided the Afghans to repel Russian occupation. Soon after the Afghan victory Muslim anti-Soviet jihadis became displeased with American support for Israel and the fatwas were delivered to punish the USA for its infidel ways.


Muslims ONLY unite with non-Muslims when there is a benefit to an Islamic agenda. Once the goals are met, the Muslims will always turn on their non-Muslim former allies.


DO NOT TRUST HAMAS! Allow Israel to obliterate the Islamic terrorists. Then the USA should study the Israeli strategy and prepare to obliterate Muslim hate-mongers whether they be transnational terrorists or Islamic States in the only Crusade that will bring at least a respite of global peace until circumstance deteriorate that brings the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to complete the Redemption began on the Cross nearly 2000 years ago.


JRH 8/1/14 (Hat tip for initiating these thoughts – Scott Torino)

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Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

10 thoughts on “Americans Support Israel then Foment Modern Crusade”

  1. Look past the front row of trees and see the forrest. HAMAS is part of something bigger: Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, which is part of something bigger: Ummah al-Islamiya.

    Its Islam, Stupid! If Israel could identify, locate and kill every leader and follower of HAMAS,they would find another row of Muslims right behind them. Hezbollah will take up the rocket once Israel’s Iron Dome stock is depleted. Then Israel will be compelled to carpet bomb Lebanon, with resulting bitching & caterwaulling on an unprecedented scale.

    If Israel would anihilate Lebanon, Syria and Iran are next in line, like shark’s teeth, always with ready replacements.

    When Dar ul-Islam is attacked, Jihad becomes fard ayn: binding on all Muslims wheresoever dispersed over the face of the earth.

    The Crusade must begin with an educatioal campaign to inform the electorate of the true nature, mission & methodology of Islam. The citizens of North America and Europe must be made aware of the existential threat posed by the presence of Islam’s fifth column on their shores. We must then elect leaders with the political will to round up and deport all Muslims and exclude them from entry. With academia and the mass media in enemy hands, this task is damn near impossible to accomplish.

    The second wave is even more challenging: induction of mass apostasy. Those Muslims who retain a scintilla of morality and want no part of imperialism & terrorism must be made to recognize the real identity and nature of Allah and Moe.

    Causing the MINOs to abandon Islam will not be easy. It must begin with a full length feature documentary dramatizing the Life of Moe. It will need to be backed up with a detailed web site with evidence to prove every major theme in the documentary. A television series will be needed to bring out further details. Multiple language packages and global distribution will be required.

    The third wave of the Crusade will be even more challenging because that which must be done contravenes the modern laws of war. It is necessary to kill the clerics who rouse the rabble. Thousands will march in their funeral processions; bomb and strafe them. Thousands will march in the esulting funeral processions; bomb and strafe them. Continue until there is peace and quiet.

    Once the true believers are ushered into Hell, Islam must be entirely extirpated from conquered parts of Dar ul-Islam. The conquering General must address the conquered people in the most profane and obscene terms possible, explaining exactly what Allah is and Moe was. He must point out the fact that Allah did not give them the victory he promised. He must point out the fact that Allah did not give them the help and protection he promised. He must point out the venal character and acts of Moe. He must ask the people if they will worship an impotent idol who can not benefit them. He must ask them if they will follow a barbarian who practiced lechery, pederasty, rape, pillage, plunder and extortion. He must ask them to take two steps forward if they remain Muslims and have them shot on the spot.

    The mosques and madrassahs must be closed. Propagation, preaching and manifesting Islam must be prohibited under penalty of death. The conquered people must be taught the principles of representative self-government before being allowed to form new institutions of secular government.

    Anything less than the total eradication of Islam is defeat. Blessed few will enlist in this Crusade.


    1. Ladies and Gentlemen, the next Adolf Hitler! How you can call yourselves Christians after espousing such a hateful endorsement of genocide is unfathomable. You should all be ashamed.


      1. Bryan perhaps you are correct. I have grown weary of tolerating the death and destruction going on in the Middle East aimed now days at Christians as much if not more so than Jews. Sometimes I feel its time to give the religion of hate a dose of their own medicine in conquest and domination until a culture is changed. Is it Christian? Nope. Am I human and tired of the persecution of Christians in the name of Mo and Allah? Yup.

        That’s why Americans Leftist deserve to be an influence. To curb the anger of displeased Conservatives. 🙂


  2. I think in this case, you mean to curb the anger of displeased extremists. I lived in the Middle East as a civilian for several years and never once had an experience with Muslims that was anything less than civil and, for lack of a better word, normal. Unfortunately, normal, every day people just aren’t newsworthy. What we hear about instead are the extremist elements of Islam. The ones who interpret the Quran as an endorsement for wiping out infidels and who feel that they are martyrs in a Holy War in God’s name, not unlike the Christians centuries ago fighting the Crusades. The hateful bigotry being preached in this article and especially the commentary of Dajjal prove that even Christians today are guilty of hate and violent extremism in the name of God:

    “Anything less than the total eradication of Islam is defeat. Blessed few will enlist in this Crusade.”

    “Evidentaly you put on the whole armor of God and took the bold step.”

    This sounds like a recruiting poster. And it is no better than the religious war-mongering propaganda that extremist Muslims are guilty of. I understand that as a Christian, you are tired of seeing Christians persecuted, but unfortunately, Christian history is rife with examples of Christians using violence and persecution against what they interpreted to be false religions and unholy deities and infidels, and there are some who are unwilling to let history go. Especially in the case of religious extremism, they probably feel compelled to right the proverbial wrong, and make modern followers pay for the sins of their forebears.

    I do not endorse or agree with this any more than I endorse or agree with the violence being so vociferously espoused on this page. I suppose I’m simply remembering what George Santayana said:

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”


    1. I thought I’d mention that those murdered in the name of Christianity by an imperialistic ruler number far-far less than the 270 million killed by jihad. This includes Christians killing Jews and Muslims. I might also add that Hitler’s SIX MILLION Jews murdered was not in the name of Christianity but rather in the name of the German Master Race.


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