Okla. Council members approve lease for SuperSonics

78-79 Seattle Sonic Champ Team

I was in my early 20’s when the Sonics finally emerged from mediocre to a great team in the NBA. They went to the Championship in 77/78 and lost a close and exciting series. The following year the Sonics electrified the entire State of Washington by winning the 78/79 Championship series.


For years the Sonics was the only pro sport in Washington State. In 78/79 the Seahawks were still considered an expansion team.


I grew up in the Evergreen State and loved the Sonics. It is quite the surprise the Seattle Sonics are moving to Oklahoma City. I am a Washingtonian living as an Okie these days so I have mixed feelings about the move.


It is sad for Seattle to lose such a pro heritage; however it is exciting to have the potential to watch the Sonics in my neck of the woods.


JRH 10/31/08


Okla. Council members approve lease for SuperSonics


Fox.com Tulsa

Last Update: 3/25 2:22 pm


OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ The Oklahoma City Council today unanimously approved a preliminary lease agreement with the Seattle SuperSonics.
Sonics owner and Oklahoma City businessman Clay Bennett is asking the NBA to approve moving the team to Oklahoma City.
The council action comes as NBA Commissioner David Stern and members of the league’s relocation committee are to visit the city today.
The 15-year deal is dependent on the team moving to Oklahoma City and calls for the city to renovate the Ford Center and build a practice facility with the Sonics renting the facilities.
City voters recently approved a sales tax extension to pay for the projects.


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