If It is Hillary VS McCain Today Then …

Let us imagine it is 2008 and the Democrats and Republicans have rapped up their Conventions. If the winners were Senator Clinton and Senator McCain, polls show that McCain would clean up 52% to 36%.[Newsmax.com Report]

This might seem tempting to the Republicans, assuming that Senator Clinton won the Democratic Party nomination. What kind of President would McCain be? The way he shoots down President Bush, McCain demonstraits more often than not that he is a RINO. That means this: McCain is a left of center Republican that may undo much of the Neo-Conservative policies of President Bush. Again, I realize that the Paleo-Conservatives may find that attractive, but what they don’t understand is that McCain would dismantle many a conservative agenda as well.

I think the only reason that McCain is a Republican is that he ran in ultra-conservative Arizona. He talks tough, which is attractive to conservatives. He talks with an air of honesty, which is attractive to conservatives and Americans alike.(Hmm… Honesty, a rare trait among Democrats.)

If President Bush does not get another shot a appointing a Justice to the Supreme Court, who would McCain appoint? More than likely a moderate to liberal would be McCain’s choice. That would counter the conservative revamping of liberal activist judges in the Federal Court system. If we are going to play the game of activist judges, Republicans and Americans need conservative activist judges. Judges which are more in line with the Constitution and American wishes. Americans have consistently voted anti-gay and pro-Christian only to be shot down by liberal activist judges. Would McCain continue the conservative revolution? I doubt it.


Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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