Tony Newbill Conspiracy Emails from 2-11 to 3-10-13

Days of Decline - Econ Collapse

By Tony Newbill

Edited by John R. Houk

© April 7, 2013


Tony Newbill has been looking for info that informs you on how a dollar collapse, economic collapse, Eco-Marxist agenda and so on will affect an American’s way of life or existence. Many of my readers may have read similar information either here or another source; nonetheless it is important to realize much of this information has swung away from uncertain Conspiracy Theory toward the realm of Conspiracy Fact.


The last item of these emails I am posting from Newbill is an exposé on privatized prisons in America. Needless to say privatized prisons as they exist today are horribly run on the scale of a third world nation and that includes juvenile imprisonment. Not only are living conditions appalling but privatized prisons are utilizing prisoners as near slave labor.


As a Conservative I believe privatized prisons sounds good as far as the taxpayer goes, but the taxpayer is not off the hook. A substantial amount of the funding comes from the government. And so since privatized prisons exist to make a profit more than house or rehabilitate unproductive criminal malcontents, profit via exploitation is reprehensible. After all America fought a Civil War over the issue of slave labor. AND I don’t have with making a profit, BUT I do have a problem with exploiting humans for modern slavery regardless if they are criminals or are persecuted for their beliefs.


Thus privatized prisons is an example for a reason to have government regulation and mandates instead of less government. Standards must be set and the staffing of the appropriate amount of Inspectors needs to be maintained and executed. Capitalism for human exploitation is evil. Capitalism for the Pursuit of Happiness for individuals and the common good is good for Americans. Slave labor and third world living conditions – especially for juveniles – is not the common good.


Surprisingly Newbill agrees with the Left in that the solution for the Crony Capitalism of privatized prisons is to shut down for profit prisons in favor of government run prisons only. That solution is tossing out the baby with the dirty bath water.


The kind of treatment that prisoners are receiving in privatized prisons should be criminalized that everyone the least prison guard on up the corporate ladder to corporate officers prosecuted for breaking the law. AND if there is not an adequate legal provisions then State and Federal legislation must get on the ball!


Enjoy this latest volume of Tony Newbill emails.


JRH 4/7/13

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Why we are Losing our Economy UNFAIRLY!!!

Sent: 2/11/2013 11:37 PM


Right here this makes the case that the way the trade policy is designed it does NOTHING about Asian Pollution standards. Yet these exporting nations can dump their products on other nations that have strict Pollution standards. This makes for unfair production values and is why we are losing our industrial base unfairly!


WASHINGTON, D.C.– A leak today of one of the most controversial chapters of the Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP) reveals that extreme provisions have been agreed to by U.S. officials, providing a stark warning about the dangers of “trade” negotiations occurring under conditions of extreme secrecy without press, public or policymaker oversight, Public Citizen said.

“The outrageous stuff in this leaked text may well be why U.S. trade officials have been so extremely secretive about these past two years of TPP negotiations,” said Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. “Via closed-door negotiations, U.S. officials are rewriting swaths of U.S. law that have nothing to do with trade and in a move that will infuriate left and right alike have agreed to submit the U.S. government to the jurisdiction of foreign tribunals that can order unlimited payments of our tax dollars to foreign corporations that don’t want to comply with the same laws our domestic firms do.”

Although the TPP has been branded a “trade” agreement, the leaked text of the pact’s Investment Chapter shows that READ THE REST below the Youtube video (Leaked TPP Draft: Global Corporate Dictatorship; posted by TinFoilAddict; 6/14/13)



Here is Obama’s biggest Environmentalist Czar [John P. Holdren] and he is taking down the market with the trade policy. So right there you have to ask WHY??? 


( – In a video interview this week, White House Office of Science and Technology Director John P. Holdren told that he would use the “free market economy” to implement the “massive campaign” he advocated along with Population Bomb author Paul Ehrlich to “de-develop the United States.”


In his role as President Barack Obama’s top science and technology adviser, Holdren deals with issues ranging from global warming to health care.


“A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States,” Holdren wrote along with Paul and Anne H. Ehrlich in the “recommendations” concluding their 1973 book Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions.


“De-development means bringing our economic system (especially patterns of consumption) into line with the realities of ecology and the global resource situation,” Holdren and the Ehrlichs wrote.


