Islam…Soros…The Forrest and the Trees and a Different Perspective

Soros the Demon

Danny Jeffrey is on to something pertaining to a Conspiracy Theory melding the intricacies of a New World Order (NWO) and Radical Islam’s goal of a global Caliphate. I have to admit that Danny really doesn’t mention the Caliphate Agenda of Islam; nonetheless Radical Islam’s prime directive is to spread Islam globally by hook or by crook. If I read Danny correctly all the conspiracies – including Islam – that are out there are mere cogs behind the grand puppeteer. I believe Danny identifies that puppeteer as George Soros. It seems Danny’s line of thought derives from an essay he wrote on July 1: “Egypt…Soros…The Real Plan Is Far Worse Than The Brotherhood”. Frankly I think Danny Jeffrey is onto something and so you should read his essays like the one he wrote on July 6: “Islam…Soros…The Forrest and the Trees and a Different Perspective”.


JRH 7/7/13

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Islam…Soros…The Forrest and the Trees and a Different Perspective


By Danny Jeffrey

July 6, 2013

Freedom Rings 1776


If you look up and see a man running toward you, screaming at the top of his voice, bearing a fixed bayonet, I will guarantee you two things. You have but two options; kill or be killed, and that man has ALL of your attention

I have been puzzled about one issue for the last few years and feel that I have finally solved the mystery. The above illustration got your attention and allows me to best express my revelation. Please bear with me while I elaborate.

Assume for the moment that you are indeed in such a combat situation and you fire off a few rounds and dispatch your would be killer to his just rewards and the immediate danger is over. You are still at risk from an even greater threat you can’t even see from the general five miles away that ordered the attack, and you don’t even think of him. As the saying goes ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Ask the average conservative American, especially one who is active on the internet, what he regards as his greatest danger. I would be willing to be bet that this person would answer “Obama”. Let us go one step further and ask this same person to tell us about Obama. Again, I would be willing to bet that somewhere in his description he is going to use the word ‘puppet’. Now, where is the perceived danger and where is the real danger? Is the danger Obama or is it the puppet master who pulls his strings? The fact of the matter is that both are dangerous, but one is a master and one but a tool doing the master’s bidding.

The point being is that Obama is up front, in your face, on the TV and internet. You can readily grasp the danger he presents and it is easy to fear him first and foremost ahead of the real enemy who resides somewhere back in the shadows. That person is the primary enemy and he can replace one puppet with another and so the threat remains entact (sic).

Ask a farmer, a fisherman, a miner, or a logger what he regards to be his greatest threat and you will probably hear “EPA”. Obama is just as dangerous to these people as he is to you and I, but from their perspective the EPA is much closer and directly affecting them while Obama is more of an abstract concern, and these people probably don’t even have time to consider the very real problem of George Soros and friends so far away in the shadows.

Another example: Ask the man who has lost his job, another who has just had his hours reduced, or the man about to lose his home what the nation’s biggest danger is and you will in all likelihood find that the nation’s gravest peril is the economy.

Try a rancher in Arizona who carries a shotgun out to feed the chickens and the menace he perceives will be illegal aliens, and a cop may tell you that the greatest threat to America is gang bangers or perhaps lax laws.

I could go on and on with such a list but there is no need. I feel that I have made my point and now I shall digress but briefly and then put all of the above into perspective.

Do you recall the story of the six blind men, told to touch one part of an elephant’s body and told to describe the elephant. One touches the tail and describes the pachyderm as a rope. One touches the leg and says that it is much like a pillar, while the third man feels the trunk and is aware of a similarity to a snake, and a fourth touches the creature’s side and says that it is like a wall. Another with the ear reports that the elephant is much like a hand fan, with the last man feeling the tusk and reporting a similarity to a solid pipe.

Truth is absolute, perception is not. 

To the best of my knowledge, no ‘think tank’ ever refer to their organization using that term. They are more prone to use a title like such and such ‘group’ or ‘institute’ or ‘foundation’, but as the name implies, a think tank is where people of intellect gather to exchange ideas; hopefully for the betterment of mankind, but admittedly that is not always the case.

