Who Prevails in the NWO Struggle for Dominance?

Family Ties - MB and Soros

John R. Houk

© September 26, 2013


Danny Jeffrey writes about a letter exchange between himself and some like-minded friends in the UK. The theme of this post is that Leftists (Danny uses ‘Progressives’) have an agenda to control the world, George Soros is the felicitator-in-chief of this agenda AND Soros is using Islamic hatred to further chaos globally to create the conditions for global Leftist hegemony.


I have to tell you that Danny’s predictions make a lot of sense. I just am not sure if I am on board lock, stock and barrel. I believe the Left has a global agenda to transform the world into a society of top-to-bottom governance with the ruling elite telling the people what is moral and good along with the concept of spreading the wealth. Except the wealth will probably be spread among the ruling and intellectual elite while the rest of humanity will have their minds numbed into complacent dependence to the directives of the ruling elite.


Danny considers Islam and its followers to be a mere unwitting tool of the Leftist agenda as directed by puppeteer George Soros. And you know, I believe Soros at the very least in clandestine mode has the intention to use Islam as a tool. However, I am completely certain the rabid followers of the Quran, Hadith and the Sira believe that the Western Left is the tool of Islam. Islam has honed their craft of civilizational transformation over nearly a 1500 year history. The Western Left began to develop their theories of utopia in the early to mid-1800s. Karl Marx managed to stamp a One World Order international agenda. Lenin and Stalin took the stamp to use military force to encourage little national revolutions to move toward a Leftist utopia – uh – Russian style. Soviet Marxism unwittingly unleashed Mao Zedong’s oriental form of Marxism which had developed its own thoughts on global hegemony.


Western Capitalism – especially American Capitalism – proved to be too competitive with the Soviet and Maoist paradigm as money plus resources buried the USSR paradigm into collapse. And Communist China was forced to develop a Market-Socialist paradigm vastly divergent from the original theories of Marx, Engels and Lenin. The true downfall of the Marxist Utopian paradigm is the proven fact of those Communist regimes slaughtering tens of millions of their own people to eliminate dissent and brainwash their populations.


The irony is that the deadly Communist path to transform the thought processes of those they governed was perfected by Islam under the guidance of Mohammed and Islam’s earliest Caliphs. The combination of Islamic Supremacism (absolute submission to the principles of Islam) and dhimmitude transformed the people subjected to Muslim conquest. The conquered non-Muslims lived under three absolute directives:


1)      Convert to Islam becoming a part of the global Ummah.


2)     Choose to keep their religious faith (initially only offered to Jews and Christians as people of the Book) but live in oppressive dhimmi submission to the laws of Islam (viz., Sharia Law). As Muslim rulers realized the utter destruction of polytheists and other non-people of the Book (e.g. Zoroastrians) would diminish the exploitation to Muslim coffers. So even a harsher standard of dhimmitude was offered. Just imagine of the slaughter of India’s Hindus until dhimmitude was extended.


3)     No submission to Islam meant death.


Is it possible that Lenin, Stalin and Mao studied Islamic history? Civilizations, Cultures and Societies experience unwanted transformation through brutality.


Danny Jeffrey believes the Leftist transformationists under the nefarious guidance of George Soros is in the driver’s seat. And as I said his reasoning is fairly solid. Nonetheless, history often turns on a dime. It is entirely possible that Caliphate-minded Radical Muslims will cooperate with a Soros agenda until Muslim blood thirst turns on Soros.


Obviously Soros’ Western resources outweigh the hardly united Radical Muslim movements. Unfortunately Radical Muslims have been rather creative in developing ways to kill people with far less resources. Just think how creative Radical Muslims could be if the Soros perceived chaos tool of Islam acquires more sophisticated violent tools via an enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend temporary union (Muslims would call it a Hudna).


Where Danny is certain that Soros is the top dog with a New World Order agenda, I am more willing to see both the Soros-Left and Radical Muslim view each other as useful tools.


Of course I also believe a NWO is coming that has nothing to do with despotic Leftist utopianism or a global Islamic Caliphate. The Jesus that both those sides hate will come in the clouds and defeat them both at His Second Coming in which ultimately Jesus the Christ will reign over the New Earth and the New Heaven. I read the end of the Good Book. I know how it ends I just don’t know how it gets to the end.



JRH 9/26/13

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