Here is a Two-State Solution I can Run With

John R. Houk

© May 24, 2011


In these days of President Barack Hussein Obama throwing Israel under the Arab-Muslim Jew-hating bus by demanding a Palestinian State that strips Israeli borders back to 1967 there was a lot of talk that a solution to Arab (i.e. Palestinian)/Israel conflict was a “Jordan is Palestine” solution.


This idea did not set well with Jew-hating Muslim nations surrounding Israel because they created a refugee problem by not taking responsibility for the displaced Arabs they created by attempting to destroy the new Jewish State in 1948.


The Kingdom of Jordan I believe always had a sympathetic agenda to normalize relations with Israel after the first 1948 war but pressure from surrounding Muslim nations whether actually involved in sending invasion troops or not to Israel had pressured King Abdullah I and later King Hussein into towing the hate-Jew/Israel line. That pressure always centered on the potential of the Hashemite House might lose a place to rule after being so influential even under Turkish rule. It was the Hashemite House (Modern Hashemite evolution) that cared for Meccan and Medina until the House of Saud rose up and gave the Hashemites the boot from the Muslim holy places.


At the end of WWI the British did not want a unified Arab world (and neither did competitor France) and so tribal fiefdoms were carved up into arbitrary Mandates, Protectorates and independent Muslim nations. Two Hashemite brothers were thus offered two carved out nations in Iraq and Transjordan. Most of the chunk of Transjordan was created from the original League of Nations British Mandate of Palestine which came into existence after the Turks were given the boot back to Turkey. Frankly I am uncertain how Iraq’s tribal areas were divided into the Iraq nation except that the Kurds were in the north; the Shias were in the east and the lesser population of Sunni Arabs to the west.


The Hashemite brother became King of Syria and was deposed by the French. The British then made Faisal the King of Iraq and was quite successful even the Muslims of that British carved out nation had little information of their new. King Faisal I desired to make Iraq a hegemonic power among Arabs with dreams of a Pan-Arab union government with himself as the king of the Arabs. Who knows what would have happened in this area because beginning to gain favor with his subjects in Iraq and he definitely had a following in French controlled Syria whence he had been deposed. King Faisal I died in July 1933 ending that Pan-Arab dream.


Faisal’s I son then became King Ghazi of Iraq and reigned from 1933 – 1939. Ghazi had the same Pan-Arab visions of his father; however he became enamored with Hitler’s Nazi Germany. It is possible Ghazi’s Nazi sympathies led him to support a coup of the Iraq military to end Iraq’s civilian government. A mysterious car accident took his life in 1939 which many felt was an assassination.


Ghazi’s son Faisal became King Faisal II; however he was just a kid. Faisal’s II uncle was the regent to the Iraq throne until the age of majority in 1953. While Faisal II was a minor, the Nazi sympathizers among the Iraq military embarked on another coup in Iraq that resulted in the uncle’s regency being dethroned – momentarily. Transjordan’s British trained Arab Legion and the British Royal Air Force beat down the Nazi sympathizing Iraqis reinstalled the regency and the throne of Faisal II. Faisal II came to the age of majority assuming the reigns of monarchy in 1953.  Faisal II found himself deposed in relatively short fashion via the old Third World transference of government through a coup. The July 14, 1958 coup was actually a massacre resulting in a firing squad of the Hashemite Iraq Royal family thus ending another Hashemite sphere of influence.


So, you can imagine the pressure King Abdullah I and later his son King Hussein placed on retaining a traditional Hashemite House. No Hashemites in the … READ THE REST at

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