Don’t Sympathize with Antony Weiner’s Wife Too Much

Abedin family Radical Islamic Tree

There’s a Conspiracy there Some Where


John R. Houk

© August 15, 2013


The Clintons are an untrustworthy Leftist family that already has had the father/husband figure attain to the Office of President in the USA. The Clintons have a Teflon history of an unsubstantiated but Conspiracy Theory suspected list of having associates and those who may have known too much that might implicate the Clintons in some nefarious deaths.

 Huma Abedin, (left) shown with former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton. Abedin was an aide to Clinton beginning with an internship in the White House in 1996. She was Clinton's travelling chief-of-staff during Clinton's bid for the White House and deputy chief of staff while Clinton was Secretary of state. (Photo: © Reuters)

As I write this it is 2013. Unless President Barack Hussein Obama pulls off America’s first leadership coup there will be no incumbent running for President in 2016.  Just as in 2008 Hillary Clinton is seemingly emerging as the Dem Party favorite to run for President of the United Sates. Writer Danny Jeffrey suspects that even Conservative women will vote for Hillary to get the first woman elected as President. This is one time I pray that this is an inaccurate prediction. Danny’s prediction is sound though. After all I believe Independents swayed the 2008 election to get the first Black person elected as President. Obama had less qualifications to be President than Sarah Palin and she was a Vice-President Running Mate to the Republican candidate.


As 2016 approaches Hillary Clinton has the credentials to be President all be it a Leftist President. Hillary was an active First Lady for Slick Willie, a U.S. Senator and a Secretary of State. That is actually a résumé that candidates on either side of the political spectrum would love to possess.


Obama has shown the Leftist path has been a disastrous one for the USA. Unless voters and Congress receive a spine by the 2014 election cycle to impeach and convict Obama, America will be stuck with another three years of disastrous Obama Change.


Then the first Tuesday in November 2016 arrives and the Dems actually have a cunning credentialed but Leftist female candidate to entice voters with a female gender and a strong-willed personality. I know many Conservatives will disagree with me, but I would hope for Sarah Palin to be the strong-willed Conservative personality to confront the potential Dem candidate of Hillary Clinton.


Huma, Weiner & Diana West bylineNow here comes my Conspiracy Theory relating to Hillary Clinton. I speculate that the Anthony Weiner comedic Mayoral run in New York City is a Clinton ploy to garner more sympathy especially from female voters. You see, Weiner’s wife is Huma Abedin a long time upper-level staffer of Hillary Clinton. Huma Abedin comes from a Radical Muslim family AND she has been involved with Radical Muslim journalism prior to working for Hillary. That Radical Muslim connection is the Muslim Brotherhood which is the Radical Muslim power behind many Muslim-American organizations that lie about their moderation because their essence is Radical Islam.


Now the weird thing about Weiner is his religious background:




In Jewish law Jewishness is passed down through the mother and so in the eyes of Jews, Hitler and Muslims (unless Weiner converts to Islam) Anthony Weiner is Jewish.


So how or maybe why did Weiner marry Radical Muslim Huma Abedin? Here is some speculative reasoning (denounced by the Left) on Weiner converting to Islam:


Video: Did Anthony Weiner Convert to Islam?


Related to the video above is some information from focusing on ex-Muslim I.Q. al-Rassooli’s speculation on a possible Muslim conversion by Weiner.


There is another speculation that makes more sense to me and it has to do with the practice of deception-misdirection to further the agenda of Islam:


Saleha Abedin, Huma’s mother, a leader of the Muslim Sisterhood (Secret Muslim Brotherhood affiliate), did not have a problem with the marriage due to a tactic that Huma is employing. It’s called Muruna and it permits the lifting of all prohibitions in Islam if the objective is to further the cause of Islam itself.


Huma Mahmood Abedin Weiner is a practicing Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia, and that her mother is a Pakistani living in Jeddah. Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin, is a leader in the Brotherhood’s secret women’s division — known as the Muslim Sisterhood or International Women’s Organization



All signs point to Huma using a technique championed by Qaradawi himself. It’s called Muruna and it allows Muslims to go to extreme lengths to deceive and convince non-Muslims they pose no threat. One such act permitted by Muruna would be for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man if it furthered the cause of Islam.


