Plans to strike Iran "ready," says U.S. Israel envoy

Iran Nuke  Sites

Reuters produced this headline on May 17: “Plans to strike Iran “ready,” says U.S. Israel envoy”.


For me this was great news that Obama might actually do something other than totally selling out Israel to a Radical Islamic Theocratic nation like Iran. Then I read this in the short news story:


The United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany have been using sanctions and negotiations to try to persuade Iran to curb its uranium enrichment, which can produce fuel for reactors, medical isotopes, and, at higher levels of purification, fissile material for warheads.


The problem I have with that statement is that both Russia and China have been responsible for technological, military and/or nuke aid to Iran for some time now. Due to Russian-Chinese commitments to Iran I question any commitment by Russia and China to join the USA, UK, France and Germany to twist Iranian thumbs on Nuke weapons.


U.S. Military surrounding Iran


JRH 5/18/12

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