(READ THE REST: White House Science Czar Says He Would Use ‘Free Market’ to ‘De-Develop the United States’; By Nicholas Ballasy; CNS News; 9/16/10)


And especially when the same group of supporters are begging this President to change this path of destruction we are on we must ask, “why – why – why???”


The World Trade Organization is a self serving and undemocratic organization that operates outside of our control. The U.S. Constitution states that all treaties made under the authority of the United States become supreme law of the land (Article VI). When our government stymied under pressure from foreign-represented lobbyists and signed the WTO treaty our government effectively weakened our sovereignty.


Our laws, regulations and administrative procedures are now open to challenge.


Since entering the WTO in 2001, trade with China has resulted in the loss of 2.8 million jobs through 2010, according to the most recent study by the Economic Policy Institute. Those fortunate enough to retain their jobs witnessed their annual earnings decrease by roughly $1,400. American workers are put in direct competition with one another as more and more employers look to offshore production to nations with lower wage rates.


Jobs losses have affected every sector of the economy in both white and blue-collar occupations. Over that time we READ THE REST (The WTO Now Controls Our Economy, Fate and Future; Economy in Crisis)



Watch this it is Lou Dobbs on Fox Business. It’s only 5 mins

Sent: 2/12/2013 11:27 AM


[SlantRight Editor: Lou Dobb is in an interview discussing the potential reasoning for why President BHO is accruing a huge stockpile of ammunition and comparing that with BHO past speeches on building a well equipped uniformed national police force.]


Now inject This Market Traders Comments …… Karl Denninger


[SlantRight Editor: Denninger talks about an economic collapse in 2013[


Tony Newbill Response to this email I sent him:


What do you think of the idea that Russia and China are hoarding gold? The theme of an article I found on The Economic Collapse asserts that Russia and China are hoarding gold as a precursor to end the prominence of the US Dollar, the currency of exchange among the OPEC nations. In other words it is a ceasing the use of the petro-dollar.


RE: Russian and Chinese Gold

Sent: 2/13-14/13


Get Far Away From USA…Its Collapse Will Be Messy… Globally, Japan Will Be The First One To Fall… This Is The Most Dangerous Time In The Human History… We Are Heading Toward A Historic Global Financial Meltdown!!


[SlantRight Editor: At this point in the article there was a video with a similar title. Youtube removed the account from which the video was embedded. Below is also a similar title but I am unsure if it was the original intended video by the author of the article.]


VIDEO: Get far away from USA…its collapse will be messy: Jeff Berwick


GOLD BANK RUN ACCELERATING: First Venezuela, Then Germany, The Netherlands, And Now Switzerland Want Their Gold Back!!


The Start Of A Historic Global Financial Meltdown: US Economy Is Slipping Into Reverse, Europe Goes Back Into Collapse Mode, And Hyperinflation Is Coming To Every “Developed” Country Near You!!


World’s central bankers at Davos warn cheap money’s blowing a new asset bubble. Dr. Doom, Marc Faber, “loves the high odds of a ‘big-time’ market crash.” Another, Nouriel Roubini, says “prepare for a perfect storm,” while Bond King Bill Gross sees a “credit supernova” dead ahead.


Yes, the Dow and S&P500 hit new highs. But the rally’s hiding huge risks: “GDP turns negative as U.S. economic recovery stalls,” screams one headline. Another hears a “Ticking Time Bomb.”


World’s central bankers at Davos warn cheap money’s blowing a new asset bubble. Dr. Doom, Marc Faber, “loves the high odds of a ‘big-time’ market crash.” Another, Nouriel Roubini, says “prepare for a perfect storm,” while Bond King Bill Gross sees a “credit supernova” dead ahead.


Rally? Bubble? Crash? Global? Is the economy “peaking?” Are we on a long, slow-growth downhill slide to a 1% GDP? Is our banking system infested with a soul-sickness virus? Is Adam Smith’s capitalist ideal turning against our markets and economy, accelerating the odds of more brutal competitive wars over an ever-shrinking, low-margin profits pool?





John this will cause the break away from the dollar as Argentina will defect from the dollar as settlement currency and fold in with China. I bet Argentina freezes prices to break the inflation spiral.


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentina announced a two-month price freeze on supermarket products Monday in an effort to break spiraling inflation.


The price freeze applies to every product in all of the nation’s largest supermarkets — a group including Walmart, Carrefour, Coto, Jumbo, Disco and other large chains. The companies’ trade group, representing 70 percent of the Argentine market, reached the accord with Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, the government’s news agency Telam reported.



