Huckabee, Jesus and Satan

Romney and Huckabee at GOP debate 12-11-07

Mormon Apologists have said that the statement “Jesus and Satan are brothers” is a Mormon smear by Christians that do not accept Mormonism as a Christian denomination.

Frankly I am in the camp that believes that Mormonism is a cult with more in common with ancient Gnosticism of which some Gnostics incorporated Jesus Christ into their belief system. I believe devout Mormons have the same ethics as devout Christians; however the differences of Mormon theology is way outside theology of Christians that are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestants.

The primary difference is the Trinity.

The majority of Christians believe the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one God manifested in three persons. Trinity is total unity and uncreated and act as one much as a human being is a spirit, that has a soul (the mental faculties) and lives in a body. Humanity is three in one yet created.

The non-expert explanation of the Mormon Trinity is the “Godhead.”

The Father created spirits of which Jesus and Lucifer were of those created beings. For Christians that is an insinuation of brothers, for Mormons I guess it is an action of creating beings or spirits that will be housed by a body (remember not an expert).

Either way you look at it in the Mormon cult Jesus is a created being and not of the same nature as the Father.

From the pro-Mormon explanation I read of this, the Father placed the created Jesus as part of the Godhead. I don’t know how that works but it implies that the Uncreated Father and the created Jesus along with the Holy Spirit (I haven’t enough to know if the Holy Spirit is created or Uncreated) are part of the “Godhead.” Thus the “Godhead” is made up of created and Uncreated substance.

Now in typical Christianity the closest to the created and the Uncreated being one is ONLY in Jesus Himself. Jesus being fully God and Uncreated with the Father and Holy Spirit yet incarnated into the likeness of a human through the fully human Mary. Thus Jesus is fully Uncreated God and fully created (via incarnation) human. It is Jesus’ sinless humanity (because of the incarnation) that pays the price to redeem corrupted humanity (Deliverance and Salvation) by an unjustified condemnation to death. Thus the Resurrection power of God raised the God incarnate from death back to life restoring not only the Glorified substance of Godhood but Glorifying the human substance with a Glorified human body. Thus as Christ is so shall all be that trust in Him.

The Gnostic Mormon Jesus of being a created higher being that will lead lower beings to godhood simply does not line up.

So for Mike Huckabee to ask, "Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?" is a legitimate question for Christians to ask. Mormons may not agree with the Christian interpretation; nonetheless no matter how you go about it, Jesus is considered just as much a created being as Lucifer in Mormonism. The former joined the Mormon “Godhood” and the latter rebelled against his Creator Father transforming from Lucifer to the Adversary Satan.

Do Romney and any other American have the right to believe this cult as their religion? Of course they do, this is America in which freedom of religion is a stellar right not to be abridged by the Government.

Do Christians have the right to question the legitimacy of Mormonism as a Christian denomination? Absolutely! Mormonism does not meet the basic standard as Christianity.

Now if we can get the Christians together and drop their petty differences over Pentecostalism, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditionalism and sanctified rituals among other truly trivial differences; then Christians can begin to stop accusing each other as not being Christians.

I do not want a Mormon President; however I especially do not want a godless Leftist that subscribes to Secular Humanism as the standard of morality that either denies the Creator or views the Creator as a mythos philosophical system that is archaic and outdated relative to modern comparative morals. That system makes the creation superior to the Creator. As a Christian, I view that as bad news.

So here is the way I see it, I will vote Republican no matter who wins the nomination. Even a socially liberal Giuliani would be better than a Democratic Party Leftist.

That is right Lefties; I am placing religion in politics. Good faith makes for the best opportunity to reverse the violence and moral degradation the Democrats have supported and transformed this nation in which the rule of law accepts homosexuality and pornography as freedom of expression. That is simply Constitutional manipulation allowing the portion of the Judiciary that is Leftist to exterminate Christianity. And frankly, that is specifically against the First Amendment. Keeping religion out of government is prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The government is only to insure that no religion be adopted as a State religion and even that inference is toward Christian Denominations. Non-Christian religions were not in the thought processes of the Founding Fathers – even the Deists.

Before those of the Judaic faith hammer at me, I believe there were Jews in the Thirteen Colonies thus I believe the inference relates to the Judaic faith of which the incarnate God Jesus was wholly a member in the thirty-three years He walked the earth as a Son of Man.

Vote Republican to hold off Secular Humanism social agenda to transform America into a secular non-Christian hedonistic nation.


Joseph Smith and Moroni

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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