How a Beloved Leader Becomes a Dictator

Wake Up America - Cover Peeling Off

John R. Houk

© August 29, 2013


Adolf Hitler utilized misleading propaganda to get himself to become Chancellor and Fuhrer of Germany. The Germans of the Sudetenland region of then Czechoslovakia Hitler believed should be a part of Greater Germany so it was annexed.


Hitler’s birth place Austria is a German speaking nation so of course it also must be a part of Greater Germany. Nazi armies marched to Austria to force the issue.


Communists were blamed for torching the Reichstag (German version of Congress/Parliament). Historians for years blamed this as a false flag accusation by the Nazis but more recent study has historians believing the German Communists really did Torch the Reichstag building on February 27, 1933. It doesn’t matter who torched the Reichstag because the incident led to Hitler having dictatorial powers and a manhunt for once rival Communists who were imprisoned or executed.


Then of course Hitler made no bones about his Aryan Supremacist beliefs (See Also HERE, HERE and HERE) which meant all non-German/non-Nordic races were inferior.  Some races in particular needed separation from the German population because Hitler believed them to be contaminating racial filth. In particular the European Jews were the victims (nearly 6 MILLION) of extermination due to the Aryan Superiority belief. And roughly another 6 MILLION races, physically/mentally handicapped and homosexuals met the same fate as the Jews under Hitler’s Nazi regime.


Then the Hitler false flag that plunged the world into global war occurred. Hitler made up the story that Poland attacked Germany. So of course Hitler could not let that lie go without punishment. Nazi Germany’s first military blitzkrieg swept through Poland’s antiquated military defenses and a secret deal Hitler made with Stalin created a Polish eastern front as the Soviet army came with the intention of dividing Poland between Nazis and Communists. Britain and France committed to war if Poland was invaded. Hitler later turned on Stalin and began an invasion of the USSR.


I hope you enjoyed this simplistic offering of the beginning of WWII in 1939 (December 7, 1941 for the USA as Japan gave Isolationist Americans an excuse to join the British against the Nazis). Here is why I went over this very brief WWII beginnings. Danny Jeffrey in an essay entitled “Operation Canned Goods or How to Start another War”. The essay uses the Hitler method to take over a government as an analogy of potential events occurring NOW in the USA and the world. Danny sees an amazing parallel to the beginnings of Nazi Germany and the transformative path (Obama’s “Change”) Barack Hussein Obama is walking on today. Here is a blurb, actually a very insightful blurb from Danny Jeffrey:


Obama is taking us down the same path to hyperinflation. He is also taking us down the path to World War Three. What the people wanted and what Hitler wanted were two very different things and yet Hitler had to convince the German populace that war was in their best interests or at least Germany’s national honor.

Every dictator needs an enemy of the state on which to blame all problems, and he needs a way to start a war and blame the other nation. Adolf Hitler had the Jews to blame when he came to power, Barrack Obama has the white conservatives. Different dictator, different time, and a different group to blame, but the methods and the goals are still the same.


One of the keys to understanding this essay is the international foreign policy doctrine of Responsibility to Protect (R2P). Here is a brief description from a R2P friendly website:


The RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT (“RtoP” or “R2P”) is a new international security and human rights norm to address the international community’s failure to prevent and stop genocides, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. (International Coalition for The Responsibility to Protect – ICRtoP)


Danny Jeffrey is a lot less altruistic toward R2P. AND his insight on R2P is well founded. Danny believes R2P is a foundational concept for Leftist domination in world affairs and that the Leftist-in-Chief that designed the altruistic doctrine was none other than George Soros. Danny points that out in his essay I linked above. I wish Danny’s Freedom Rings 1776 had a search feature so you could type a search on George Soros because he has a lot of pertinent information there. Using Google I typed in Freedom Rings 1776: George Soros. At least the first page (I didn’t check further) had a number of Danny’s posts on George Soros. HERE is the Google link that came up for me. I took the liberty of excerpting Danny Jeffrey relating to Soros and R2P. The excerpts go to producing an enlightening picture of the Soros-Obama paradigm that somewhat mirrors Adolf Hitler’s charismatic political rise. Do I think it will happen in Obama? I am not willing to see that; however I didn’t think President Barack Hussein Obama would be reelected in 2012.


Be sure to read “Operation Canned Goods or How to Start another War”!


JRH 8/29/13

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Here are some Danny Jeffrey Excerpts on the George Soros Doctrine of Responsibility to Protect. For even more clarity you should each essay in entirety.


The George Soros sponsored Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect could be the key to the destruction of Israel and the beginning of nuclear war.

The whole concept of this Soros sponsored group is that the UN can attack any nation that is using force against those who are trying to take the reins of power. This option was not used in the genocide of Darfur. It was not used in the assault on revolutionary Iranians. It was unnecessary in Egypt and this Responsibility to Protect is first being used in Libya. It is my firm belief that the Libyan scenario is but a trial balloon to set a precedent. Later it will be used against Israel…the next time they are attacked and they dare fight back.



The Global Center For The Responsibility To Protect (GCRP) sounds like such a noble organization. It is such a shame that it is based on lies and hatred. When seeking truth, follow the money trail. The GCRP is funded by The International Crisis Group (ICG) and The Human Rights Watch. (HRW).



The ICG is in turn funded by the Soros Group The Open Society Institute (OSI).



… The GCRP is a political weapon of conquest, created by, and wielded by, George Soros, and thanks to Barrack Obama, backed by the military might of the United States.


My greatest concern was The Responsibility To Protect (R2P), a George Soros generated plan to provide a no fly zone over any nation that Islamic Jihadists are attacking. That was what defeated Libya and at the time I stated that this assault on Libya’s air force was only to set a precedent, predicting that the tactic would one day be called upon to defend yet more Jihadists when they attack Israel.



… Jihadists wear no uniforms. They are technically civilians, “rebels” if you will, but these rebels are not from Syria. They have come from all over the Middle East and some from Europe and the UK. They are mercenaries, invaders, paid for their service. The lack of uniforms give the illusion that they are civilians thus permitting the terms of R2P to be employed to protect the “innocent”. …


I have pondered long and hard about the issue of Israel and have written many essays on the topic, including discussions of Responsibility To Protect (R2P). That is a Soros sponsored doctrine that calls for the nations of the west to create a no fly zone over any nation that is under attack by “civilians” such as we saw in Libya as the “civilians” of Al Qaeda overran a sovereign nations thanks to the air cover and weapons we provided. Libya was but a UN legal precedent as R2P was founded solely for the purpose of eventually supporting the upcoming Islamic attack on Israel.



Another part of R2P that is a Catch 22 is that it forbids a sovereign nation from using its aircraft against “civilians”. …

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