The government announced the price freeze on the first business day after the International Monetary Fund formally censured Argentina for putting out inaccurate economic data. The IMF has given Argentina until September to bring its statistics up to international standards, or face expulsion from the world body in November.


… (READ IN ENTIRETY: Argentina freezes prices to break inflation spiral; By ALMUDENA CALATRAVA;; Posted: Feb 04, 2013 12:51 PM CST Updated: Feb 18, 2013 12:51 PM CST)



Hey take a Look at this…

Sent: 2/16/2013 9:45 AM


Hey take a Look at this … More Fascism to corrupt the economic system and an alliance to network on data mining???


Hey Wall Street Who Needs True value Growth when all you have to do is Kiss up to the State and fold into the Harness of Tyranny!!!!


It hasn’t drawn much attention, but Facebook’s first annual earnings report contains an accounting gem: a multibillion-dollar tax deduction for the cost of executive stock options and share awards.


Even though Facebook (FB) reported $1.1 billion in pre-tax profits from U.S. operations in 2012, it will probably pay zero federal and state taxes—and even receive a federal tax refund of about $429 million—according to a Feb. 14 statement from Citizens for Tax Justice.


… (READ THE REST: Facebook Gets a Multibillion-Dollar Tax Break; By Peter Coy; Bloomberg Businessweek; 3/15/13)



USDA Promoting Racial Division at Taxpayer Expense

Sent: 2/17/2013 8:58 AM




Government watchdog Judicial Watch has released video footage of a sensitivity training produced by the United States Department of Agriculture, a training mandatory for USDA employees. The footage reveals the instructor telling class attendees he doesn’t like the word “minorities” but instead prefers “emerging majorities.” He also tells the class pilgrims were illegal aliens and that the “insiders” of America get nervous about the “outsiders.”


“Say the pilgrims never gave their passport to the Indians,” he said to the class while creepily asking for reinforcement of his points through chanting of “bam.” “I want you to say the pilgrims were illegal aliens.”


VIDEO: Clip 2: USDA respecting its “cultural transformation” training session


VIDEO: Clip 3: USDA “cultural transformation” training session


First off, why are taxpayers paying for sensitivity training at all and second, why is the USDA diving into diversity education?


Meanwhile, the USDA is offering Hispanics and females who felt they were discriminated against between 1981 and 2000 a $1.3 billion payday.


… (READ THE REST: USDA Promoting Racial Division at Taxpayer Expense; By Katie Pavlich; Townhall; Feb 15, 2013 03:20 PM EST)



The Trigger has been pulled, the Crash has begun. How are things going to play out? My Take

Sent: 2/24/2013 10:52 AM


We have obviously crossed the threshold folks, things are falling apart by the day and the game of Kick the Can has at long last gone as far as it can. The rest of the World no longer has a choice, the United States is no longer the big bully on the playground who won WWII and their fingers are no longer so firmly around the throat of the planet. The long lunatic nightmare of Bernanke monetary ponzi schemes cannot continue.


It will be interesting to see what their plan is to try and switch the U.S. (and possibly the World) to a new currency system. My take?


There will be an immediate bank holiday across the board, stopping all transactions of any kind in all avenues of banking and stock markets. This will likely happen on a Friday afternoon, and there will be no warning. A temporary state of martial law will be instituted, in which people are told to basically stay at home as though they are taking a sudden ‘cheap holiday’ and things like trucking of supplies of normal groceries and the like will be the only thing still going on under strict military rules, keeping all emergency supplies of diesel available to those lines of credit used for that infrastructure. Military escorts of supply convoys will be the only thing moving on U.S. highways for perhaps several weeks until they restart the engine under the new rules. Police in all cities will be given total freedom to ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ for any deviation from total movement restriction of citizens. Examples will be made, and the media will carpet bomb the public with this message.


The U.S. will lock down the dollar (both digital and paper) to a complicated SDR basket of currencies around the World, the Canadian dollar will figure heavily in this. This will obviously include devaluation across the board of many world currencies, and some of the currencies (like our Canadian dollar) will also be strictly controlled during this time (wanna know why we care so much? 90% of our economy is still directly tied to you Yanks) The U.N. and IMF will be token heads of an emergency council that all countries of the World will have no choice but to agree to (barring a few examples in the Middle East and North Korea, Cuba, a few South American countries, etc).


