Proclamation to Reclaim Memorial Day

Debbie Lee & son Alan Lee

Move America Forward (MAF – also there is MAF Freedom PAC) is the premier charity/NGO that has the purpose of supporting our military in a patriotic fashion. MAF does not trash talk soldiers, sailors and airmen. Rather it supports causes that place our Military Servicemen on a pedestal of Patriotism. MAF would ignore the rare instance of a Serviceman that lost his cool and went on a rampage. The MSM media would probably take a minor incident and portray it as the standard for all the military. Or the MSM will run with false accusations of our Servicemen as if they were true rather than looking at both sides.


If you have loved ones overseas, MAF is doing its best to do something whether it is care packages, necessity packages or entertainment. Friends give to MAF and you will be giving to Servicemen fighting for the American way of life guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution.


Below is an email from a MAF Gold Star Mom – Gold Star meaning she lost a son in the GWOT – Debbie Lee. The email is a Memorial Day message which is quite heartfelt.


I am rearranging the email a little differently than how it was sent. I beginning with Debbie Lee’s message and end with the care package info that we all need to participate in for our troops overseas.


JRH 5/27/12

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Proclamation to Reclaim Memorial Day


Debbie Lee 2


By Debbie Lee

Gold Star Mother

Sent: 5/27/2012 6:36 PM

Sent from: MAF


The commercials on TV are calling us to purchase, cars, furniture, clothing, appliances, electronics or a myriad of other things to “Celebrate Memorial Day” with their huge blowout sales! Our Parks and Recreation programs are declaring summer has arrived by opening our pools and encouraging us to come join in the fun and laughter this Memorial Day weekend.  It saddens me and breaks my heart to see that most of America has taken advantage of this 3 day weekend as a reason to party, shop and celebrate for self-fulfillment.   As a country we have lost our focus and the reason why we take time to stop and respectfully, solemnly and reverently remember those who gave up their last breath and hope of a future, so that we could enjoy each and every day. We have failed our children by not educating them as to the real meaning of Memorial Day.

As I child I remember getting together with family for picnics or bar-b-ques.  We looked forward to camping trips or trips to the lake.  There were a few trips I remember to the cemetery but it was to place flowers on deceased relative’s graves who had never served in the military. I thought Memorial Day was to remember loved ones who had died. I wasn’t taught and therefore I missed the opportunity to teach my children that Memorial Day is to remember those who paid the ultimate price. Freedom comes with a price, freedom’s not free. 

It really was my son Marc Alan Lee who taught me about Memorial Day. The way he lived his life and the value he placed on others’ lives, caused him to sacrifice his life defending his teammates and our freedoms. Marc was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq 8-2-06. “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13  

The orders from Gen. John A. Logan declare “The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land. In this observance no form of ceremony is prescribed, but posts and comrades will in their own way arrange such fitting services and testimonials of respect as circumstances may permit. “

General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery on the first Observance of Memorial day and then 5,000 patriots decorated the graves of 20,000 soldiers buried in the cemetery. I am so proud of the boy scouts who every year place flags on my son’s grave and every headstone at Fort Rosecrans. I know that many others throughout the nation will be doing the same at National Cemeteries all over our country, thank you!

Waterloo, NY was declared by President Johnson as the official birthplace of Memorial Day. He recognized that this was a city who understood the real meaning of Memorial Day. They knew that Memorial Day was to honor America’s mighty warriors who sacrificed their lives in combat defending our freedoms. Businesses closed, community wide events were planned to honor our brave warriors who were killed in action and residents gathered and decorated the graves of our heroes.  How sad that there are businesses in America who take advantage of this holiday and choose to increase their profits instead of sacrificing a little by closing to remember the sacrifice of our fallen war heroes.

I speak for all of the Gold Star families who have lost a loved one in combat, that every day for us is Memorial Day. With pride and pain we remember them; we remember their smile, their voice, their smell, their touch, their laughter, their character, their dedication and their sacrifice. As a nation we ask that on Memorial Day, one day out of the year that as a Nation we corporately come together to honor our fallen heroes who died in combat.  That’s not asking too much for the blessings and freedoms that you enjoy every day.


Marc Alan Lee gravesite Memorial Day 2012


I’ve read many articles about Memorial Day and heard quotes from speeches from well-meaning people, even from our leaders in the military, who seem to not completely understand that Memorial Day is the Day we remember those heroes, who while serving in the military, died in combat. We have Armed Forces Day and Veterans Day to remember our Vets.  Personally not a day goes by that I don’t remember our Vets, not matter when they served, or the branch of service they were in. I’ve dedicated my life to honoring, thanking and supporting our military and especially the families of the fallen, but on May 28th, Memorial Day join with me as we “Remember” not “Celebrate” those who gave their all for you and I.

Join with me as I lead the charge to reclaim Memorial Day. Attend Parades and community events to remember our fallen heroes.  Take a carload of friends and family to a National Cemetery and decorate the graves and remember the sacrifice of a hero and their family. Thank the family members of those you know who lost a loved one in combat. Take a Gold Star family to lunch, coffee, dinner and ask them about their hero. Do something to let them know you have not forgotten the sacrifice and understand the high price that has been paid for our freedoms. Read a story of a fallen hero, watch a memorial video, then pass it on to those whose lives you have influence on. If you’re a business, close on May 28th to honor and remember our fallen or donate the proceeds from the day to a charity who tells the stories of our fallen or who takes care of the families of the fallen. Our fallen heroes gave their very last breath defending you and they have earned the respect due them on Memorial Day.

Remembering their Sacrifice!

Debbie Lee
Gold Star Mother of
Marc Alan Lee




Answer the Call III




Enjoying your three-day weekend? We hope so. We wish all of our supporters a happy Memorial Day, but we also want to remind everyone who we have to thank for the privilege of observing this holiday, our troops.

While back home we have the privilege of getting everyone together for a family cook out or bbq, our troops are still fighting a war in Afghanistan. Our troops don’t get to have a barbecue, unless they get really inventive, like this Marine who improvised a very crude grill over some rocks.

And the main course for this Afghanistan cookout? SPAM. That’s their idea of a Memorial Day BBQ. Kind of makes you appreciate the luxurious surroundings and supermarkets we enjoy at home, doesn’t it?




Answr Call III 218 Marines


Every summer, Move America Forward spends a month focusing on supporting one particular unit deployed in Afghanistan. We select this unit based on the difficulty of their mission and the danger level in the region of Afghanistan in which they are fighting.

We have selected 800 Marines from the 2nd MEF to support and we’ll continue raising money until we have enough to send support to all 800 of these troops, who are operating in 2 of the most dangerous provinces in Afghanistan.

We have currently raised enough to help 582 of the Marines, but that means we’re still short by 291! With Memorial Day tomorrow, are we really going to allow 218 Marines to go without support??




About MAF


About Move America Forward Move America Forward is a non-partisan, not-for-profit charitable organization committed to supporting America’s efforts to defeat terrorism and supporting the brave men and women of our Armed Forces.


Move America Forward has organized several national tours to support the troops with rallies in dozens of cities across the country and produced television and radio ad campaigns. MAF even organized several trips to Iraq to tell the American people about the great work that our troops are doing there, as well as bring our message of thanks and support directly to the troops themselves. Contributions are tax deductible. (Read More)


MAF Memorial dedication Video from 2008 dedicated to Marc Alan Lee



About MAF Freedom PAC

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