Perhaps the biggest red flag of all is why Huma – a practicing Muslim – wasn’t disowned by her family for marrying a Jew in the first place.


When it was learned that Saleha was a member of this extremely nefarious group, Walid was able to uncover mountains of evidence from news sources – in Arabic – that implicated Huma’s mother as being part of a plot reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Today, much of these connections have vanished. Short of identifying Saleha as the Dean of Dar el Hekma, her tracks have been all but covered. (READ ENTIRETYWalid Shoebat tells us why Huma Abedin, daughter of a Muslim Brotherhood member, would marry Anthony Weiner, a Jew; Bare Naked Islam; 7/4/12)


This is the logical explanation of how devout Islamist Huma Abedin married Jewish Anthony Weiner. It probably helped the Muslim approval of the Weiner-Abedin marriage using this concept of Muruna that Weiner is not a practicing Jew but rather one of the deceived Leftist Jews of America that are so secular that they are willing to throw Israel under the bus with the land for peace misconception.


Norma Zager on Left Wing American Jews:


Recently I had the unfortunate experience of meeting with a group of liberal Jews who believe Israel is some kind of evil occupying government and the poor Palestinian people (actually a figment of the Arab public relations propaganda machine) deserve to have Israel’s land.



Of course every Jewish person should be dedicated to ensuring it remains a viable Jewish State for so many reasons I would not have enough space to list them. However, when I hear the anger and rhetoric espoused by the liberals I realize what harm the American Jews are doing through this significant divide.



Giving land for peace has done nothing more than creating new demands for more land with far less peace. …



J Street and Peace Now have become a powerful voice and are firm in their resolve and anger toward Israel and their determination to ensure the Palestinians a state.



Each time the Jewish people argue amongst themselves, and each time a Jewish group maligns Israel, the extremists gain more strength. … (READ ENTIRETY [ archive site has a bandwidth limit. When the limit is exceeded one has to wait until the next cycle to read the archives] – Butting Out of Israel’s Business; By Norma Zager;; 1/7/11)


Leftist American-Jews overwhelmingly vote for the Dem Party. They are so blinded by Leftist ideology they do not realize they are voting for a block within the Dems that is supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood and even has an infiltrator in Huma Abedin that is dedicated to the genocide of Jews in Israel.


Ryan Mauro writing at The Clarion Project does not go as far as I do to suggest there is a Conspiracy Theory behind Weiner’s NYC Mayoral run, Huma Abedin and the Clinton cabal; however he provides enough information that I believe one could draw my conclusions. Mauro even points out that Al Jazeera – the Islamist mouth piece of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood – is a donor to the Jewish Anthony Weiner. If indeed Hillary runs for President she will build on Obama’s anti-Israel course to the point that Israel may have to look elsewhere for a different ally to survive. Oh wait, global Antisemitism is again pervasive as in pre-WWII days. There is NO other powerful ally to protect the Jewish heritage to their own LAND.


JRH 8/15/13 (Hat Tip: Danny Jeffrey)

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Extremism Found in Journal During Huma Abedin’s Tenure


By Ryan Mauro

August 12, 2013

The Clarion Project


If Huma Abedin is an anti-Islamist Muslim, then she must explain why she was the assistant editor of a radical Islamist journal.


Islam expert Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of The Legacy of Jihad and Sharia, has discovered alarming extremism in an Islamist journal bearing the name of Huma Abedin, former Secretary of State Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff and wife of New York City mayoral candidate, former Rep. Anthony Weiner.


The Clarion Project helped bring attention to the Islamist ties of Abedin in July 2012, specifically her family’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and her position as an assistant editor of the Islamist journal from 1996 to 2008. More recently, we’ve covered the donations from an Al-Jazeera lobbyist to the mayoral campaign of her husband, former Rep. Anthony Weiner.


