No Reward For Illegals


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Justin O. Smith shares some wisdom on immigration – legal and illegal.


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No Reward For Illegals


By Justin O. Smith

Sent: 3/28/2013 3:24 PM


From both sides of the political aisle, Republican and Democrat alike, Americans are being treated like second class citizens with the sole purpose in life to meet the needs of illegal aliens, “undocumented workers”, who have entered these United States illegally. We have already been forced to endure President Obama’s refusal to uphold current immigration law, as he moved forward and circumvented Congress with his “Dream Act”, which is suspect at best due to its reliance on the illegal immigrants’ word to establish when they first arrived in America; and, since January 2013 to the present, Americans are now once again hearing a host of politicians, especially the new breed of Republicans such as Senator Marco Rubio, joining the Washington establishment Old Guard Republicans, such as Speaker John Boehner, in a new move towards nothing less than a poorly disguised amnesty for these illegals!

Too many Americans are too willing to view a plan suggested by both Obama and Rubio as a viable fix for our illegal alien problem. This plan calls for the illegal aliens to come forward and apply for a provisional visa, apply for a green card after eight years, then apply for U.S. citizenship after five more years, they also pay fines and back taxes. And after passing a citizenship test they will become U.S. citizens.

Notice that this process takes 13 years total. These politicians have purposely planned this, because the Congressional Budget Office scores the effect of any bill on its cost over a ten year period, and these Republicans and Democrats do not want the American people to understand the enormous cost to the taxpayer that will be attached to giving citizenship to 30 million people at once, as these illegals will also be bringing along their extended family members.

This plan amounts to amnesty because and although these illegal immigrants will technically go to the back of the line; they will still be remaining here in the U.S., ahead of millions of immigration applicants who applied legally. These illegals will receive all the services and benefits the U.S. offers despite what the administration states to the contrary, including Obamacare, as they remain a drag rather than a boost to the U.S. economy; far too many of this current crop of illegals are poorly educated, unskilled or semi-skilled and on the low end of the earnings scale, and they end up with little choice other than applying for social services and welfare.

A 1930 State Department directive provided that: “If the consular officer believes that the applicant may probably be a public charge at any time, even during a considerable period subsequent to his arrival, he must refuse the visa”. And now, today, we see the Obama administration giving public service announcements inside Mexico that explain how to obtain welfare and food stamps in the U.S.!

Many ultra-liberals/leftists such as Kirsten Powers, Fox News analyst, assert that people used to just show up at Ellis Island and become U.S. citizens within hours, and this was the status quo until 1882; however, by 1917 immigration officials were screening out criminals, persons likely to become a public charge, radicals and illiterates, and this policy intensified during the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia, due to fears of left-wing radicalism. By 1943 FDR was giving special consideration to Chinese immigrants, and by 1952 special provisions were given to refugees due to America’s failure to provide a significant haven for refugees from Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Powers and others fail to note that most of the U.S. immigration policy historically dealt only with legal immigration and all those trying to enter America legally, in conjunction with the American people’s later decisions that immigration did need to be controlled as our nation grew; very little focus was given to illegal immigration until the Eisenhower administration, except when General Black Jack Pershing was sent to control Mexican bandits along the border in the early 1900s.

Since January 2013 the U.S. Senate has been working on an immigration bill with a path to citizenship, which would also allow them to bring their relatives in the same manner of chain immigration provisions already existing in the 1965 Immigration Act. At the same time, Speaker John Boehner called their efforts “a big step in the right direction”, as he offered: “So I would think you’re likely to hear a lot more about immigration reform on the House side soon.”

Now, at a time when millions of Americans are still out of work or under-employed with 50 million on welfare, even Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) disappoints America by pandering to the Hispanic vote. He recently declared at CPAC that if the nation’s 30 million illegal immigrants (official lie states 11 million) want to work in America “then we will find a place for you.”

Although no limits have been placed on H2A farm visas, over half of the one million field workers are comprised of illegal immigrants. Without the visa some illegals are targets of abuse, but many of them prefer the freedom of movement afforded them by remaining illegal and not having to be tied to any one employer; while on the other hand, farmers get to pay lower wages and avoid a lengthy and costly process in order to acquire just one H2A worker. It is no wonder so many corporate dairy farms are springing up just miles from the Mexican border, as many privately owned dairies across the nation are being run out of business!

Confounding the issue, Republicans are now flailing about, as some of their more prominent members are suggesting that the 2012 election was lost largely due to the “unfriendly” immigration position of the Republican Party. If they accept this nonsense, then they may as well disband now and become Democrats. Hispanics believe in big government intruding into the lives of people and “helping”, as it taxes the wealthy heavily. And, although Hispanics are mostly social conservatives, the following illustrates that, by and large, two-thirds of this group will inevitably vote Democrat, regardless of any immigration amnesty granted by a Republican administration: Hispanic Vote- 1980 Jimmy Carter 56%, Ronald Reagan 35%/ 1984 Walter Mondale 61%, Ronald Reagan 37% (amnesty)/ 1988 Michael Dukakis 69%, George H.W. Bush 30%/ 1992 Bill Clinton 61%, George H.W. Bush 25%/ 1996 Bill Clinton 72%, Bob Dole 21%/ 2000 Al Gore 62%, George W. Bush 35% (proposed amnesty in 2004 and introduced a bill for amnesty January 2007 that was defeated)/ 2004 John Kerry 58%, George W. Bush 40%/ 2008 Barack Obama 67%, John McCain 31%/ 2012 Barack Obama 71%, Mitt Romney 27%.

Most Americans are not trying to keep any good, moral, law abiding immigrant out of our nation. By the very definition of “illegal”, these illegal aliens have disqualified themselves, as they protest in our streets demanding U.S. citizenship and constitutional rights that do not apply to them…And what nation except ours would even tolerate such insanity? Since most of the current influx of illegals is from our southern border, our borders must be secured before proceeding with any immigration reform in the House or the Senate.

Nothing good is certain to be found in this new amnesty approved by Obama, Democrats and a troubling number of Republicans. This is a compromise with the Devil and a president who has worked to destroy America’s culture by spending millions of dollars on “bilingual education” programs that discourage immigrants from learning English and American history… a president who has ordered amnesty for illegal aliens which has been rejected by both Congress and the American people more than eight times. Millions of new Democratic voters will be created overnight and foreign workers will cripple American workers’ job prospects and wreck the GOP’s future. To quote Ann Coulter at the recent CPAC: “If amnesty goes through, America becomes California, and no Republican will ever win another national election. The state that gave us Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan will never elect another Republican”. But more important and pertinent to this issue, Senator Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) words strike to the heart of the matter: “There is no moral or legal responsibility to reward someone who entered the country illegally”…. Secure the borders… Identify the illegal immigrants and deport them!


By Justin O. Smith


© Justin O. Smith

Edited by John R. Houk

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