Sunnis’ bet pays off in election totals

Well apparently the Mohammedan sects in Iraq will have to cooperate or obliterate themselves in order to have a viable national government. The Kurds and Shi’ites seem to have fallen short in the votes that would have allowed them to dominate the Sunnis. This is a shot in the arm of the Bush mandate to democratize Iraq and an additional nail in the coffin of Sunni insurgents. Especially the foreign Al Qaeda insurgents.
January 23, 2006

Ballots may trump bullets after all. That was the positive news from Baghdad on Friday. Election results show that Iraq’s three main ethnic factions will have to work together if they hope to govern.

By participating in December’s parliamentary elections, Sunnis elected 55 legislators – enough to secure a role in the coalition government that eventually forms.

Had the Sunnis boycotted the vote, as they did last January, Shiite and Kurdish politicians combined would have won the 184 seats needed to form a government, shutting the Sunnis out. This exclusion could have fueled a civil war.

Instead, the Shia and Kurds fell three seats short. This enhances the prospects of a "national unity" government. And, we hope, it also puts a little more distance between Sunnis who want a stake in the new Iraq and the insurgency.

Author: oneway2day

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