Debt restructuring will be performed from top to bottom. The 1.4 Quadrillion derivatives bubble will … (READ THE REST: The Trigger has been pulled, the Crash has begun. How are things going to play out? My take…; InvestmentWatch; 2/22/13)



This is the stage in which the EU will shift to a Yuan settlement Currency, dividing the EU and USA for first time since WW2 and cause the dollar to collapse and Hyper inflation on goods and services in the USA.


BREAKING: HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS ARE MARCHING IN MADRID, SPAIN against Corruption, Bank debts, politicians’ high wages; Spanish POLICE ON ALERT


They are going to demonstrate in front of the House of Representatives. People is fed up with politicians’ corruption and private debt. Far-right and far-left groups are marching along with liberals, libertarians, social-democrats, conservatives, communists, anarchists against the political corruption.


A Government’s representative has said that this demonstration is a coup d’état. Hope everything goes fine.


Greece might stop paying salaries by summer


As EU bankers squeeze Greece beyond its ability to pay, the social consequences mount.


Unions question the wisdom of austerity as unemployment grows and a contracting economy means less tax revenue.


Greece’s austerity policies could create a crisis of insolvency within the country, undermining the very reason they were implemented – to repay the country’s debt – says the country’s biggest labour confederation.


“I am afraid that we may see a phenomenon that could cause a social explosion,” says Savvas Robolis, scientific director for the Labour Institute of the General Confederation of Workers in Greece (GSEE), the private sector’s confederation of unions. “Right now many people can’t pay their taxes. That’s why state revenue fell 300 million euros ($395m) short of January targets. If that continues, I don’t know if the state will be able to meet its obligations by June or July. It may not have the cash to pay salaries and pensions.”


The state heavily subsidises approximately 1.3 million pensions, according to finance ministry data. It also pays the salaries of almost 800,000 state employees, roughly a quarter of all people still working in the country. Failure to pay those pensions and salaries in full would greatly impact on the state’s own tax revenues, and therefore … (READ THE REST: IMPLOSION ALERT: Europe On The Verge of A Social, Political, Systemic Breakdown And The Last Remaining Hope To Save Europe Is Slipping Away; InvestmentWatch; 3/23/13)



Here is the China Yuan currency deal taking shape between EU and China:


Bank of England closes in on China currency deal


Sir Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, is on the brink of striking a deal with the People’s Bank of China which would cement the UK’s role as the leading G7 trade hub for the world’s fastest growing currency.


The Bank of England expects to sign a final agreement to set up a three-year yuan-sterling swap line “shortly”, during a meeting between Sir Mervyn and his counterpart Zhou Xiaochuan in Beijing.


European and US officials have been pressing China for years to do more to open up the yuan to market forces, saying its artificial weakness was one of the key imbalances of the global economy.


Beijing is slowly delivering, although it still keeps a tight rein on gains for the currency for fear it will weaken its export-powerhouse economy, which has been the biggest engine of global growth for a decade.


… (READ THE REST: Dollar Collapse Update: Bank of England Closes In On China Currency Deal, Fed Downplays New Bubble Worries And Already Planning QE5, G20 & IMF Push for Global Fed, Global Currency, And World’s Largest Gold Storage Dumping US Customers!! InvestmentWatch; 2/23/13)



Would the stock market be as high if this were not going on????????

Sent: 3/5/2013 9:33 AM


$253.5B—Obama Borrowed Nearly 6x as Much in February as Sequester Cuts All Year



In its Budget and Economic Outlook for Fiscal Years 2013-2023, published in February, the CBO explained that only $44 billion in planned federal spending will be cut during this fiscal year as a result of sequestration.


The CBO also says additional cuts that will be “attributable” to fiscal 2013 will actually take place “in later years”—not in fiscal 2013.


“By CBO’s estimate, budgetary resources for defense (other than spending for military personnel) will be cut by around 8 percent across the board, and nondefense funding that is subject to the automatic reductions will be cut by between 5 percent and 6 percent,” said CBO. According to that estimate, discretionary outlays will drop by $35 billion and mandatory spending will be reduced by $9 billion this year as a direct result of those procedures; additional reductions in outlays attributable to the cuts in 2013 funding will occur in later years.”


The combined $35 billion in discretionary cuts and $9 billion in mandatory cuts—or $44 billion–that will actually take place this year equal approximately one-sixth of the new debt the federal government accumulated in February.


