It is Time for the West to Clash with Islamic Culture

John R. Houk

© June 1, 2011


Bill Warner of Political Islam and Center for the Study of Political Islam gave a 14 minute speech at the same Church in Nashville that Geert Wilders gave his key note speech on the same day.


Warner carefully avoids the word “Crusade” because Muslims have successfully turned that word into a symbol Christian butchery. It is true the Crusaders did embark on some blood thirsty undertakings that had nothing to do with the mandate to win back the Promised Land from conquering Muslim armies. The Crusaders committed ungodly acts of slaughter of Jews particularly in Jerusalem.


There was and is no justification for the Crusaders to exact such bloodshed on Christians that were in the path of military advancement to the Holy Land and toward the Jews already resident in Jerusalem. In fact I argue the Crusaders were acting outside the new creation Scriptures of the New Testament!


On the other hand you have to know there was a greater underlying reason for the Crusaders to embark on a deliverance of the Holy Land so that Christian Pilgrims could visit without Muslim marauders coming to raid potential wealth and killing Christians considered non-Muslim unbelievers called kafir.


Since the death of Mohammed in 632 AD – Muslims ravaged the planet east, west and north of the Arabian Peninsula. Muslims deny the sword converted the non-Muslims; however their own chronicles show something quite different. Each invasion led to bloody population management which in turn led to the conversion of most of the populace with the promise of leading freer cultural life as long as it was into submission of Islam. Actually the Indian Subcontinent experienced even more brutality than the Christian Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe.


Bill Warner in his speech in Nashville says there is an ideological war the West must fight to counter the maliciousness of Islamic culture. I agree with Warner as to a beginning; however a successful ideological war will only show fruit inside of Western Nations. To stop Islam ultimately a modern Crusade will have to emerge not necessarily based on the Christian faith; rather a new Crusade will have to emerge that is ruthless in defense of Western Culture regardless of faith, creed or political ideology. For the West to survive there will be one common goal: Defeat Islam as ruthlessly as those medieval Islamic armies slaughtered Christian and Hindu armies. In essence a cultural conquest with the intent of either obliterating the practice of Mohammed’s Islam or the revising of the tenets of Islam to eliminate all forms of violent Islamic Supremacism.


JRH 6/1/11


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I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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