One Man Rule will END the Constitution

Romulus Augustus last Emperor Rome 2

Romulus Augustus Last Emperor of Western Roman Empire


John R. Houk

© May 12, 2013


Danny correctly observes the uncanny parallels between the Roman Empire and the United States of America. The only criticism I have and it is a bit silly is that the Roman Republic made Rome an empire. Rome’s decline began when the republican form of government was replaced by the rule of law of one man that utilized republic’s infrastructure to enforce the rule of one man. Rome exchanged the rule of law for the rule of man. When Octavius secured Roman government under his “enlightened” leaders he became Emperor. Octavius of the Republic was no more for he transformed into Augustus and essentially took his Uncle Julius’ family name as “Caesar” instead of the obvious “Emperor”.


Augustus’ Roman Empire was strong and succeeded hundreds of years after his death. Rome’s decline was the deficiency of one man rule of succeeding emperors that led quite immoral lives. Even though the Western half of the Roman Empire ended circa 475 AD according to famed historian Edward Gibbons, Western Roman already nearly non-existent by the time the last Emperor was defeated and deposed.


My point about the decline of Rome is if the USA has a parallel a one man rule will probably take place. Just as Augustus was perceived to be the savior from the chaos of Rome Republic rivals for power, then a similar parallel would occur in the USA.


Is America to the point that politically powerful people will divide the sympathies of Americans to the point that the U.S. Constitution is irrelevant? It could happen that factions tear Constitutional rule of law to pieces because of the feeling of desperation.


America’s only hope is for a consensus of voters become strong enough to elect Constitutional Originalists into Office and Constitutional Originalists are selected for the Federal Judiciary especially the Supreme Court.


Otherwise … Factions of the political spectrum will war for power with the winner taking all rendering the Constitution as a glorious document in the history of humankind.


Well those are my thoughts on Danny Jeffrey’s essay “The Decline and Fall of America”.


JRH 5/12/13

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