Bottomline: In February alone, the government borrowed nearly 6 times as much as it intends to save with the sequester over the rest of the fiscal year. (READ IN ENTIRIETY: $253.5B—Obama Borrowed Nearly 6x as Much in February as Sequester Cuts All Year; By Terence P. Jeffrey;; 3/4/13)



Gang way to the Global Currency war and dollar collapse

Sent: 3/9/2013 10:44 AM


The rally right now is going to cause an epic currency war of the worlds to break out very soon as food prices and defection from the dollar emerge. Last Month’s 253 Billion dollar Cash Expansion in buying t-Bills and MBS away from the banks by the Fed is a tell tale sign of just how bad things have become. This cash going into the market is fueling foreign nations’ inflation that will force them to reject the dollar. The market will ricochet like a rocket when China offers these 2 nations [Australia and New Zealand] an option to trade without the dollar as their settlement currency. Once this domino falls, it will set off a series of rejections in the EU and its OVER for the dollar as the world trade currency and we will see an explosion of inflation in the USA on existing supply. Whatever Little bit of Foreign supply we import, Oil will rocket to the point that Obama will have to declare a National emergency and nationalize the markets. The Ammo and armaments build up are for this.


Here’s a signal of how the Global Food riots will cause the breakdown of the Dollar trade currency war that’s coming. We saw it bring on the 2008 collapse and it’s here again because all the real cash investments have been consolidating into Ag related Investments over the past 4 years since the financial collapse and the Federal Reserve has accelerated this now to the point we are going to see this finale  ……


The U.S. dollar is gaining marginal strength against Australian and New Zealand currencies, which makes our dairy exports slightly less competitive.


“The weakness in the Australian and New Zealand dollars is tied to potential problems with the Chinese economy,” says Jim Dunn, an agricultural economist with Pennsylvania State University.


“The Chinese government is trying to limit speculative property investment. China has been building expensive apartments and office complexes without any market to occupy these buildings for years, and this bubble might burst.”


The Australian and New Zealand economies are tied closely to exports they send to China, says Dunn. Dairy exports are crucial to both the Australian and New Zealand economies, and a loss of even a portion of the Chinese market would be felt worldwide as more Aussie and Kiwi dairy products would become available for sale elsewhere.


… (READ THE REST: Chinese Real Estate Bubble Could Deflate Dairy Markets; By Jim Dickrell, Dairy Today Editor;; 3/6/13)


Allan Savory: How to green the desert and reverse climate change

Sent: 3/9/2013 1:26 PM


[SlantRight Editor: The above link is to a proprietary video on Green info and Climate Change.]


Private Profit Prisons and their Influence on Gun Rights Changes – needs Investigation NOW

Sent: 3/10/2013 10:32 AM


Privatized Prison Capitalistic Corruption


How does being a For Profit Detention Corporation keep from Lobbying for Reforms to say Gun Rights and or any other Constitutional Changes to create More and More Criminal traffic to increase their profits???? Think what the Possibilities are here for them to Lobby for a Mental Health Gun Law Change that would Open up the expansion of their Facilities in their Housing of a Mental Health Criminals that was for example Caught in possession of a weapon thus creating the expansion to drive up PROFITS?????  I BET These people are Lobbying the Federal Government Right Now for Gun Law Changes. They are getting to draft the Mental Health Provisions that Determine a Person’s State of Mind to Possess a Gun that will make them a Potential criminal for these Profit Prisons to Capitalize on with tax Payer bailout Money from the 2008 Bailouts. Plus I bet they are getting a Capital Injection through Investment vehicles that access Federal Reserve Discount window Funding as in how the QE Spending that’s Been going on.



Corrections Corporation of America is the nation’s largest owner and operator of privatized correctional and detention facilities and one of the largest prison operators in the United States, behind only the federal government and three states. CCA currently owns and operates more than 65 facilities including 47 company-owned facilities, with a design capacity of more than 90,000 beds in 19 states … More


Biggest threat to Liberty in America and the Most Egregious form of Fascism ever seen in the USA!!!!!

Sent: 3/10/2013 12:38 PM


Here’s a ton of research that proves this is the Biggest threat to Liberty in America and the Most Egregious form of Fascism ever seen in the USA!!!!!


Private Prisons are created by corporations who are now allowed to take control of something that should remain in the governments (sic) hands… the imprisoning of its citizens. The ethical implications of this are endless and it has turned prisoners into products. Corporations have one goal… to increase revenue each year. The only way private prisons do that is by incarcerating more and more people. They do this though the typical means that large corporations use… they lobby congress aggressively and donate to politicians who will champion new legislation that assures more and more people are placed in prison.