Several years ago I had the distinct honor of being invited to join such a gathering of the minds who choose to describe their group as a ‘Library’, and the description is quite appropriate. This ‘Library’ was formed with the intentions of collecting and preserving our historic data as well as current events as they transpire. One of the basic premises of this library is based on the collective reasoning that Islam is the greatest danger we face today. And that brings me to the whole purpose of this essay because I disagree with that viewpoint but finally understand why my friends and associates adhere so strongly to that belief.

I have long since come to believe that the greatest danger the civilized nations of the west face is the New World Order (NWO), and Islam is but a tool, foot soldiers if you will, to these NWO billionaires of a shadow government. I have written many essays concerning this belief, several of which will be listed below in Suggested Reading, but they are not the topic of this article, nor is Islam. The subject is my associates and why they believe as they do while I, with the same data, see a different reality.

First off, the people I speak of are some of the most outstanding intellectuals that I have encountered on the internet. They are quite intelligent, dedicated to their research, well informed, and work tirelessly in an effort to awaken the people of England, and for that matter, the rest of the world, to the impending threat of Islam.

Furthermore these individuals are wholly responsible for the base of my knowledge of Islam. It was a less than magnificent essay I wrote those years back about the dangers of the Islamic hordes that brought me to the attention of what I choose to call a think tank. Immediately, helpful members of the group began plying me with information, their intent being that I convey that knowledge on to Americans, as three years ago many of us were virtually unaware of the approaching storm.

For six weeks I did not write at all as I was totally engaged in learning all they put before me. After this ‘learning period’ I once again launched into my writing, and in retrospect I wish that I had the volume of readers then that I do now as I could have accomplished so much more.

And now we come to the mystery that I mentioned at the beginning of this article. I have long been writing of the NWO that Bush the Elder spoke of and Mister David Rockefeller confessed to in his autobiography, ‘Memoirs’. Part of my research into the NWO, especially concerning George Soros, has led me to believe that they are manipulating world governments and are using the forces of Islam in their efforts to further their control. After absolute authority is established Islam will be of little use to them and will be thinned out.

My English friends, on the other hand, are well aware of the left leaning of most of the political leaders in the world, but see that as a proof that those leaders cater to Islam out of fear or in the pursuit of their vast supply of petro dollars, while I see them as cowering before and doing the bidding of the NWO, part of which is the spread of Muslims worldwide.

And so on with my epiphany. Those things don’t just fall out of the sky you know. There is always a trigger, and what triggered this epiphany was an essay that I wrote five days ago on July 1. It title is ‘Egypt…Soros…The Real Plan Is Far Worse Than The Brotherhood’ and it is going absolutely ballistic. In a mere five days it has been read more than any essay that I have written in the last three years. Now on the sixth of the month, thanks to this one essay, I have broken all previous monthly records for readership. That tells me a lot about the immediate concerns of my fellow conservative Americans and led to my latest conclusions.

Those reading this essay are well aware of the Islamic problem that is spreading across the face of this planet, but we here in America have the good fortune, thus far, of being able to stand back somewhat, allowing us a view the forest instead of just the tree immediately before us. Recall, if you will, that England absorbed the brunt of Nazi hostility allowing us time to prepare. History is repeating itself.

As of yet, America does not even come close to England in regard to the problem of dealing with Muslims, allowing many to believe Obama and Soros to be of greater concern, and so the vast interest in my essay about Soros’ manipulating the unrest in the Middle East. True, we do have Muslim enclaves here in the U.S., undoubtedly causing concern to our citizens living nearby, but by and large our Islamic problems are minuscule compared to our cousins in the U.K.

And this realization takes us back to what I wrote about the farmer’s concern with the EPA, and the Arizona rancher’s with illegal immigrants. Like the oncoming bayonet I mentioned, it is that in your face problem that you perceive to be the greatest threat, and in England and much of Europe, the most apparent problem is Islam.

