The Palestinian Move

George Friedman writing at STRATFOR weaves an awesome essay that places a spot light on the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians’ strategy that has evolved to the present day of establishing a sovereign Palestinian State.


Friedman touches on many issues such as the original plan of Arab nations for Israel between the years 1949 – 1967. After 1967 the Arab strategy changes thus the formation of an umbrella organization of the disparate Arab terrorist organizations loosely unified and called the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO slowly evolves from a tool of Arab nations to an organization of self-interest of destroying Israel to form a nation. Prior to 1967 the Arab nation goal was to destroy Israel and split the land between the victors which would have been interesting since each Arab nation had their own agenda for dividing the Land of Israel between themselves.


Friedman discusses four strategic stages of Arab-Palestinian motivation writing about the geopolitical outlooks of Palestinians, Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria. There is a somewhat of a discussion of Hezbollah but leaves that situation with the Hezbollah terrorists having a greater interest in Lebanese politics than the destruction of Israel (at least privately anyway).


It is a good read.


JRH 6/7/11 (Or SlantRight 2.0)


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