So, What about War with Islam?

Khomeini- Conquer the World


John R. Houk

© November 19, 2011


It is extremely politically incorrect to say we are at war with Islam. Things get a bit stickier in attempting to define the “we” that is at war with Islam. Is the “we” Western Culture? If the “we” is Western Culture, this would include Europe (Eastern and Western), Australia, North America and South America.


The part of Europe dominated by the European Union would go into apoplectic spasms at the suggestion that the EU was at war with Islam. Islam has made such enormous inroads into European culture that the doctrine of multicultural diversity makes it anathema to criticize Islam as inimical to a Christian influenced European culture.


As an amateur analyst (meaning more guessing than data) it appears Islam is not yet a multicultural diversity factor in most of Latin America (Mexico & Central America of North America and Central America & South America). Of the miniscule Muslims in Latin America there is significant Radical Islamic influence occurring in Latin America. The Radical Islamic influence is from overt Islamic terrorists (Like Hezbollah) or supporters of Islamic terrorism (Like Wahhabi Saudis, Muslim Brotherhood and Iran). The Islamic terrorist connection appears to be a hook-up with Drug Cartels. It is a good guess that Drug Cartels are clients of Radical Islamists that produce the poppy plants that are then turned into opiates (e.g. heroine) which the Drug Cartels sell to the North American addicts with money. The Islamic Terrorist/Drug Cartel symbiotic relationship is based on messing up America even if the reasons might be diverse.


Australia has shared Europe’s Multiculturalism; however Australia is experiencing a bit of an awakening toward Islam’s threat to Western Culture and even big dog politicians are hollering from the mountain tops about the dark side of Islam.


Then there is English speaking North America – USA and Canada.


Canada is still inflicted with Multicultural Diversity when it comes to Islam. A negative publication concerning Islam or a negative radio/TV piece on Islam will land you in jail, a fine or a civil suit for defaming a religion.


There are many people and organizations in America striving to educate Americans about the dark side of Islam. Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT for America is my favorite and the work of Pamela Gellar of Atlas Shrugs and American Freedom Defense Initiative/Stop Islamization of America (AFDI/SIOA) is excellent as well.


Islamic organizations are active in America to bring Islam to America. In this nation in which religious freedom is considered a preeminent freedom, it might sound odd that I raise the flag that there is an Islamic threat. After all Christianity is an evangelistic religion determined to follow the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior to share the Good News of Redemption by the Blood of Christ. The problem with Islam is that it is not merely a religion that is what Christians would call an evangelistic religion. Rather Islam is as much a socio-political ideology as it is a theo-religious faith. Islamic holy writings desire not only an inner struggle to follow the path of submission to Allah, but also an outer struggle to politically bring the Islamic religion to non-Muslims. Don’t be deceived by such attributions as there is no compulsion of religion in Islam.


There is no compulsion in Islam if the Sharia rules are complied with. Let us take a Christian nation or people in the cross hairs of an imperialistic conquest minded Muslim army. The socio-political instruments Islam developed a system to degrade non-Muslims to sweeten the deal of convert, dhimmi livelihood or death. Conquest was relatively quick by Muslim conquering armies but conversion to Islam was not. Islamic Supremacism, with the usage of humiliation of the non-Muslim, brought converts to Islam over the centuries to the point that Christians ended up as the minority. Additionally, the pockets of Christians allowed to survive became accustomed to the second class citizenship of a dhimmi; hence Christian communities in the lands conquered by Muslims actually developed the brainwashed concept that their humiliation and the jizya tax brought protection from persecution.


If you exclude what is left of Communist nations like, China, N. Korea and Vietnam; the primary persecutors of Christians globally are Muslims. This is where my ire begins to stir! The West is so invested in political correctness that if a Muslim or an Islamic belief is condemned, the Leftists and Muslim apologists come crawling out of the woodwork to cry victim insinuating that prejudicial hate-speech is being leveled. AND YET when Christians in Muslim nations (Middle East and Africa primarily but else ware as well) are beaten, the women raped, the children stolen, a convert to Christianity faces death for apostasy, Christians in general are murdered and sometimes slaughtered for just being Christian and on and on; then where is the moral outrage?


No European nations are standing up with threatening messages to Muslim nations to do something about persecution of Christians. Frankly I am not even hearing preachers, priests, Bishops, Cardinals or the Pope take a stand and have the guts to protest the heinous treatment of Christians in Muslim lands. THIS SILENCE IS REPREHENSIBLE!


Are “we” at war with Islam? Doggone it; we are at war with Islam because Islam is at war with the West. The problem is the West is too comfortable to admit we are at war with Islam. Western religious wars of yesteryear have made the admission that a theo-political religion like Islam would engage with the superior technology of the West causing the strife and the return to national pride that many Western nations have lost. The loss of cultural pride is particularly the case of Europe. The loss of cultural pride is a symptom of multicultural diversity that accepts the uniqueness of diverse foreign cultures rather than honoring the foreign culture and expects assimilation into the host culture.


If the West does not wake up soon, the same treatment Christians receive in Muslim lands will be the identical treatment in Western lands for Christians, Secularists and atheists alike.


Raymond Ibrahim inspired my thoughts on Islam and the West. A couple of days ago he posted an essay that examines the persecution of Christians by Muslims for just the month of October 2011. If you are a person that can feel righteous indignation beyond political correctness then you should read what Muslims have done to Christians in October alone.


JRH 11/19/11

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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