“Private prison companies… have worked hard over the past decade to create markets for their product. As revenues of private prison companies have grown over the past decade, the companies have had more resources with which to build political power, and they have used this power to promote policies that lead to higher rates of incarceration.” (Justice Policy Institute)




Phone companies charge astronomical rates for prisoners to call out making it difficult if not impossible for them to stay connected to family, which is imperative to their stability upon release. Dial Back Phone Rates for Prisoners


“In many state prison systems, what on the outside would be a 10-cent call costs $9.”

(Elsner, Alan (2006). Gates of Injustice: The Crisis in America’s Prisons (p. 47)


Many prisons require inmates to work, which is reasonable. However, the monitary (sic) compensation is not and neither is the exploitation that happens with “free” prison labor. Prisoner’s make pennies on the dollar, some as little as .17 cents an hour, for large corporations who prosper from free “slave” labor. (READ THE REST: Private Prisons Turn Inmates Into Commodities; A Painful Truth)



Damon Hininger, the chief executive of CCA, sounded an optimistic note when asked about the impact of reform on an investor call earlier this month, noting, “There’s always going to be a demand for beds.”


In recognition of the profits at stake, the prison companies have invested in key legislators leading the reform process—although the companies are coy about their purpose, denying that they are attempting to influence Congress’s deliberations.


Their lobbying efforts are nothing new. CCA and other large private prison companies have forged ties with political insiders by spending huge sums on lobbying firms, campaign contributions and grants to friendly think tanks. An analysis by the Associated Press last year found that the three major private prison corporations—CCA, the Geo Group, the industry’s largest two companies, along with a smaller company, the Utah-based Management and Training Corporation—spent roughly $45 million over the past decade to influence state and federal government.


The private prison industry has cultivated support from Republican leaders on immigration policy, from Senator Marco Rubio, the “face of comprehensive immigration reform,” to the right edge of the House Republican caucus, a review by The Nation has found.


Unlike other stakeholders involved in today’s process, prison companies have stayed away from the headlines, and have told reporters that they are not planning to engage.


(READ IN ENTIRIETY: How Private Prisons Game the Immigration System; By Lee Fang; The Nation; 2/27/13)


A study by the American Friends Service Committee says privately run prisons are not cost-effective and are more difficult to monitor than state-run correctional facilities.


The Quaker advocacy group says Arizona paid $10 million more for private prison beds between 2008 and 2010 than it would have for equivalent beds in state prisons.


That report also alleges 157 security failures in the five private prison, including malfunctioning cameras, doors, and alarms; holes under fences; and broken perimeter lights and cameras.


A spokesman for the State Department of Corrections says they haven’t had sufficient time to review the report. (Report slams Arizona’s private prisons; By Sarah Cantey;; Updated: Feb 16, 2012 9:50 PM CST)


Private Profit Prisons and their Influence on Gun Rights Changes needs Investigation NOW!


The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?


Human rights organizations, as well as political and social ones, are condemning what they are calling a new form of inhumane exploitation in the United States, where they say a prison population of up to 2 million – mostly Black and Hispanic – are working for various industries for a pittance. For the tycoons who have invested in the prison industry, it has been like finding a pot of gold. They don’t have to worry about strikes or paying unemployment insurance, vacations or comp time. All of their workers are full-time, and never arrive late or are absent because of family problems; moreover, if they don’t like the pay of 25 cents an hour and refuse to work, they are locked up in isolation cells.



“The private contracting of prisoners for work fosters incentives to lock people up. Prisons depend on this income. Corporate stockholders who make money off prisoners’ work lobby for longer sentences, in order to expand their workforce. The system feeds itself,” says a study by the Progressive Labor Party, which accuses the prison industry of being “an imitation of Nazi Germany with respect to forced slave labor and concentration camps.”


The prison industry complex is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States and its investors are on Wall Street. “This multimillion-dollar industry has its own trade exhibitions, conventions, websites, and mail-order/Internet catalogs. It also has direct advertising campaigns, architecture companies, construction companies, investment houses on Wall Street, plumbing supply companies, food supply companies, armed security, and padded cells in a large variety of colors.”





