Pro-Homosexual Advocate Destroys Traditional Marriage Banner



One always hears about the demand to accept homosexuality as a matter of multicultural diversity. In fact the Leftist MSM and the Leftist leaning entertainment industry have brainwashed most of America into believing that a stand for Biblical Morality or exposing the overt public perversion of homosexuals in their debauched public often outdoor parties is homophobic discrimination on par with racism.


So what happens when Christians or confirmed heterosexuals peacefully protest the stain of homosexuality? The homosexuals go psycho-medieval and assault peaceful protestors or those that expose the truth of homosexuality.


Check this out!


JRH 6/6/11 (Hat Tip: Solid Snake)


VIDEO: Pro-Homosexual Advocate Destroys Traditional Marriage Banner in New York


By John Ritchie

June 06, 2011

TFP Student Action

Defending Moral Values on Campus


Man Rips up TFP Marriage Banner in NY


TFP Student Action members were assaulted while peacefully demonstrating for traditional marriage in Fairport, New York, on June 2.

As young TFP volunteers stood at the corner of Main Street and Church Street with signs, a pro-homosexualist hurled himself against the group’s thirteen foot long banner inscribed with “God’s Marriage = 1 Man & 1 Woman.” The banner, held by three volunteers, was knocked down and violently torn to pieces.


Pro-homosexual advocate violently tears up TFP banner
in Fairport, New York

homosexual violence


The assailant also threatened to destroy the group’s cameras used to document their campaigns for moral values. “I’ll smash your camera,” he said. Approaching another TFP volunteer who was holding a sign that read “Honk for Traditional Marriage,” the aggressor said: “Are you going to give me your sign, or do I need to rip it up too!?”

Assault with glass bottle

In a separate incident at the same demonstration, another supporter of “gay marriage” threw a beer bottle at TFP volunteer Michael Shibler from a moving vehicle. The glass bottle hit him on the forehead, causing it to swell and bleed. Local police are investigating both incidents.

“These bully tactics do not even slightly dampen my resolve to continue promoting the truth about marriage in charity. Our cause is noble and we will win,” said Shibler.

“Some say that same-sex ‘marriage’ doesn’t harm or affect anybody. Well, I think my throbbing forehead is a good example of how it does harm people. Anti-family proponents would like to completely silence my first amendment right to free speech,” he said. “While demanding tolerance for what they call ‘diversity,’ they are utterly intolerant of opposing viewpoints.”


TFP volunteers and members of Citizens for a Decent Community joined forces in Rochester, New York, to defend true marriage.

Protesting in favor Traditional Marriage


On their tour for traditional marriage, TFP Student Action members are distributing flyers titled 10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” Is Harmful and Must Be Opposed. It calls on New Yorkers to firmly and peacefully resist the advance of the so-called gay-rights movement.

Help us stay on the road


To help us stay on the road for traditional marriage, please consider filling our gas tank. With an intense travel schedule, our fifteen passenger van consumes about one tank of gasoline per day. Your gift of $79.00 will keep us going for 330 miles.

Sponsor 1 Tank (330 miles) = $79
Sponsor 2 Tanks (660 miles) = $158
Sponsor 3 Tanks (990 miles) = $237


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If you want to contact us on the tour, please call 717-495-5427. God bless you.


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©2011 TFP Student Action

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

5 thoughts on “Pro-Homosexual Advocate Destroys Traditional Marriage Banner”

  1. The deterioration of family values R6

    Since World War 2 when women were encouraged to join the work force en mass, to replace the men who went to war and keep the economy and the war effort going.

    There has been a deterioration of family values and a breakdown of the family unit, a trend where a mother was not at home to take care of her children, monitor their behavior, help with the homework and discipline when and where necessary.

    The advancement in technology has harmed family values. The Media and Television has totally destroyed any comprehension of values in our society. We have become a materialistic society – No holds barred.

    The lack of discipline and total disregard for authority and respect is clear to anyone who has watched the past 50 years and seen our society’s values deteriorate.

    One example alone is that 50 years ago a teacher was happy to go to school to teach, a teacher was respected and looked up-to, a teacher could discipline. Today teachers fear for their lives they are petrified by their students, discipline is restricted both to teachers and parents alike.

    This scenario caries on to other social interactions of society today, and the situation is getting worse and worse every year.

    You will notice that many families who come from other countries have a very strong family values, tradition, good education, respect and the children excel in their studies. That is because they have not had the chance to be influenced by our overly liberal society.

    The education of our children begins at home and continues in school – the parents and the school must take a proactive approach to teach our children values and respect.

    In today’s society a teacher is not permitted to discipline a student, the teachers will be sued, not to mention that teachers fears for their safety.

    Parents in today’s society are also restricted as to how to discipline their children; in many cases parents are getting sued. In many cases children would never dream of treating their parents with such disrespect 50 years ago. Today some parents are afraid of their own children.

    Abuse has been and will be with society to eternity that does not give society the right to prohibit discipline; a few acts of abuse should not cause society to prohibit proper discipline.

    When an individual or individuals utilize a vehicle to commit a crime cause the death of others, does society prohibit vehicles altogether, no, a vehicle is very important for our everyday life.

    Well, the discipline of our children by parents and teachers is extremely important for our society and the preservation of humanity.
    It seems that our society is so busy chasing the dollar, fame and glory, that anything goes all values goes out the window. We should be an example of honesty, integrity and respect to our children.

    Are Americans patriotic and proud enough to defend, protect and bring family values back to America? Is America ready to fight for honesty integrity and justice in our society, eliminate corruption and fraud, waste and self serving programs?

    Re-invigorate our economy, rebuild our industrial base and decrease our dependence on foreign economies and resources.

    YJ Draiman, Northridge, CA.


    Tell me and I will forget
    Show me and I may remember
    Involve me and I will understand.
    – Chinese Proverb.
    We all want health, happiness, prosperity and life
    We, the people, are losing our values. Drunk with decades of material indulgence unbalanced by authentic spiritual endeavor, we’re fast becoming corrupt. We look to objects for happiness and fulfillment. We go shopping when we feel empty and depressed. We elevate billionaires and Hollywood entertainers to positions of public acclaim they have not earned.

    AMERICA IS not experiencing a crisis of leadership so much as a crisis of values. Politicians cannot provide them; they are mere caretakers of public business, and are as much in need of values guidance as the rest of us.


  2. Hi there, listen to this. So tell me, do you really think protesting against strangers’ lifestyles get you anywhere? It won’t change them! Ok so you don’t agree with that lifestyle, go home, why should you care about how they live their life?! Sure there are gay pride celebrations but that isn’t hating on strait people. So listen, you will see lots of strangers many of which may have belifes you don’t agree with, not like you would know. So homosexuals stand out, so they get bashed. And I’ll say it again, why do you care?? It’s not your life! – Kindra


    1. Homosexuality is beyond a belief such as Marxism or Capitalism. It is an ungodly practice condemned by God Almighty Himself. The practice of open homosexuality is a perversion that affects all of public society. For example the open practice of homosexuality among other public licentious sins brought the rain of fire and brimstone upon Sodom and Gomorrah. Indeed the most common act of sex among homosexual males is named for Sodom which of course is sodomy. Homosexuality is a practice that might be engaged in private but affects the moral foundation of all of society in a public way.

      And by the way, homosexual activists are very condemning of Christian Morality in a public manner. I do care about that. So Kindra, you are incorrect. Just as homosexuality is blight to society and an abomination before God it affects my life and the future of all people.


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