The publication in question is the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. Originally known as the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs Journal from 1979 when it began to 1995. The Institute was founded by Abedin’s late father and two Islamist colleagues that led the Muslim World League and World Assembly of Muslim Youth, two powerful engines of Wahhabism.


Abedin was the assistant editor of the journal for at least a dozen years, from 1996 (the year she began working as an intern at the White House) to 2008. She worked alongside several family members on the publication, including her mother, brother and sister.


Her mother, Saleha, has an especially strong Islamist resume, though the overlaps in the Islamist infrastructure can make it confusing. In short, Abedin’s mother is a member of the female counterpart of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Muslim World League. She leads a group called the International Islamic Committee for Women and Child, a subsidiary of a Muslim Brotherhood-led group that is banned in Israel for its links to Hamas.


In 1999, the Abedin family journal and Saleha Abedin’s group published a book in Arabic titled “Women in Islam.” This was three years after Huma Abedin joined the journal.


The book teaches that man-made law is inherently oppressive towards women, while Sharia law is liberating. According to the text, Muslim women have an obligation to contribute to jihad; apostates are to be put to death; freedom of speech should be conformed to the boundaries set by Sharia and wives must have sex with their husbands on command.


The Center for Security Policy has published a 28-page analysis of the book. Page three of the Center for Security Policy analysis states that the organization led by Huma Abedin’s mother “advocates for the repeal of Mubarak-era prohibitions on female genital mutilation, child marriage and marital rape, on the grounds that such prohibitions run counter to Islamic law, which allows for their practice.”


Dr. Andrew Bostom found an issue of the family journal from 2000 that states on page 125 that non-Muslims should give up resisting Sharia governance and join Muslims in fighting secularism. It even states that this resistance to Sharia is nearly an act of treason.


“In the name of peaceful co-existence and religious harmony, non-Muslims should stop opposing the application of shari’ah by and for the Muslims … Moreover, the Ahl al-Kitab [Christians and Jews] should eschew all acts bordering on treasonable felony but cooperate with Muslims and, as scripturalists, should not support secularism.”


And what is the consequence of treason? Look at an issue from 2011 after Huma Abedin left. It explicitly states that treason qualifies as a crime with a specific sharia-proscribed punishment. Left unsaid is that this punishment is death. The other offenses in this category are adultery, defamation of character, alcoholism, theft, apostasy and oppression.


This post-Huma issue explicitly states that the criminal justice system of sharia is to be implemented because it prevents chaos and vigilantism. “The Shariah penal code is best. People in societies where the Shariah is not operative have lost total confidence in the penal code of the existing laws, and hence they may resort to what one may call ‘jungle justice,’” it states.


The Abedin family journal reiterated that those that fight against the Islamist agenda deserve death in an issue in 2004, Huma’s eighth year at the publication. According to Bostom, page 167 states a summary of Abul Ala Maududi’s position as follows:


“Waging war with the Creator and His Apostle is serious for it amounts to a clear rebellion against the Islamic State where the principles of equity, justice and respect for all are established. So anyone who disturbs or attempts to disturb that system of life is an outlaw who deserves capital punishment. Abul-A’la Maududi explains that it does not make any difference whether that mischief is created by criminals or murderers who cause disorder in the settled and peaceful society, or by armed forces who attempt to overthrow an Islamic State and establish some corrupt un-Islamic system instead.”


Maududi is the founder of the Pakistani Islamist group, Jamaat-e-Islami. The Abedin family journal teaches that this radical thinker is a foremost authority and his words are to be followed today.


If Huma Abedin is an anti-Islamist Muslim, then she must explain how she reconciled her involvement with an Islamist journal. More importantly, the U.S. government must explain whether any of this was taken into account when granting her a top-secret security clearance.


Don’t Sympathize with Antony Weiner’s Wife Too Much

John R. Houk

© August 15, 2013


Extremism Found in Journal During Huma Abedin’s Tenure


Ryan Mauro is the’s National Security Analyst, a fellow with the Clarion Project and is frequently interviewed on Fox News.


Copyright © 2013 Clarion Project, Inc. All rights reserved.


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