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Conspiracy Theory Alert

John R. Houk

© March 19, 2011


There are behind the curtain agendas in this world. Serious journalism usually avoids the issues behind the curtain and calls those issues Conspiracy Theory. Some Conspiracy is just too outrageous to believe in.


Some of the biggest Conspiracies that bug me:


9/11 Truthers:


The government and/or the Bush Administration nefariously caused the Twin Towers to come down.


Larry Silverstein wanted to demolish the Twin Towers and so used Islamic Terrorism and utilized a planned demolition that brought the Towers down in an orderly fashion.


The Jews are responsible for the Twin Towers collapse.


I am sure there other 9/11 Conspiracies but this will get you started.


Reptilians, Greys, Illuminati, Alien Invasion, Govt. Cooperation, NWO:


This is wild! This is also multifaceted in that there are many different versions of this Conspiracy Theory theme. The basic common thread is that Reptilians came from outer space or perhaps are original inhabitants of the earth presently hiding in underworld caverns waiting for their moment to enslave humanity for all kinds of nefarious reasons in which I won’t go into. The back drop is the Greys who were former slaves or perhaps current slaves (it depends) who have rebelled against their Reptilian masters and either is looking for a new home to inhabit or perhaps is a preparing legion for the coming Reptilian invasion. Either the Reptilians as original inhabitants were looked upon as gods or they came from outer space and became as gods. In either case some form of Reptilian or Reptilian/humanoid hybrid have been the global leaders from before time immemorial. The Illuminati are actually humanoid Reptilian elites guiding planet Earth back to unabashed Reptilian control rather than today’s clandestine control.


In all this Reptilians or Greys aided the Nazis with technology and/or America made a deal with Greys for technology in exchange for looking the other way while Greys did DNA experiments on abductees. OR a group of Nazis joined the Greys to guide them on abductions of Americans for DNA experiments. OR Greys are doing DNA experiments on abductees grooming super soldiers to fight in an upcoming battle for Grey liberty from former Reptilian masters coming to reclaim their slaves which the Reptilians bred as their slaves.


One source: 135 page Word Document created for alien abductees: The Omega File.


Well that was fun. I regard this stuff as great fiction or science fiction. I had to go there even though I did get carried away. I could have gone on with some silly Conspiracy Theory.


There are many Conspiracy Theories that may have had an inkling of validity at one time and was stretched into the concepts of someone’s or a group of people’s wild imagination. One of my favorites that might be more real than fiction is the mysterious Bilderberg Group that meets annually under high security and by invitation only. Bilderbergers are essentially elites from Europe and America. When I say elites I am speaking of American Presidents, European Royal Families and Euro-American Big Corporation leaders.


In the harshest look of the Bilderbergers they are the center piece of all other groups that have the Conspiracy Theory/New World Order tag. Some of these groups are the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Skull and Crossbones as well as other groups looked upon in a dark light.


The unofficial explanation of the Bilderbergers is that they are merely elites from around the world to get together in privacy so as not to be hampered by press publicity to discuss politics and economics. In this scenario the Bilderberger secrecy enables elites from different political spectrums and economic beliefs to discuss openly without fear of a public backlash.


Personally I suspect there is a medium between conspiracy global management and open discussions among elites that are private from the public.


Then I discovered another Conspiracy Theory that has the lineage of the United Nations via Agenda 21 (See Also HERE), population control, Enviro-Leftists and perhaps other related themes that I am still a rookie about which will lead to a New World Order (NWO). The object of this NWO will destroy sovereignty of nations, define civil rights according to World Government dictates for individuals, manages food production to maintain a perceived stable population and a NWO that utilizes the fear of a degrading environment (such as Global Warming) that would manage how people travel and live on a personal level.  Again I am only at the beginning of the Agenda 21 scenario so I undoubtedly left something out.


A person that goes by the name of Tony Newbill writes to me multiple times on a weekly basis about Agenda 21 issues. I didn’t first hear about this from Newbill but has been my main supplier of information that I normally would not search for.


Now here goes my stretch into Conspiracy Theory. I believe there is an unnatural collusion from the Left oriented Agenda 21 and the purist Islamic concept of returning to the theo-political religious program of Mohammed Islam’s originator. Agenda 21 and Radical purist Islam have a common agenda of transforming Judeo-Christian heritage of the West that eliminates the influence of Christianity as a foundation that has led to a society of choices, Liberty, free will and freedom of thought. For both Agenda 21 and Islam to be successful in the West the notions inspired from a Judeo-Christian past must be eliminated for either a Left Wing State controlled society or a theo-political Islamic controlled society.


If either or both Agenda 21 and Islam find success in the transformation of society denigrating Judaism, Christianity, concepts of Liberty and Freedom would become the big loser – God Forbid. If that scenario manifests then the Leftists and the purist Muslims would battle for the control of global societal norms thus managing the way individual think and act – or else.


Now how is that for a Conspiracy Theory?  


JRH 3/19/11

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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