End the Fed: More than Just a Bumper Sticker Slogan?


Tony Newbill writes about ending the Federal Reserve because of the creeping danger of Islam’s Sharia Compliant Finance.


JRH 3/25/11


End the Fed: More than Just a Bumper Sticker Slogan?


By Tony Newbill

Sent: Mar 21, 2011 at 12:44 PM


We must not sit back and Let the Chains of Shariah Install itself into the Financial Mechanisms of our Monetary Policy which is in direct Conflict of Our US Constitution Sound Money Policy Article 1 Section 10.


The Capital Origination process at this level of our USA Financial system being controlled by a Group of Investors that are controlling the Money originating sources of finance through both Fixed Income markets and the Bond markets that are associated with the Fixed asset Income markets is why we are Not able to create Funding for Our own Domestic Oil Resource developments that can make us Independent from the OPEC OIL which is controlled by these same Shariah Investor Groups that NOW control our Financial Sector that the Federal Reserve deposits Capital formation into. This is the Perfect Storm to Bring Down America, because we the people cannot survive unless we have free access to funding that we can use to fund enterprise that can excavate and manufacture Raw materials and food resources into products that we SURVIVE OFF OF. I tell you they are going to RUN US DOWN and OUT of an Abundant Supply of vital resources to the Point of FREE Market collapse again. The Inflation is evidence of this plight and then they can come in and ration our supply in a federalized manner. That’s when we have waited too long to Take Control of the Federal Reserve to alter this [rationing our supply].



We need to get the people Like Allen West, Lloyd Marcus, John Bolton, Rush, Hannity, BECK, RON Paul or anyone who will have the guts to see this as the solution to the Salvation of Keeping America Independent from this Hostile Financial Takeover that once is complete in eliminating credit for a long enough time that all free enterprise if broke and gone. Thus the merging of these assets that are left is complete then the FREE market is over and the Federalization of what will be dominated by Shariah Law will be dropped upon the citizens of the USA. We need to see this happening and put together the leadership that can Call on Congress to act to abolish the Federal Reserve and break apart this Repressive form of Finance that’s making us dependent on ONLY Shariah Finance (Sharia Compliant Finance detail).
This is KEY to what the Term Independence means, in that to be Independent and to maintain it one needs many sources and many resources to Choose from so that the abundance gives you the ability to not become too dependent on One source or resource that IF Lost can be what wipes you out with a ZERO INTEREST Financial and MONETARY Policy in place at the top of Our Financial system of Money Creation and capital formation. There is not a way for Independent Competitive Financial Enterprise to Compete, because who can Finance a Risk venture POSITION for NOTHING without owning the soul of the Investment venture that NEEDS the LOAN? This is KEY to the Shariah’s taking OVER the asset class of FREE Enterprise and the FOOLS on Wall STREET who are Only seeking Paper Profits will lead themselves as well as all of us right down the road to peril as we run out of substance and are left DEPENDENT on those who hate us all and what we stand for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I would rather pay Interest for borrowed Money from a Lender who did not want to own my assets as the only way to finance the enterprise. Shariah ZERO Interest Finance Policy operates on ownership investment policy and if the only way to Compete with this is to follow the same path in order to access the Funding sources of the BIG FINANCIAL FIRM that the Federal Reserve deposits the capital for these ventures into, then this is a Consolidation of both resources assets and wealth and is a unsustainable function of the FREE market supply-side fundamental which is designed to grow capital value based on supply expansion and not Inflation due to the Consolidation of resources into too few of players hands who then [use] these assets and resources to become more useful as Weapons to herd Humanity with. If WE the PEOPLE Control the Money Creation we can go right around these Big Wall Street Financial Firms Like Goldman who have become Encapsulated by the Shariah Financial Organizations. We can Deposit directly into state banking Enterprises that can be associated with the Private sector Board members of State private sector enterprises that can make sure Competencies enterprises that create state needs for the Citizens is being freely fairly and competitively met without interruption by the dominating effect we see on the capital creation in Wall Street Today that’s Only so far showing an Inflation effect on our economy that’s due to their lack of RESOURCE expansion investment. THEY are RUNNING HUMANITY OUT OF ADEQUATE SUPPLY!!!!!!!



INDEPENDENCE MEANS WAY MORE THAN MOST PEOPLE EVER CONSIDER!!!!!!!!!!! AND it’s going to have to be done at the STATE LEVEL if WE the PEOPLE have any hope of surviving this takeover of Our MONETARY and FINANCIAL system of our economy.


End the Fed: More than Just a Bumper Sticker Slogan?


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