Europe’s Future Hangs in the Balance

Greek Euro Crisis

The Left Wing Dems prevented Republican attempts to reform Fannie and Freddy on housing loans to people who could not keep their payments up. The result was bad paper loans turned into a banking loaning disaster that became the first domino to fall starting an economic banking disaster that went beyond the housing industry by affecting the financial stability of banks and Corporations which in  turned affected jobs which in turned screwed the American economy more. Until this very day President Barack Hussein Obama tries to lay all the blame for this on President GW Bush; however since the Leftist agenda with Fannie and Freddie was the first domino that is just a typical Dem lie.


Greece is going through an election on Sunday. If the Leftists win the election Greek policies supporting extreme entitlements could result in Greece withdrawing from the Eurozone. Such an action could send an economic ripple throughout the EU possibly causing the collapse of the Euro. A Euro collapse could have the same global effect if the Dollar collapses. Again Leftist policies might cause a global economic collapse.


Charles Hawley of Spiegel Online International writes of the economic dangers if the Greek electorate votes Left.


JRH 6/16/12 (Hat Tip: Patriot Report by Danny Jeffrey)

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