Nazis formed secret army to overthrow Allies after WWII

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Here is a story from post WWII that reads like the premise for a spy or conspiracy novel. Official documents have been discovered that indicate about 2000 Nazi German veteran soldiers had congregated and formulated a plan to recruit 40,000 Germans “to restore ‘honor’ and ‘to defend nascent West Germany against Eastern aggression in the early stages of the Cold War and, on the domestic front, to deploy against the Communists in the event of a civil war’”.


The news article is at The Times of Israel which in turn is sharing a report from the German periodical Der Spiegel (link to international English language version). I am cross posting The Times of Israel article, but something really piqued my curiosity. You will read that the West German government was aware of this group’s existence and monitored it. The problem I have is the last date mentioned in this monitoring effort was 1951. Whatever became of this cadre of Nazis that desired to restore the Third Reich for the sake of German honor and as a national weapon against Soviet Communism? THAT my friends is the question that spy novelists and conspiracy theorists will begin to awaken the infamous legends of NWO Nazis 69 years after the end of WWII.


JRH 5/16/14

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Nazis formed secret army to overthrow Allies after WWII

New documents reveal plans to recruit 40,000 soldiers, restore ‘honor’ to homeland


May 16, 2014, 7:49 am

Times of Israel

Nazi officers formed a secret army after the end of World War II and had plans to overthrow the Allies who occupied Germany, according to a report published this week based on newly available documents by the German intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND)


A group of 2,000 soldiers — veterans of the Nazi-era Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS — formed the group, and with a plan to recruit 40,000, they spied on politicians and amassed weapons to attack opposing forces, including the Soviets in East Germany, the files revealed.

Their aim was to restore “honor” and “to defend nascent West Germany against Eastern aggression in the early stages of the Cold War and, on the domestic front, to deploy against the Communists in the event of a civil war,” Der Spiegel reported.

The discovery of the documents was accidental, the German magazine revealed, detailing how a German historian working for an Independent Historical Commission hired by the BND to research its history and that of its predecessor (the Gehlen Organization), stumbled upon the files, which had been given the title “Insurances.” The historian Agilolf Kesselring published his study this week.


“The involvement of leading figures in Germany’s future armed forces, the Bundeswehr, are an indication of just how serious the undertaking was likely to have been,” Der Spiegel reported.


West Germany’s then-leader chancellor Konrad Adenauer was told about the covert army in 1951 but decided only to monitor the group, the documents reveal.


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