The prison privatization boom began in the 1980s, under the governments of Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr., but reached its height in 1990 under William Clinton, when Wall Street stocks were selling like hotcakes. Clinton’s program for cutting the federal workforce resulted in the Justice Departments contracting of private prison corporations for the incarceration of undocumented workers and high-security inmates.


Private prisons are the biggest business in the prison industry complex. About 18 corporations guard 10,000 prisoners in 27 states. The two largest are Correctional Corporation of America (CCA) and Wackenhut, which together control 75%. Private prisons receive a guaranteed amount of money for each prisoner, independent of what it costs to maintain each one. According to Russell Boraas, a private prison administrator in Virginia, “the secret to low operating costs is having a minimal number of guards for the maximum number of prisoners.” The CCA has an ultra-modern prison in Lawrenceville, Virginia, where five guards on dayshift and two at night watch over 750 prisoners. In these prisons, inmates may get their sentences reduced for “good behavior,” but for any infraction, they get 30 days added – which means more profits for CCA. According to a study of New Mexico prisons, it was found that CCA inmates lost “good behavior time” at a rate eight times higher than those in state prisons.




Profits are so good that now there is a new business: importing inmates with long sentences, meaning the worst criminals. When a federal judge ruled that overcrowding in Texas prisons was cruel and unusual punishment, the CCA signed contracts with sheriffs in poor counties to build and run new jails and share the profits. According to a December 1998 Atlantic Monthly magazine article, this program was backed by investors from Merrill-Lynch, Shearson-Lehman, American Express and Allstate, and the operation was scattered all over rural Texas. That state’s governor, Ann Richards, followed the example of Mario Cuomo in New York and built so many state prisons that the market became flooded, cutting into private prison profits.


After a law signed by Clinton in 1996 – ending court supervision and decisions – caused overcrowding and violent, unsafe conditions in federal prisons, private prison corporations in Texas began to contact other states whose prisons were overcrowded, offering “rent-a-cell” services in the CCA prisons located in small towns in Texas. The commission for a rent-a-cell salesman is $2.50 to $5.50 per day per bed. The county gets $1.50 for each prisoner.


… (READ IN ENTIRIETY: The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery? By Vicky Pelaez; GlobalRearch; 3/10/08)


Oh My God The Powerful elite in Washington that want More Power and these Private prison Corporations lobbying for More Laws that Put people behind bars will supersede Civil Rights around the edges. Given the Limited Boundaries in the New laws like the NDAA [Background on NDAA 2013 and Civil Liberties] opens the door to this Private Prison Industry to BOOM!!! This is a Bad thing for Civil Liberties to stay alive!!!!! 


Corporate jails are corrupt, violent and costly. And they’re lobbying hard to get more people behind bars



While the implications of an industry that locks human beings in cages for profit is an old story, there is an important part of the history of private prisons that often goes untold.


Just a decade ago, private prisons were a dying industry awash in corruption and mired in lawsuits, particularly Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the nation’s largest private prison operator.  Today, these companies are booming once again, yet the lawsuits and scandals continue to pile up.  Meanwhile, more and more evidence shows that compared to publicly run prisons, private jails are filthier, more violent, less accountable, and contrary to what privatization advocates peddle as truth, do not save money.  In fact, more recent findings suggest that private prisons could be more costly.


So why are they still in business?


In a recently published report, “Banking on Bondage: Mass Incarceration and Private Prisons,” the American Civil Liberties Union examines the history of prison privatization and finds that private prison companies owe their continued and prosperous existence to skyrocketing immigration detention post-September 11 as well as the firm hold they have gained over elected and appointed officials.



Immigration Detention Saves the Day


In 1999, independent auditors were skeptical about whether CCA could stay afloat because beds were empty and the company experienced a $72 million net loss in revenue. By 2000, an article in BusinessWeek declared “the industry is in a rut, and its prospects have been severely trimmed. Overbuilding and ill-fated financial schemes have hammered stock prices. States, once eager to outsource their inmates, are backing out of private prison contracts. News of escapes and violence at private prisons adds to a climate of distrust.”  The article concludes that “the industry’s heyday may already be history.”



With demand down, private prisons were forced to seek out new markets if they were to survive, so they turned to immigration detention. …



According to the ACLU report, heightened immigration enforcement following the 2001 terrorist attacks were largely responsible for resurrecting the private prison boom,…



Since 2001, CCA revenues have increased 88 percent, earning over $1 billion annually for the last eight years in a row. Today, CCA receives 40 percent of its business from the federal government, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. GEO Group revenues shot up as well, from $517 million in 2002 to $1.3 billion in 2010, a 121 percent increase.



