Relating Eligibility of both Obama and McCain

Here is a Comment to the NCCR Post: Comment from Tony Newbill on Birther Issues. The NCCR post is actually an intro to the post of the same name. The comment was written by a person who calls himself Jimmy but it could be a pseudonym for another pseudonym known as Tony Newbill. The styles are completely similar.


JRH 4/30/11


Relating Eligibility of both Obama and McCain

Jimmy/Tony Newbill

April 28, 2011 at 4:19 PM


They are using the Calvin Rule [SlantRight Editor on Calvin Rule or Case: technical, simplistic and Birther] to make the case for Natural Born even though Obama only has one parent as a citizen. The High Court has NEVER ruled on this so this has been practiced Law ever since, so Obama and the democrats are willing to Challenge the High Court’s on this.
Read this recent CNN article:


This is written by the same guy that declared Obama a Natural Born Citizen under Common Law in this recent post at Wikipedia and probably on the same day as the CNN article that came out 8 days ago. It seems Staged with Obama releasing the BC, HUH???


The High Court is MIA on this whole thing and we the people need to hear what they have to say about this MESS and their lack of ruling over the past 150 years has led us all to this Mess of Corruption and abuse of Power.
This is the guy that’s giving OBAMA the Eligibility cover he needs and has also made the case for how they have been manipulating the Republican Party starting in 2008 with McCain being Ineligible to be POTUS; forcing the Republicans to be quiet for these past 3 years. That’s been why the Republican Elite have been attaching TRUMP. This all needs to Come Out, Both parties are out of Rule of Law control!!!


We all need to be walking away from the Republican and democrat parties. They are out of control. And with this cover-up of McCain in 2008 and the way this can be evidence of Manipulation by the Left to force the Right to NOT call OUT Obama to be Vetted properly, Plus the High Court’s – so far – refusal to allow Private citizens like Taitz to uphold Constitutional Order makes for reasons to hold the 2 Parties in contempt and force the High Court to acknowledge this Law Professor’s claims. And we need to ask: Why was McCain’s ineligibility ignored by the Republicans and why was the Democratic Party silent when it was one of their own that Pointed out the Ineligibility of McCain??? And now this law professor is still giving Obama cover. Why isn’t anyone talking about this stuff???


This link is the 2008 claim of McCain’s ineligibility under Federal Constitutional law:


The 2008 campaign was all a SCAM SHAM FRAUD. Billions of dollars were spent of donations for a complete fraudulent campaign. All the evidence of this is in the Professor Chin’s claims he wrote about and the Civil Class action lawsuit that needs to be filed forcing the professor to admit that his findings were either true or false. This would make the Supreme Court have to admit that either the findings were true or false and either McCain was a Cover-up or Obama was a Fraud or the professor is wrong. In any case if the professor is right or wrong, we the people would win a major victory because if Professor Chin is wrong then Obama is NOT Natural Born and is an Impostor. Or If Chin is proven right then McCain is a Fraud and was Covered-up by Both Parties. Either way it goes, Both Parties are in serious trouble and we the people need to distance ourselves from them NOW!!!!!

Orly Taitz Needs to be made aware of this. It’s a major conspiracy one has NEVER before seen in the USA. Corruption at this level is absolutely incredible!!!



Jimmy/Tony’s comment has been edited for posting.

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