BHO May not be a Muslim But …

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John R. Houk

© July 14, 2012


Vote for the reelection of President Barack Hussein Obama.


Are you freaking nuts?


BHO blames President GW Bush for the state of America’s economy today over 3 ½ years after being elected to allegedly change the course Bush had set. Again here we are over 3 ½ years later and the only change BHO has accomplished is to further divide America along lines of class, entrench a transformation of bigger government on a Socialist-like scale with Obamacare, delegitimize America’s Christian heritage by praising Islam (less than 1% of USA) and promoting special extra civil rights for a group of immoral people known as homosexuals rather than affirming the same Constitutional rights that all Americans have under the rule of law (Homosexual American population – less than 5% of the USA).


In foreign policy BHO made it his mission to travel the globe to apologize everywhere he went for American Exceptionalism as if that was something detrimental for world peace and America’s image. The reality is that for all the foreign detractors of America the people of the world desire to live in America in droves because our political system offers the best opportunity for self-improvement economically than any foreign nation in the world. AND BHO has forgotten that the prosperity of the Western World (declining because of Leftist policies) exists out of the largesse of rebuilding Europe and Japan after WWII by American protection (from the imperialistic Communism of the USSR) and American economic investment in WWII victor and defeated enemy’s economies and infrastructure.


In continuing dragging America’s foreign policy in the mud BHO is now cozying up to the parent of global transnational Islamic terrorists in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood by inviting MB members to the White House and MB political leaders that have achieved an election victory in Egypt to the degree that an MB operative is now the President of Egypt in Mohamed Morsi (or Mursi – Anglicized Arab spelling is rough to pin down).


Israel’s journalist Caroline Glick has the poop on Obama that every American voter should be aware of ESPECIALLY on how Obama has been dragging Israel under the bus while the MSM looks the other way.


JRH 7/14/12

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I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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