Here in the states when thinking of Islam we recall 911, virtually ancient history now, the recent Boston bombing, and we feel concern about the growing menace of their effect on our educational facilities. Consider yourselves lucky. Some of the people I know in England are within walking distance of where the soldier Lee Rigby was recently hacked to death. They are up to date on the Islamic grooming of female minors as sexual slaves, and know all too well that in a court of law there are two forms of justice, one for Muslims and the other, a much diminished justice, for Brits. They are also acutely aware of the fact that the police of the UK will overlook an assault on a British citizen rather than pursue justice and invoke the wrath of the Muslims.

This is a most interesting video of Muslims chasing a large number of English policemen.

Muslims chase cops in London. Police run for cover.

The English are front line troops in the war we are losing against Jihad and their perceptions about that war are far keener than ours, and I will be the first to tip my hat in respect for the ladies and gentlemen of the EDL who march through the streets in protest of the Islamic invasion that is being promoted by their elected officials.

By the same token, Americans living in a nation controlled by Soros’ point man, are far more alert to the danger emanating from the NWO. There is a line that I used in the second Soros/Egypt essay well worthy of note: “I have readers in 129 nations but the bulk of those readers are quite naturally here in the U.S. and I would like for you, my fellow Americans, to validate a thought.”

The intensity stirred by my recent writings is such that the current count has now reached 134, verifiable by clicking the flag counter in the right sidebar of my site. The bulk of my readers are quite naturally Americans and the fear they feel for the NWO, a fear that I put into words, is such that they are blasting these essays worldwide.

So far, my fellow Americans, we have been living in a state of isolated splendor as, while we are concerned about the Muslim problem, the danger we face in no way compares to that of the English. Seeking a factor I could not stop at ten, as the danger our cousins face has to be at least fifty to one hundred times as bad as what we are experiencing. Think of that. Once again calling on an old urban saying, “You ain’t seen nuthin yet.” Rest assured that the Muslim problem is America bound.

Due to this recent epiphany I see my mission in life modified. I must now devote myself to the goal of convincing those who have labored long and hard before I ever entered the picture, that there is more to the picture than they perceive while at the same time convincing my fellow Americans that we can learn so much from those in England, for as the saying goes, they have been there and done that.

I do believe that accomplishing both tasks will be less difficult than it first appears for two reasons. One is the massive reception that my last few essays have had. Obama is the point man for the NWO agenda and his many actions make that perfectly clear, and the fact that in December of 2011 I was able to predict that Mohammed ElBaradei would gain control of Egypt, thus ceding that control to George Soros. This occurrence validates much of what I have been describing as part of the long range plan of the NWO.

And the second part of my of my altered mission is that I have now been tasked with putting together a time line for the Islamic incursion into America while my friends do the same for England, Europe, and the rest of the world. This time line, which quite honestly I have not yet had time to even look at, will compile all pertinent data into one source, thus allowing all Americans to readily access information about events in the order they occurred, for no event stands alone. For every action there is a cause and effect, and now I must link them.

My friends in England are quite correct. At the moment Islam is the greatest danger they face. My friends here in America are also quite correct about Obama and the NWO being the greatest danger they face. Both situations are just different facets of the same stone as it is being cut. Both they and we should feel thankful that we are not in Egypt where the NWO is about to stake claim to a nation and deploy the minions of Islam. Once enough violence occurs the government will have grounds to declare martial law and establish total control.


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© Danny Jeffrey


I’m sixty eight and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country.

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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  1. Dare If U face me…………….
    Take it as a advice or warning
    Stop writting the unknown facts of islam allah and mohammad may be upon him

    I swear by allah if you face me and not stop doing this illegal things i will kill u……….


    1. Bilal I speak the truth in Christ: Allah is a demon god and Mohammed is his fake prophet. Threatening to kill me is the evidence that Islam is a demonized religion and an antichrist religion. God have mercy on your soul and may the Light of Christ wipe away the darkness of hate and bring you into the Light of God’s dear Son.


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