Ibrahim Hooper – on the firing of Juan Williams – "Are you happy now?"

Megyn Kelly mixes it up with CAIR Muslim Mafia spokesman Ibrahim Hooper.


Here is a little intro by Nancy Bonus a Chapter Leader of the San Fernando Valley ACT for America.


JRH 10/23/10


Ibrahim Hooper – on the firing of Juan Williams – “Are you happy now?”


Nancy Bonus, Ph. D.

Sent: Oct 22, 2010 at 2:09 PM


Dear ACTivists:


How do you feel about the firing of Juan Williams from NPR? All he did was express what he personally feels when someone dressed in “Muslim garb” enters an airplane he’s on.


Apparently the idea of free speech in our country is very much under assault.  Mr. Williams is a Liberal and often appears on various shows on Fox News, promoting the Liberal side of things.


But with NPR which is partially funded with our tax dollars, free speech is under assault. Interesting side line on this story: This station has a decidedly anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian slant in its programming, leading many (including myself) to refer to it as “National Palestinian Radio.”


Please view Megan Kelly’s interview with Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR..


(With thanks to Doree who sent this to me),




Nancy Bonus, Ph.D.

Chapter Leader

San Fernando Valley

ACT! for America


San Fernando Valley Chapter :


Meetings are usually the 3rd Wed. of month in Sherman Oaks www.actforamerica.org

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