Gaming the System


Although these companies are increasingly depended on immigration detention, they have not given up on the criminal justice market. For private prisons whose profits are dependent on a constant and growing pool of prisoners, that means supporting policies that maintain and even increase the incarceration rate.  For inmates, that translates to longer sentences, unsanitary conditions, and as Shapiro documents in the ACLU report, brutal violence, corruption, and abuse with little to no oversight.


“Leniency and sentencing changes actually pose a threat to business models of these companies. The more crime there is the more business private prison companies get, and the more strict sentencing laws there are the more taxpayer money is poured into private prison companies incarcerating individuals for nonviolent offenses,” says Shapiro.



In other words, a more humane criminal justice and immigration detention system threatens the very existence of these companies, and according to the ACLU report, they have flooded government at the state and federal level with cash and armies of lobbyists to keep the laws as harsh and cruel as ever.


That explains why CCA spent over $18 million on federal lobbying between 1999 and 2009 and has spent  $970,000 on federal lobbying in 2010 alone. As for state government influence-peddling, the ACLU report cites a study by the National Institute on Money in State Politics which found that from 2003 to 2011 CCA hired 199 lobbyists in 32 states while GEO Group hired 72 lobbyists in 17 states.


The Justice Policy Institute (JPI) released a comprehensive report in June called “Gaming the System,” that comprehensively lays out the tactics private prison companies exercise to push for tougher sentencing policies that add to the private prison population.  While their strategy is built largely around campaign contributions and lobbying, they also cultivate and maintain special relationships with current and former elected and appointed officials, which can lead to disastrous consequences. 


The Human Cost


Despite numerous cases of corruption, the private prison industry continues to thrive with little oversight, largely due to a revolving door between public and private corrections that, according to Shapiro, “may contribute to the ability of some companies to win contracts or to avoid sufficient scrutiny from the corrections departments charged with overseeing their operations.”


… (READ IN ENTIRIETY: How private prisons game the system; By Rania Khalek;; 12/01/11 07:00 AM CST)   


If you’re looking for one of the reasons why the United States imprisons more people — by miles — than any other nation, you can look to the development of private prisons as a means of making some people rich. Those people spend millions of dollars to lobby elected officials to do two things: Convert government-run prisons to private prisons, and lock up more people for longer periods of time. Because that makes them even richer.


A new study by the Justice Policy Institute reaches exactly that conclusion and … (READ THE REST: Private Prisons Lobby for Harsher Sentences; Seattle Free Press; 5/16/13 7:18 pm)



Private Prisons, Politics & Profits


Torture in US Prisons



VIDEO: US judges tragic kickback greed exposes prison system profiteering


… (READ OR VIEW IN ENTIRIETY: Private Prisons – for Profit Out of Control;; Last updated 08/06/2011)


A State and or Federal Revenue stream should fund these facilities and their success should be based off of a Lower prison population due to an Active and Productive society and community in a State or Federal jurisdiction that’s positively productive and  this leading to a Lower amount of Crime. We cannot lower crime if the society is Idle and not being self-providing and creating a self-respecting feeling of accomplishment that leads to Honor, Respect and Dignity in a people!!!!  That should be the Goal of a Community organizing system. Not just getting government assistance and then the Denigration of Self-respect be what lowers self-esteem and leads to negative behavior. A person’s Ambitions and goal setting should be the Plan of setting the course of Creating a hopeful and healthy Society.


This looks like the Exact Opposite of what we as a society should be looking for in productivity in building a sustainable economy!!! 


Nearly half of all immigrants detained by federal officials are held in facilities run by private prison companies, at an average cost for each detained immigrant is $166 a night. That’s added up to massive profits for Corrections Corporation of America, The GEO Group and other private prison companies:



As the AP explains, these remarkable profits come in the wake of an equally remarkable lobbying campaign. In the past decade, three major private prison companies spent $45 million on campaign donations and lobbyists to push legislation at the state and federal level. At times, this money has gone to truly nefarious legislation. A 2011 report found that the private prison industry spent millions seeking to increase sentences and incarcerate more people in order to increase the industry’s profits. … (READ IN ENTIRIETY: Private Prisons Spend $45 Million On Lobbying, Rake In $5.1 Billion For Immigrant Detention Alone; By Aviva Shen; Think Progress; 8/03/12 12:00 pm)


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