Hillary Sex Scandal Smoke – The Fire must be Found

WCJ Screen Capture Hillary in Eyeball

John R. Houk

© January 3, 2014


The Western Center for Journalism (WCJ) will be depicted as a fringe Right Wing Conservative website by America’s Left. Thus when the WCJ runs an exposé against Obama or Hillary or any other big dog Leftist person or organization the Left will fall toward explaining away the exposé as propaganda from a fringe Right Wing group.


I found a recent WCJ story and video that is an exposé aimed at Hillary Clinton with a decent amount of dirt on the whole Obama Administration. The headline catcher to get you to watch the video implies Hillary is the perpetrator of sex scandals while she was the Secretary of State. That is actually a pretty good hook because WCJ reeled me in to read and watch their story on Hillary.


I am actually going to cross post the WCJ post; however I wish to issue a bit of criticism toward the accusations.


The video’s first swipe is toward President Obama usage of the NSA to spy on his political enemies by virtue of the exposed information that the NSA has been collecting data on all Americans without a Search Warrant. The justification is the Patriot Act and the FISA Courts that enable police representing the Federal Government to search and detain any suspected terrorists for America’s security. Honestly after 9/11 I was a huge supporter of the Patriot Act; however the powers granted must be considered war powers (as in the Global War on Terrorism – GWOT). And frankly the Patriot Act particularly during the Bush Administration was very successful in preventing Islamic terrorist attacks on a huge scale on U.S. soil.


Unfortunately somewhere toward the end of Bush’s Administration and in the beginning of Obama’s Administration someone made the decision to allow the NSA to spy on every single American in the name of the Patriot Act. This takes a war power to the absurd, smacks of Police State, definitely is unconstitutional according to the 4th Amendment and government corruption.


The second swipe the WCJ deals with the unsubstantiated rumor that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin (Deputy Chief of Staff and Close Advisor and Still Married to Anthony Weiner) are having a Lesbian love affair. Undoubtedly WCJ is operating under the paradigm of where there is smoke there’s fire. Nonetheless you still have to find the fire to verify the connection to the smoke. To my knowledge this has never happened.


That which verifiable is the documentation that Hillary Clinton badly managed the State Department by allowing sex scandals to permeate during her time as Secretary of State. Hillary may little attempt to publically demonstrate disciplining action against the deeply immoral actions of those under her (no pun intended). Could Hillary’s lack of disciplining her staff be an example of more smoke?


JRH 1/3/13

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Exposed: Hillary Clinton’s Sex Scandals



JANUARY 3, 2014

Western Center for Journalism


VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s Sex Scandals


Posted by Western Journalism

Published Jan 3, 2014


Video produced by http://www.westernjournalism.com Produced, written, and edited by Kris Zane. Narrated by Tom Hinchey


Barack Obama has created a massive surveillance state, sicking his attack dog the NSA to spy on everyday Americans—presumably to use this information to punish his enemies.


And who will more than likely get the keys to the kingdom if the radical (that is, socialist) Democrats get their way? The Radical-in-Chief Barack Obama’s kindred spirit: Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Except it looks like Hillary Clinton is already using the NSA to punish her enemies.


Enter Clinton’s massive State Department sex scandals—including her alleged paramour, Muslim Brotherhood double agent Huma Abedin—and you have a perfect job for NSA spooks: disappearing emails, lawyers’ offices being broken into to steal documents exposing Clinton’s sex scandals—including charges of pedophilia—just to mention a few of the sexual peccadilloes being shoved down the memory hole more than likely with the help of the NSA.


Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out how the Benghazi Bimbo, “What Difference Does it Make” Hillary Rodham Clinton, is using the NSA to punish her enemies.


Hillary Sex Scandal Smoke – The Fire must be Found

John R. Houk

© January 3, 2014


Exposed: Hillary Clinton’s Sex Scandals



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