BDS, Fox Network, Super Bowl and SodaStream

VIDEO: Sorry, Coke and Pepsi. (Uncensored)


BDS, Fox Network, Super Bowl and SodaStream

John R. Houk

© January 30, 2014


I’ve been looking at the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement recently spurred on by Ari Bussel (Reality Checkand Background on PM’s European BDS Cabinet Meeting). While I was thinking about how the BDS Movement is disgusting Jew-Hatred by design to award Muslim Arabs that call themselves Palestinians sovereignland of which they have no long standing historical heritage. I noticed a very short news piece on Fox News about a commercial for the Super Bowl marketing a natural soda-like drink from a company called SodaStream. The commercial was initially banned by the Fox Network and then recently Fox decided to show it but in a censored fashion.

 Scarlett Johansson sipping SodaStream Beverage 2

 The Fox News story was very short but it showed the uncensored version of the commercial. SodaStream found a high-value and well known actress in Scarlett Johansson to be the spokesperson in the ad. Fox News claimed the commercial was banned because of Ms. Johansson said at the very end of the ad:


Sorry, Coke and Pepsi.”


The ad-spot is only about 30 seconds and when shown on TV I saw nothing provocative that should have been censored. Sure Ms. Johansson was gorgeous in a black dress but it was not flamboyant or revealing. The most controversial portion perhaps was when after she made the natural soda she seductively began to drink the beverage through a straw. I thought I had seen ads at the Super Bowl that were more titillating then this SodaStream commercial. Remember theGo Daddy ads and thescantily clad mud-wrestling babes having it out over beer that is less filling or tastes great?


So I had to wonder if the Fox Network really banned the SodaStream video over the antisemitic movement known as BDS. I don’t know about you but the excuse of offending Coke and Pepsi to ban a marketing ad during the Super Bowl seemed pretty lame. I believe the Fox Network initially banned the entire commercial to avoid the multiculturalist Left Wing pressure of the Muslim Arab developed BDS Movement. Of course I can’t prove it, but I also don’t think it is a stretch to wonder. If you haven’t asked yourself for the reason that the BDS Movement is going nuts about a marketing commercial from SodaStream the reason is simple.


The manufacturing portion for SodaStream is not only in Israel, but it is also close to the part of Jerusalem that is on the Judea-Samaria side of Jerusalem after thecity’s conquest by Jordan’s (at that time Transjordan) Arab Legion under the command of British Army Officers in 1949 (particularly Sir John Bagot Glubb). The Arabs claim the belief that Israel reacquired Judea-Samaria (termed West Bank by Jordan) illegally and is occupied land. And the Jewish company SodaStream is in that part of Jerusalem retaken after the 1967 war. In the eyes of Leftists and Palestinian apologists this makes SodaStream an anti-Palestine company.


Scarlett Johansson has been attacked by the BDS Movement via the old pocket book by urging Oxfam to discontinue their eight relationship using her as an ambassador. Oxfam is an anti-povertyNGO that despises Israel for the misguided accusation of being an occupier of Arab land. Ms. Johansson has resigned her tenure with Oxfam. Read this deluded official statement from Oxfam:


“Oxfam believes that businesses, such as SodaStream, that operate in settlements further the ongoing poverty and denial of rights of the Palestinian communities that we work to support.


“Oxfam is opposed to all trade from Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law. Ms. Johansson has worked with Oxfam since 2005 and in 2007 became a Global Ambassador, helping to highlight the impact of natural disasters and raise funds to save lives and fight poverty.” (Quoted from: Scarlett Johansson Sides With SodaStream, Oxfam Responds With Candid Attack On ‘Illegal Trade’; By REBECCA MERRIMAN; Entertainment Wise; 1/30/14)

To Scarlett Johansson’s credit she disagrees with the pathetic BDS Movement and the likes of Oxfam by releasing her own statement:


“Scarlett Johansson has respectfully decided to end her ambassador role with Oxfam after eight years.


“She and Oxfam have a fundamental difference of opinion in regards to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. She is very proud of her accomplishments and fundraising efforts during her tenure with Oxfam.” (Ibid.)


Ms. Johansson further said about the BDS Movement in general:


“[I’m a] supporter of economic cooperation and social interaction between a democratic Israel and Palestine.” (Ibid.)


In a statement quote from HuffPo Ms. Johansson is quoted as saying:


“SodaStream is a company that is not only committed to the environment but to building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine, supporting neighbors working alongside each other, receiving equal pay, equal benefits, and equal rights”.

“I believe in conscious consumerism and transparency and I trust that the consumer will make their own educated choice that is right for them.” (Quoted from: Scarlett Johansson’s SodaStream Super Bowl Ad Banned by Fox: Watch It Now! By ALLISON TAKEDA; Us Weekly; 1/28/14 1:30 PM)

This was gratifying to read Ms. Johansson’s disagreement with the criticism of the Jewish Israel Company of SodaStream.


I have a particular interest in the Super Bowl. I have been a Seahawk fan since the franchise’s founding in 1976. I am a Christian Zionist which means I believe Israel has a right to whatever Biblically ordained heritage land they can get a hold of. Also it is more of a truth that refugees caused from Arab invasions of 1948 and 1967 are the fault of the Arab nations that have had a burning desire to destroy Israel’s existence. These refugees should have been the problem of the losers of those two wars not the winner Israel. In that way of thinking the nation now known as Jordan was carved away from the British Mandate for Palestine as the Arab Hashemite Kingdom. Those refugees that were forced to remain in camps should have been matriculated into Egypt and especially Jordan. Those invading nations had no intention of creating an independent Palestinian State. Their goal was to divvy up the Jewish Homeland as the spoils of war.  If there is any kind of BDS movement it should be against the perpetrators of permanent war for the selfish refusal for the Jewish people to return to their ancestral home to be free of global Antisemitism. I’m not holding my breath though. Global Antisemitism is simply reemerging and that benefits the Jew-Hating Muslims of the Middle East.


JRH 1/30/14

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